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The Difference Between Iman And Kufr: The Way of Life Of A Muslim

18 February 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Author: Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt

It is a fact, which we Muslims know but which the kuffar, in their ignorance, do not know, that Islam - our Dien, the Way of Life of a Muslim - is superior to each and every other way of living because it gives us not only the highest, the best, standards of personal and social behaviour, but also because it reveals to us our true human nature and the true purpose of our mortal lives.

Thus, in Islam, we have the best example of a human being - the Prophet, Muhammad SAW - to strive to emulate and follow, and which human example, when followed, produces in us a most noble, a most civilized, individual character. This best example, this noble and human way, is evident to us in Seerah, in Ahadith: in the Sunnah of the Prophet, Muhammad SAW.

In addition, we have been given the perfect guidelines, the perfect advice, the perfect guidance, the rules, on how we can build and maintain communities which enable us to live according to our true, human nature, and which can lead us toward the true purpose of our mortal lives. These guidelines, this advice, these rules, this perfect guidance, and our duties and obligations as human beings, are contained in Al-Qur’an, illustrated in the Sunnah, and manifest in the guidance of Shari’ah.

The simple but profound truth about Al-Islam is that this Way of Life, this Dien, works: for Al-Qur’an and the Sunnah, when followed, produce, and have produced, noble, honourable, civilized human beings, and they, and the guidance of Shari’ah, produce, and have produced, the most noble, the most civilized, communities in human history.

In essence, Al-Islam is the simple way of - the discovery of, the return to - Tawheed, which is to know, to feel, to remember, our correct relationship with and to Allah, our Creator and thus to know Allah as Allah SWT is. This knowing of The Unity, The Oneness, of Allah SWT is expressed in Kalimaah Tayyibah - La ilaaha illallaahu Muhammadur rasoolullaah - which itself forms the basis for Kalimaah Shahadah, the declaration that makes one a Muslim, and which re-affirms one's Islam: that simple submission to submit to and to only obey Allah SWT and that knowing that Muhammad SAW is the Prophet and Messenger of Allah, whose message, whose Allah-given revelation (Al-Qur’an) and whose life (Sunnah) are the guidelines, the means, by which we can return to, and know, Tawheed.

This knowing of, this remembrance of, this feeling of, Tawheed is the basis for Iman, for that simple and total reliance on, and belief in and trust of, Allah SWT.

The difference between Muslims and the kuffar is that the kuffar are Al-Jahiloon (the ignorant ones) because they have covered-up or forgotten or do not know Tawheed, and thus have no Iman. This covering-up of Tawheed is kufr, which is (1) a willful ignorance, manifest in pride, in arrogance, in the profanity of believing that human beings can - by some causal means, or by something (some idea, or belief or ideology or some ideal or abstraction) they have or might manufacture or which others have manufactured - find answers, and set the limits, the criteria, for themselves, and (2) a trust in and a reliance on - and often a worship of - those human-manufactured "things".

Thus, kufr - in contrast to Tawheed - is an individual relying on, and trusting and pridefully believing in, themselves, and/or in some human manufactured "thing". In contrast, Muslims accept and affirm that only Allah is Al Furqan, Al Hadi, Al-Bari - while the kuffar ascribe this setting of limits, this guidance, this settings of standards, to themselves, or to what they have manufactured or believe they can manufacture.

Allah SWT says:

"Those deceived by the dunya, those who for whom their Dien is but a passing amusement, shall be, by Us, forgotten on That Day just as they themselves forget This Day and deny Our Ayat." [7: 51]

As Muslims, we know and accept - through Al-Qur’an, the Sunnah, through Tawheed and Iman - that our mortal lives here in the dunya are but a means, a test, given to us by Allah SWT. A means by which we might achieve our true purpose, which is to be admitted into Jannah. As Muslims, we know and accept that we will one day be judged by Allah SWT Who will either reward us with Jannah, or condemn us to The Fire. As Muslims, we accept that our true human nature is to be Abd of Allah SWT. But the kuffar, in their ignorance, in their disobedience, in their pursuit of the delights and pleasures of the dunya, in their following of their Tawagheet, do not know and do not accept such things, and if they do know, or have been informed, then they laugh and are scornful. As Allah SWT says:

"Leave them to their moment of laughter: for their payment for such toil will be many many tears." [9: 82]

The current conflict between Muslims and the kuffar of the West - evident, for example, in the invasion and occupation, by the kuffar, of our lands - is, at its foundation, a conflict between Iman and Kufr; a conflict between those who seek to rely on and to obey and submit to only Allah SWT, and those who seek to, and who do, rely on themselves, or what they have manufactured, such as some belief or some "ideology" or some ideal, or some abstraction, or something more material - such as money, or some weapon - which they place their trust in order to achieve some kind of power or "superiority" over others.

