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Taliban, Al Qaeda Issue Statement Regarding The London Conference

30 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The world knows that America brutally and illegally attacked the Islamic Emirate and our nation after 9/11 under the pretext of the so-called War on Terror, occupying our dear country. This global crime further aggravated problems and hardship of our oppressed and miserable people. Black cloud of atrocities and violations engulfed our oppressed nation. A spree of killings, theft, desecration of national and religious values and other indecencies started forthwith under the name of democracy, reconstruction and human rights. Brutality and barbarism reared up its head in the country ostensibly under the same name of democracy and rehabilitation, unleashing a phase of anarchy, insecurity, plundering, indecency, drug trafficking, corruption in government circles and offices. Traffickers of intoxications items, human rights violators, corrupt persons, national traitors and usurpers of people private properties grabbed the (government) power. They conducted the most tarnished election, which are now a talk among the people for its fraudulence.

The war-mongering rulers under the leadership of Obama and Brown want to deceive the people of the world by holding the London conference to show that people still support them. Thus they hope to dodge the wrath of their own people. Certainly, they invaded our country in contravention of all moral and legal norms and principles. Therefore, all Afghans and Muslims are duty-bound to safeguard and defend their life, property, honor and religious values. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are the sons of this land; they know every peak and gorge of this country and are ready for its defense . The final defeat and infamy will be fate of the invaders.

It is worth mentioning that the leader of the faithful Mullah Mohammad Omar (May Allah protect him) has clearly said that we want an Islamic rule in our country. We do not intend to harm neighboring countries as well as other countries of the world, nor we want them to harm us. We will not allow our soil to be used against any other country.

The Islamic Emirate want to have good and positive relations with the neighboring countries in an at atmosphere of mutual respect and take far-reaching steps for bilateral cooperation, economic development and prosperous future. We want others to reciprocate our gesture by similar intentions. Further more, the Islamic Emirate is committed to take measure for the fulfillment of our countrymenís educational needs in the light of the fundamentals of Islam and the requirements of the contemporary world.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to create a conducive atmosphere without any lingual and racial prejudices so the people can join hands with each other in brotherhood and unity. Thus they will put their support behind a real Islamic Rule, an embodiment of the lofty aspirations of the noble martyrs of the revolution, being protector of life, property, honor, status, and religious values, national and historical valor.

It is a matter of great sorrow that the invaders led by USA are bent on sticking to the military approach of the issue. We want to say clearly, if the invaders want to save themselves from further financial and life losses, they should not deceive their people by illusory plans and strategies, nor they should waste time on them, or make our people face further sufferings and problems. They should accept the solution put forward by the Islamic Emirate -- which is the full withdrawal of the invading forces from our country. There is salvation and safety for the invaders in this.

If they really want to take amicable measure for the solution of the issue, they should release the detainees in prisons in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo and other prisons. In the first place, they should not have kept them in jails for so many years against all principles of the world. They should have completely removed the black list and should not have sent more troops. They should have fulfilled what they are saying.

All should understand that conferences have been held in the past like Bonne Conference and other conferences in Paris and Tokyo. There was vast media propaganda campaign prior to the holding of the said conferences accompanied by extravagant outlays and expenditure but they were not fruitful as to the issue of the Afghans. The problem deteriorated instead of improving because these conferences were not convened on the basis of the wants and call of the Afghans.

This is a hard fact that all endeavoring are futile until and unless there is determination to seek a real and crucial solution of the issue. If the Afghan issue is not pondered upon and mooted in a realistic way and once again try to prolong the military, economic, cultural and political occupation of the country, this conference will be a mere eye-wish like other conferences.

To end, we would like to say that the Jihad and resistance of our Muslim and honor-loving people against atrocities and brutalities of the invaders are growing day by day. The enemy could not weaken or hamper this momentum by resorting to ploys and stratagems. They have tried in the past and are trying now to entangle our Muslim and brave people and their leadership, the Islamic Emirate. Some time, they announce that they will provide money, employment and opportunity to have a comfortable life abroad, for those Mujahideen who agree to part ways with Jihad.

They think that Mujahideen have taken up arms to gain money or grab power or were compelled to turn to arms. This is baseless and futile. Had the aim of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate been obtainment of material goals, they would accept dominance of the invaders in the first place and would have supported them. Every thing was in their hand, comfortable life, money and power. But the Islamic Emirate will never trade on the faith, conscience, soil and country for material benefits or be coerced as a result of intimidation and personal privileges. Such wicked game doest not fit into the history of the honor-loving people of Afghanistan.

The defeated invaders should know that their ploys and wiles would not have any achievement to deceive the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan. The invaders have no option but to put an end to the occupation of our country and soil.



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