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Taliban, Al-Qaeda Maintain Mc Crystal Felt the Need for Peace Instead of War

30 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

The top commander of American forces in Afghanistan, Mc Crystal, in an interview with The Financial Times, has said: “We fought along war in Afghanistan. Now there is need for peace and for efforts to establish peace.“

His remarks come amidst reports that it is impossible for his invading forces and other coalition troops in Afghanistan to turn the Jihadic resistance. In fact, the Americans tried every mean and tool to wipe out the Jihadic resistance but the graph of the resistance of the Afghans has been ascending and opposition to the presence of the invaders intensifying.

The legitimate Jihadic resistance of the Afghans not only faced the enemy with defeat in the military field but they have faced them with a psychological defeat as well. All their decisions and planning indicate a clue of their psychological disease. One of their ridiculous decision and proposition is that the Jihadic leadership and chiefs of the strongholds of Jihad can have a political asylum abroad. Similarly, to distract the attention of the people from the complete defeat, they offered government slots to Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate or that they would pave the way for their comfortable life abroad. Could one believe that they are doing this out of sympathy with the Afghans and for prosperous life for them?

In the last eight years, the Americans have proved and showed their sympathy with the Afghans in the brutal Bagram jail and other jails. They have burnt up thousands of children, women and miserable old men in the flames of phosphorus bombs. They let loose dogs to bite people. They turned Afghanistan into ruins based on their faith of unbelief and for the prolongation of the reign of their stooge administration. They announced millions of dollars as award for capturing the leaders of Jihad. When all their brutal experiments gave rise to the intensification of the country-wide Jihadic resistance by the Afghan Mujahid people, now they speak of providing conditions of comfortable life (to the leaders of Jihad) and give them participation in the government.

The invaders think that the committed Mujahideen of Afghanistan are like their mercenary soldiers who lost their lives in mountains and deserts of Afghanistan for obtainment of a few dollars.

They nurture this childish and ridiculous notion to subjugate the people of Afghanistan and impose on them the ideology of unbelief. This is because the invaders are not able to think and ponder sagaciously. They propose asylum for a person, whose order every honor-loving individual of the nation, obeys as a religious obligation. It is the cherished hope of every committed Afghan to be in the stronghold of martyrdom and sacrifice in order to comply with the order of the leader.

The fundamental solution of the tragedy of Afghanistan lies in withdrawal of the invading forces from Afghanistan. They should ponder over ways to save thousands from the strong resistance of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan rather than consider suggestions of asylum-seeking for the leaders of Jihad or participation in the puppet government.

The invading foreigners should pull out of the occupied Afghanistan immediately so that those who deserve, should receive their due rights. They should let the Afghans and their true leadership to live in an atmosphere of prosperity, security and fraternity, following establishment of an independent Islamic system in the country.



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