The Ignorance and The Arrogance of The Kuffar:

The distinction between Iman and kufr is clear, and there is clear difference between the Way, the Dien, of Al-Islam, and between all of the philosophies and all of the ways and ideas and religions of the West.

For the philosophies of the West, the individual is either a potential god, or a free-thinking being with the capacity and with the "freedom" to make and to follow their own judgement, and who by following or by pursuing some ideal or some abstraction can or might achieve "happiness" and "security" now or in the future. Examples of such human manufactured, constructed, ideals and abstractions are democracy, "freedom", "peace", and "justice", all of which ideals and abstractions are defined by the kuffar themselves, with these definitions subject to constant change and revision.

But what is common to them all - whatever the current revision of definition is - is that all such ideals and abstractions are Tawagheet. That is, they all remove us from Tawheed, and are all based on the assumption that we, as human beings, can through our own efforts find or manufacture for ourselves what is considered to be the correct way, the "right" way, the ideal, the "perfect" way, the correct answers. In essence, all Tawagheet take us beyond the due, the honourable, limits of human behaviour, and they all negate or undermine the obligations and the duties we have, as human beings, to Allah SWT.

"You only do we obey and to You only do we turn for help." [1:5]

Even the religions which the kuffar have accepted - such as that which they incorrectly call Christianity - are examples of Tawagheet, of Shirk, for all these religions have obscured Tawheed, and all have accepted reliance upon something other than Allah SWT. Thus, and for example, the Nazarene Church has deified people as "saints"; affirmed the divinity of 'Isa AS; allowed and encouraged prayer to him and to saints; set up statues as idols; established a trinity of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit", and - in its Catholic form - interposed Priests who can forgive sins and make absolution.

Muslims accept and affirm that only Allah is Al-Mu'izz, As-Salaam - The Source, The Bestower, of Honour, and The Source of True Peace - while the kuffar, in their ignorance and arrogance, allocate these things to themselves or believe their Tawagheet can bestow them.

Allah SWT says:

"In truth We have sent Messengers to every people with a warning for them to submit only to Allah and so reject Tawagheet." [16:36]

Thus, all Tawagheet obscure Tawheed and obscure our natural human nature, and thus divert us from Islam, which Islam is fundamentally a knowing and a willing acceptance of the truth, the reality, of "who, why, and what" we are, and which is thus a rejection of all the assumptions, a rejection of all the errors, that humans have, in their ignorance and pride, made over the centuries.

For the assumptions of the kuffar, of those who have obscured Tawheed - and thus all Tawagheet - are examples of human hubris: of that arrogance and pride which was and which is manifest in As-Shaitan. Thus do such assumptions of the kuffar - and all Tawagheet - profane what is sacred because in place of the knowing of the numinous and the humility (Tawadhu') that derives from submitting to Allah SWT, from relying only on Allah SWT, from accepting that only Allah SWT is the provider of ilm al-yaqin, there is instead the belief that they, the kuffar, can obtain knowledge and understanding through their Tawagheet, and that their wealth, their technology, their military weapons, or whatever, will enable them to triumph. That is, they pridefully and defiantly rely on themselves and their manufactured assumptions, and upon what they construct or obtain or appropriate. Thus, they deify themselves and their assumptions, their Tawagheet.

Thus, in the modern West, people are sent to fight for, and to kill for, to impose, democracy, "freedom", "peace", and so on. In the past, people were sent to fight for, to die for, their "nation", or their sovereign, or their leader - in order to impose their "authority" and their way of life upon others.

