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The Caravan Is Moving And The Dogs Are Barking: Zionist Crusaders And Terrorism

19 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Issued By Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi

Allaah has said that He will grant success, guidance to truth, vision and blessings for those that choose Jihad for the glory of Allaah.

True Mujahideen are knowledgeable and wise with a clear vision. Every one should go to Mujahideen to find the right answer because Allaah gave them wisdom as the fruit of Jihad.

The Mujahid has to study his situation and his surroundings the way he studied Jihad. Allaah gives the Mujahid the ability to see and hear many times better than the public.

Mujahideen do not need scholars that are not from their organization. For their scholars are the smartest and the clearest on the issue of Jihad and fighting. Their ability comes from Jihad and the battlefields where people come to see the truth of Allaah and disregard all temptations of life. They just cannot be wrong because of that background.

The leaders and Shaykhs of Jihad are the only people that value the interest of their Jihad and the benefits and the fruits of their targets.

They do not need the guidance of those that are sitting low. They do not need the opinion of those that are under the feet of the regimes and their western and American masters or those that were defeated by the culture of globalization and the accusations of terrorism. Those immoral journalists, seculars and intellectuals that speak to us from the satellite channels or from the lines of the articles in their secular papers, are wrong.

Each time the Mujahideen do a heroic act of Jihad, they start analyzing and talking through their lame prospective, they blame and accuse Jihad. They say Mujahideen are ignorant and they say that these acts will make America fight Islaam. They say that jihad will over shadow the crimes of Israel. They say that Al-Mujahideen are drawn to Jihad because they are shallow and that there are mysterious hands that are controlled by the Zionist movement or other conspiracies.

You are still on earth and you sold religion and honor and integrity. You have denied your faith and Jihad and stood ashamed of its teachings and laws. Many of you wish to remove from the Qur’aan verses that talk about jihad. What right do you have to talk about Jihad and evaluate its fruits or about the martyrs and the heroes? Is it possible that the mother that is pretending to lose her child become more real and truthful than the mother that lost her child for real?

Listen losers, The Mujahideen do not need your advice that is defeated under the feet of the fake western culture. They do not need your analysis that is low and broken under the boots of the regimes of the collaborators and their masters in Washington, London, Paris and Berlin. How can you while most of you are covering for your masters in the White House, 10 Downing Street and the Elsie Palace, you keep saying that their war on Islaam is not a crusade but a war on terror that has damaged the picture of Islaam, while your masters contradict you in their statements. Shame on you dwarfs, what do you know? They said it, it is a crusade and it has been declared on Islaam the faith of terrorism, those words were repeated by their generals that describe Muslims as worshipers of Idols and devil. It was announced by their courts and organizations that has declared a war on the Hijab (head cover) that is considered terror and a threat to secularism. You choose to close your ears and eyes and insisted on forging the truth.

The Mujahideen do not need you, half men and with no resolve. They do not need any advice on Jihad from scholars who are paid for and defeated. They do not need to ask you if it is okay with you or if their Jihad is compatible with you thinking. No, they do not need that. They have all the wisdom and the vision that they need. Die in your anger, and continue your criticism of the Mujahideen. You cannot destroy their resolve; your poisoned pins would not affect their Jihad. Nothing will affect them.

But you, good Mujahideen, the best answer to those bad people is ignoring them and to stay with the Jihad and to continue to kill and fight every enemy of Allaah. Disregard their opinion, the caravan is going and the dogs are barking. They enjoy the barking.

Their interference with Jihad is not something new. Quraysh (name of a tribe) used it against the prophet (Sallaahu ‘alayhi was-sallam) and the faithful. They tried to use events or targets that were chosen by the Mujahideen to give a negative picture of Jihad.

Quraysh tried to make the Muslims look bad and they harassed the Muslims for killing, taking money and taking prisoners in a month where doing this is not permissible.

The Muslims know and never denied this, they do not need the infidels to teach them nor were they bothered by the criticism. What the infidels are still doing against Allaah is much bigger of a crime than fighting in the wrong month. The Muslims were not bothered by criticism because they know that the infidels are the ones that criticism should be directed toward, because they are committing and planning and insisting on crimes. The Mujahideen should not be bothered by the troubles caused by the enemies of their Jihad that criticize their targets and the timing of their operations to make them look bad. The crime of stopping the jihad is much bigger than any crime that they accuse the Mujahideen of committing. If the Mujahideen make a mistake they do not need feedback from the infidels because they know better than anybody else what is right and what is wrong.

As Abu Firas (poet) said:

It amazes me how the wrong are trying to tell me what is right and what is wrong.

Mujahideen, be careful and do not get weak in front of the enemies of Allaah. Do not let your Jihad be damaged when they try to make you look bad.

