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The Fate Of Living In A Terrorist Nation: From The First Bullet To The Fifth Bullet

29 March 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The fate of living in a terrorist nation that terrorizes its society with the millions of sharp and “fine” bullets. But, what is more hurting is the “fine” bullets as they make their victims die slowly, not realizing that they are targets of killings. So, we must recognize the types of bullet which can be so much dangerous, penetrating into the very core of the hearts without us realizing.

The First Bullet is the taxes which are stifling the people with their various names and terms, in which the essence is that all the extravagant facilities, meetings that cost in their billions and corruptions committed by the government apparatus, are using people's money whose lives are stifled by the burdens from the taxes which are piling.

The Second Bullet is the rubbish culture imported from the countries of the kafir without question and rejection. Official festivals and the artists exposed in such manner in the midst of people's poverty, obscene films and noisy musics in the discotheques, are purposely maintained in order to lullaby the citizens and close their eyes from seeing the depravity committed by administrators of the nation.

The Third Bullet is the allowance of the deviated teachings and cults in mushrooming in the society, so that the people are busy and doubtful of their own teachings, until they are tired and cannot afford to find the truth where if they know it, it could shake off the power of the rulers who are corrupt in terms of aqeedah and morality.

The Fourth Bullet is the silencing of the people who still have conscience, with force, overflowing wealth and beautiful females so that they are silent from exposing the shames of the rulers who have plunged freely into the valley of evildoings. But, when they are still protesting, the rulers will resort to dirty manoeuvres by killing the characters, hurling fitnahs and conspiracies so that the good names of those people who are fighting for the truth will dwindle in the eyes of the society.

The Fifth Bullet is the silencing of the media which are voicing out the truth, with plastic Law Acts and Articles so that they will stop and submit to the wishes of the rulers. When they are still firm in their attitude, then accusations of being subversive and disturbing the stability of the state will come to the media that are against the rulers.

There are still many other ammunitions used by the rulers in silencing every one who tries to expose their evildoings. Another way is through the expensiveness of education and its facilities, so that the people remain stupid and easily deceived, not to mention the psychological terrorization upon the innocents with their accusation of being terrorists, killing and shooting them without any evidence that those accused as terrorists are truly terrorists, which indirectly indoctrinates the common people that those who are accused are truly terrorist who are fit to die.

Until when does the nation stop making the citizens uncomfortable with the various problems which in fact are created by the rulers themselves, just because for the sake of a piece of power the ruling elites can easily end up the lives of human beings?

Therefore, after all these happening in front of our eyes, shouldn't we ask our conscience, who are the terrorists actually? Are they the people who like to carry out da'wah to fix the tawheed of the society that had gone wrong? Are they the people who guard their honors by wearing hijab? Are they the people who like to bring the Qur’an to where ever they go? Or Are they the rulers who until now are making the lives of the citizens more suffering each day? If we still cannot answer it now, then let time be the one that will prove it .

“They want to extinguish Allah's light with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).” (Qur'an 9 : 32)

Then, let all mankind gather and unite to destroy the truth where its brightness exceeds the brightness of the sun at mid-day, their efforts will be futile and they will stumble upon failure, because Allah has promised:

"And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers." (Qur'an 4 : 141)

And the final words: Wamakaruu wamakarallah, wallahu khoirul maakiriin.

Wallahu a'lam bisowabi




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