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The Weirdness Of The People In The End-Times: Mujahidun Esposes

4 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Indeed, the weirdness of the people in the end-times are so many and common. Sometimes we are less alert in noticing them that the world seems to be moving quite well. However, if we observe them closely, we would find a myriad of weirdness and peculiarity in the lives of the people of the end-times and they exist in almost all lines of existence. The weirdness that we mean here are not those related to natural events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. or other kind of strange occurrences, but the paradoxical thought patterns of mankind which are thriving in this end-times.

The followings are a small part of the paradoxical thinkings which are thriving in the general public, as of late. It is even stranger when those paradoxes are possessed by some people in the Islamic ummah along with their notable figures. Examples are:

When entrepreneurs or government high officials commit corruptions worth thousands or even millions of dollars, the law enforcement apparatus will easily say that they don’t have the evidence to arrest and try them.

However, when the one who steals is an old grandma or a low-class (weak) citizen, she’ll easily be arrested, tried and sentenced, despite for only stealing a watermelon or three cocoa fruits from the big plantation belonging to a big firm, maybe due to hunger.

When there are people or a group who clearly harm or deride the fundamental teachings of Islam such as that of God, the Holy Book and the Prophet, in the Muslim countries, they will be easily seen as fulfilling their freedom to speak, express and interpret religion.

However, when there are khatibs, ustadzs or speakers in the Muslim community who invite the jamaah and Islamic ummah to be consistent with the teachings of their religion, then they will easily be accused as radical khatibs, speakers or ustadzs, who do not know how to conduct da’wah with hikmah, in fact they should be suspected as potential terrorists.

Whatever is written in the newspaper will easily be believed by the masses, despite being only human writings in which the truth has not been put to a test. Reading and studying them is considered as a symbol of progress.

However, what have been included in Al-Qur’an might not be believed as certainties, despite claiming to be Muslim. Whereas, the Qur’an is the Kalamullah (Speech of Allah) which is impossible to contain lies. Its truth has put to a test, in all times, from the aspect of various sciences or knowledge. As of late, there appeared a belief that Al-Qur’an could teach the ideas of terrorism.

Not a few people, including those who claimed to be Muslims are confident and proud with the man-made (jahiliyyah) living system, even though the system they are confident and proud with has caused their lives to be in a mess and made them endure various atrocities and injustices from the rulers of their countries. They are still claiming: “this is the way of life that is compatible with the modern times (end-times)”.

However, when they are people who invite and call upon the ummah to return to the rules of Islam, they will be accused of inviting and calling towards backwardness, radicalism and terrorism, whereas they know that Islam is created by God, their Creator (Allah), for their safety in the dunya and akhira and it is impossible for Allah to be confused and oppressive to His slaves.

When the Jews or people of other religions grow their beards, people will say that they are just practicing the teachings of their religions.

However, when a Muslim maintains his beard, he will easily be accused as a fundamentalist or terrorist who has to be suspected, especially when entering public places like the hotels and so on.

When a nun wears a dress that covers her head and body tidily, people will say that the nun has presented herself for her god.

However, when a Muslimah covers her awrah with a jilbab or hijab, people would accuse her of being backward and not compatible with the modern times, whereas, those who accuse claimed to be following the concept of democracy, which according to them views people as free to practice his/her own religion.

When the Western women stay at home and choose not to work outside due to intending to look after or tend the house and teach the children, people will praise them for willing to sacrifice and not work outside for the interest of the families and households.

However, when the Muslimahs stay at home looking after the properties of the husband, tending the house and children, people will accuse them as oppressed and that they should be freed from being dominated by men or what they also refer as gender equality.

Every Western female university student is free to go to campus with an array of accessories or dresses that she likes, for a reason that it is their basic rights and freedom of self expression.

However, when the Muslimahs go to the campus or workplace wearing their Islamic dresses, people will accuse them of being restricted and narrow minded, incompatible with the regulations and paradigms of the campus or workplace.

When their children are busy with a variety of toys that they invented, they will say that it is talent, intelligence and creativity development for the children.

However, when the Muslim children follow the education of their religious practice, it will be said that that kind of educational pattern has no hope and future.

When the Jews and Christians kill someone or commit aggression against an Islamic country particularly Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. nobody relates it to their religion. In fact, they say that it is their right and for the sake of saving the Muslim community there.

However, when the Muslims fight the Jewish aggression in Palestine, or the Christian Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will surely accuse those Muslims as insurgents and terrorists.

When someone sacrifices himself to save others, everybody will praise him and he will be given the right to be honored or respected.

However, when the people of Palestine do the same thing in order to save their children, brothers and sisters or parents from abductions or slaughtering by the Israeli forces, or to save their houses from destructions by the Israeli rockets, or to save their masjids or holy books from vandalisms or defacements, people will accuse them as TERRORISTS. Why? Because they are simply Muslims.

When Jewish children are taught about war and automatic weapons to kill the Palestinian Muslims, people will say that what they are doing is an effort to defend themselves despite they are the aggressors.

However, when the Palestinian children learn to throw stones to confront the Jewish soldiers who are fully equipped with tanks and other sophisticated weapons to demolish their houses, masjids and villages, people will accuse them as the perpetrators of crime who are fit to be arrested, their hands broken and imprisoned for a dozen years.

See, these are just a bit of the peculiarity of the people in the end-times. Could we extract a good lesson from here, so that we can determine the right attitudes? Otherwise we would fall and become victims of the peculiarity in this end-times? The Prophet SAW said that amongst the signs of the Age of Fitnah (Trials) is that truth and falsehood will change place, falsehood will become truth (and vice versa). Only those blessed by Allah SWT have the knowledge that would enable them to distinguish between truth and falsehood and fight falsehood with truth, otherwise they will be left confused following falsehood.

The Prophet SAW taught us a do’a to this effect:

"O Allah, show me the truth as the truth, and enable me to follow it. O Allah, show me falsehood as falsehood and enable me to stay away from it and do not let it confuses me, so I may not be misguided."

The Prophet SAW also recommended reading Surah al-Kahf which contains very important signs for today, the signs of the End Times, a time near the Hour, during which the practices of systems of unbelief and falsehood become widespread and Allah sends forth the truth to destroy them.

By Allah's will, this time is very near, so much so that it has become crucial for people to reflect upon this matter. Allahul musta’an.



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