If they say that you have killed children and the prophet has spoken against doing that, you tell them; yes we know that the prophet has spoken against it. We never targeted kids, we have repented if we ever did that but you insist on the sin and the wrong. Tell them we do not need your advice. How can you speak on behalf of children and you are making them orphans and killed their fathers for being in Jihad. You have fought the faith of Allaah while the Mujahideen have fought the enemies of Allaah. You have killed the faith with your corrupt school curriculums that taught them loyalty to you and taught them against their faith and Jihad.

If they say that by your acts in New York and in Washington you put America in control of the land of the Muslim by claiming that they are fighting terror against them and their interest, you tell them, when America was not on the backs of those countries? We did not cause this. We came to this world and the Americans were there for no reason or price for doing it. We just started making them pay for it.

If they say Israel is using your acts to intensify its terrorism against the Palestinians and destroy homes, kill kids and cut the trees, you tell them, does Israel need to justify that? And when did Israel stop its terror? Israel is an incubator of criminals that is sponsored by your masters in Washington. They have destroyed homes before our operation and the amount of destruction done by Israel is much greater than the towers in New York. Who are you trying to mislead?

If they say that by your attacks on Jews and Americans you have weakened the Arab regimes and damaged their economy, demolished development projects, scared away investors and tourists, you tell them yes, and this is exactly what we want. If we know that the hole in the ozone will weaken them, we would have worked hard on making it bigger. You are foolish, do you think we care about anything more than destroying and ending these bad and rotten regimes? The economy and development will come after the establishment of Allaah’s law.

If they say that by your attacks in Istanbul, you have embarrassed the moderate Muslims in Turkey and pushed them to the American and the European side, you tell them we want to embarrass those that sell their religion, praise Ataturk and their secularism made them deny their religion and criticize Jihad and build coalition with the enemy to fight terror. In recent history, Turkey has always worked hard to please Europe so it can join the crusaders coalition and has always been close to the Americans and Jews.

If they say that your terror was used to put pressure on the Arab regimes to implement reforms that are in the direction of secularism and changing curriculums for the benefit of globalization culture and love and brotherhood with the western infidels, you say yes, embarrassing those regimes is the ultimate goal of our jihad, we want to show their lies and make them stop hiding behind Islaam while they opened their doors to secularism and the infidels in secret. They are still implementing reforms in curriculums to get closer to the infidels of the east and the west. Now they are doing openly what they used to do in secret and they are fighting the people of faith, the faith that feeds Jihad to please their American masters. The first step in defeating these regimes is embarrassing them.

If they say that you started the fire of hatred between the west and the Muslims and you started the cultural war and you made them refuse the Hijab in their public schools, you tell them yes, and this is our duty as Muslims to cut the ties between Muslims and their enemies. Refusing the Hijab in schools is a blessing for our girls that will purify them from mixing with corrupt culture and bad curriculum. This will wake up the Muslims and make them aware of the hatred of those infidels toward Islaamic traditions that could encourage Muslims to create alternative Muslim schools. The war on Hijab is also a war on Islaam. The war of cultures started long before the attacks and before Huntington and Fukuyama. This war existed since the existence of Infidels and Faithful. The crusades and the massacres against the Muslims by the Jews and Christians can be seen everywhere.

Also tell them that their criticism is wrong and baseless and is proven wrong by your masters. They have announced results of their statistics that show that interest in Islaam by westerners is on the rise after the attacks on New York and Washington.

I end this with a testimony by one of those westerners that testified that Mujahideen are smart and know exactly what they are doing. In the UK’s Independent Newspaper there was an article dated 11/21/2003 by an expert on the Middle East (Robert Fisk). He said that the attacks on British targets in Turkey are the result of joining the war of the American President on Terrorism. He says that we should not deceive ourselves about the mental capability of the attackers. They are capable of understanding the outside world. They knew exactly what they were doing when they attacked the Australians in Bali. They knew that the Australians were against the war and the blame would fall on the Australian prime minister and the same applies to Italy. They knew about the demonstration against Bush’s visit in the UK. Attacking the UK is not an easy thing and this is why they attacked British targets in Turkey. They know that Bush wants to justify his war on Iraq and this is why they are intensifying the attacks on the American forces in Iraq. They decided to destroy Bush and Blair, the British prime minister politically if not physically.

This is a sample of your masters’ analysis. As I said before, the Mujahideen do not need your opinion or the opinion of your masters. They have their own scholars and a great book is leading them. They do not need the guidance of the retarded and the defeated. Allaah opens the eyes of the Mujahideen and gives them guidance and He makes their enemies ignorant and shallow. How can we pay any attention to their opinion or defeated analysis?



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