In contrast, we Muslims accept that the only perfect way, the only perfect solution, is that given to us by Allah SWT as revealed by His Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad (SAW). That is, we accept as fundamental principle that we are fallible, prone to error, prone to being barbarians, and that we need guidance, and thus that true peace, in this mortal life, is not some ideal or some abstraction to be found sometime and somewhere in the future, but that it arises from submission to only Allah SWT, which such a humble submission being the way to attain that eternal blissful peace which is beyond this mortal life of ours and which this mortal life is an opportunity to attain.

In essence, the fundamental difference between our real Truth, and the ignorance of the kuffar, is that we know and accept that only Allah SWT is Al-Jalil, Al-Qadir, Al-Muqtadir, Al-Awwal, Al-Akhir, and that only Allah SWT can provide us with the guidance, the gifts, we need in order to know, understand, and to live our lives as we should. Thus, we accept that the only true justice is the justice of Allah SWT, and that the only true manifestation of justice, in the dunya, is that obtained by following the guidance of Allah, Al-Hakam, As-Salaam, in the Shari’ah. In complete contrast, the kuffar accept and believe not only that they can, by their own efforts and/or by their manufactured assumptions, arrive at or attain knowledge and understanding, but also that it is their own manufactured assumptions and "ideals" which manifest or which can manifest "perfection", "truth", and such things as "justice".

This difference is clearly evident, for example, in the training and the attitude, of Western, kafir, armies, and in the training, and the attitude, of the MujahiDien.

In all Western armies - and those elsewhere who have adopted Western military training and methods - soldiers are initially brutalized through a strict training regime. As individuals, they are conditioned through bullying and intimation by NCO's, and they are trained to be and are expected to be aggressive, as well as obedient to a military "chain-of-command". This conditioning and this training produces, as is its aim, a certain type of individual. This individual is a person who is rather arrogant - who has a high opinion of themselves, and someone prepared and trained to be brutal when commanded. Essentially, such a person is a bully, or is prepared to be a bully when commanded to act and behave in that way or when they are told or they believe "the situation" demands it. The respect which such a person has is for, or is mostly derived from, "force" or from the threat of force - by someone of superior military rank, or from someone of superior physical strength, or from some weapon or piece of military hardware. There is, built-into all Western military armies and all their military training, an intense spirit of competition: of desiring to be "the best", and thus of feeling superior "to others", and part of such military training is to create a bond between the soldiers of a troop or platoon by competition between different troops, platoon and Regiments, and by having pride in, one's own troop, platoon, company and Regiment.

In contrast, the MujahiDien feel and know that they are only servants of Allah SWT and that they will be judged by Allah SWT. Thus, they behave and act accordingly - with tawadhu’ and with a respect and genuine love for their fellow MujahiDien. The MujahiDien are not fighting to win some prideful fame or some worldly glory - and neither are they fighting because they have been commanded to do so or because they enjoy it or because they are being paid to do it. Rather, they fight to please Allah SWT and Allah SWT alone: to do their duty, as honourable Muslims.

Unlike the MujahiDien, the kuffar of Western armies are neither taught nor trained to be aware of, nor for the most part believe in, a "higher power" (far more powerful than their commanding officer or even the latest bit of military hardware), as the vast majority of them would laugh at the notion of prostrating themselves in humility to that "higher power". Neither do these kafir soldiers have any genuine humility, for they rely on their training, their weapons, their military hardware, their comrades, and not upon God.

Thus, we have the contrast between the polite, often reserved, always noble Mujahid - mindful of, respectful of, and relying on Allah SWT - and between the swaggering, often swearing, prideful, arrogant, often alcohol-soaked and often drug-taking kafir soldier, posing with and relying upon their weapons or upon some military hardware.

As Allah SWT says:

"The 'Ibaad of Ar-Rahman are those who walk on earth in humility." [25:63]

By manufacturing and following their Tawagheet, the kuffar - and especially and in particular the kuffar of the West - have plundered and ravaged the world and killed millions upon millions upon millions of people. In the last one hundred and fifty years alone, the kuffar of the West have killed at least a hundred million people as they rampaged across the world in pursuit of their Tawagheet of "Empire", in pursuit of material wealth, glutted as they were by power and by the pursuit and accumulation of wealth, and following as they were their Tawagheet of nationalism and "patriotism" and imbued as they were with an arrogant racism and colonialism.

All the kuffar of the West have now done is exchanged old words for new ones and slightly varied how they define their Tawagheet. Thus instead of invading lands, and killing and imprisoning people, in the name of Empire or nationalism, they now talk and write and act about imposing "democracy" and bringing "freedom" and "peace". This is typical of their hypocrisy and their deceit - typical of what allies of As-Shaitan do, for in essence, their aims and their goals, and their basic character and nature, have not changed at all. They are still ignorant barbarians; they are still deceitful, lying, hypocrites. They are still acting like the dishonourable bullies they are, known to us from their own history and ours, and they are still pursuing their own desires, their own greed, their own power, and still desiring to impose, by force and by coercion and by blackmail, their ways upon others.

In addition, the kuffar demand that we abandon Tawheed and Iman and instead accept, believe in and follow, their Tawagheet. Thus, they demand that we reject ruling only by Shari’ah and instead must rule by Western, kafir, laws. They demand that we reject our duty to establish a Khilafah, our duty to live under bayah to a Khalifah who himself seeks guidance through Shura - and that, instead, we accept their Taghoot of democracy. Thus, the kuffar demand that we abandon our duty to reclaim our lands from them by Jihad - and instead that we accept their domination over us and our lands and their right to impose upon us, and to support, a puppet government of their own to govern and rule over us. Thus, the kuffar demand that we reject the borderless community of the Ummah - and demand that, instead, we recognize and live by their Taghoot of nationalism, and by the laws of that Taghoot, the so-called United Nations, whose interference in our affairs they demand we accept, just as they demand that we accept that they, the kuffar, have a right to restrict our movements, and make laws which restrict what we, as Muslims, can say or do, even in our own lands.

The kuffar demand all these things - and many more such things - at the point of a gun and with the threat of imprisonment. In addition, in their arrogance - which matches if not surpasses the arrogance of Fir'aun - they have set themselves the goal of not only dividing us among ourselves so that their domination may continue, but also of changing our Dien, of manufacturing for us a new "modernized" so-called "Islam" - a new "interpretation" of our Dien - which will be just one more "religion" among many, and which states that we should be "good law-abiding citizens" of the New World Order which it is the aim of the current Zionist-Crusader alliance to impose upon the world. In pursuit of this goal of changing our Dien, the kuffar are spending billions upon billions of dollars on propaganda, on producing books, on manufacturing and supporting thousands of organizations, world-wide, which they staff with the hypocrites, the traitors, the apostates, the collaborators, among us, and which organizations the kuffar make - or seek to make - the "official" voice of, the "official" representatives of, what they in their hubris have called "moderate and mainstream Islam".

Thus, the kuffar demand that we exchange our perfect noble Dien, for their Tawagheet; that we rely on them, and their allies, rather than upon Allah SWT.


Are we going to accept the demands of the kuffar? Or we going to exchange Iman for Kufr - Jannah for the delights and rewards of the dunya - by becoming the allies, the subjects of the kuffar? Or, are we going to follow, to join, to aid those - such as the MujahiDien - who have rejected the arrogant demands of the kuffar and who are determined, by relying on only Allah SWT, to end their interference in our affairs, remove them from our lands, and establish, in place of their Tawagheet such as democracy and kafir-law, the guidance of Shari’ah, the wisdom of Shura and the Muslim leadership of a noble Khalifah?

As Allah SWT says:

"They are those who deny the Ayat of their Rabb and the meeting with Him (in the Hereafter). So all their works are in vain, and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall not give them any weight." [18:105]

"You who believe! What is wrong with you that you did not rush forth when called [to aid] the Way of Allah? Or is it that you love this earth so much - that you crave its comforts so much - that you forget the next life where such earthly things are revealed for the insignificant comforts they are?" [9: 38]

"Fight against those who do not believe in Allah, or in The Last Day, and who do not forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, as well as those among the people of the book who do not acknowledge the Dien of Truth, and fight them until they pay the Jizya with willing submission." [9:29]

May Allah (SWT) protect us from all forms of Al-asabiyyah Al-Jahiliyyah, forgive us for our mistakes, and guide us to and keep us on the Right Path. Wa Allahu Alam.





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