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There Is No Honour Except In Islam: Muslims And voting - Islamic Perspectives

08 April 2010

By Ahmad Abdullah

Indeed, Umar bin Khattab RA as a great companion of Prophet Muhammad SAW had said about haq (the truth), in his speech he said:

“We are the people whom Allah have given honour with Islam and if we seek other honour besides that which is in Islam, then Allah will humiliate us.” (Hayyat us Sahabbah and Usud ul Ghaab by Ibnu Katsir).

The message from this hadith (speech) is that there is no glory, strength, power, honour, greatness or wonder except in Islam. And whoever seeks glory, admiration and honour from others besides Islam, then Allah will humiliate and embarrass him/her in the life of this world and the akhira after.

The people of iman (the Muslims) have a specifically special right, honour and glory, because they will be able to see the face of God in paradise (insha Allah). As for the people who disbelieve (non Muslims) and the munafiqs (those who lie in stating themselves as Muslims) would never be able to see Allah and they would never be able to walk with their faces up on Judgment day, which will cause them to enter the raging flames of hell, in where they would dwell forever. However, the people who have no iman and the munafiqs do not realize the reality of the law (shari'ah) and they do not believe in them. This is due to their kufr (denying and disbelieving in Allah and whatever had been sent down by Him) which becomes the reason for their humiliation and it is their actions which obstruct/hamper them from the truth.

So unfortunate indeed! It is just so sad to see the Islamic ummah in the West (or in the East) seeking glory, honour and wonder from the kafir, despite knowing that the greatest power only belongs to Allah SWT. A few years ago, we were witnessing thousands (or even millions, perhaps) of the Islamic ummah participating in the general elections and voting to choose the inventors of the laws i.e. the people who belied the purity of Allah's power in the matter of creating laws (which is the sole right of Allah). And it happens now as well, in the elections of the lower level such as the election for the district heads, governors, etc.

The people who think they are Muslim after going through several years and hoping that there would be 'changes' after they had voted, have been ignoring the hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW which says that:

“A believer is not stung from the same hole twice.”

After voting for the members of the Conservative Body and Council and then believing in their false promises and lies, they are in the same place again the following years to take part in the general elections. Those people who called themselves Muslim are once again in the same place to vote for a new party and their fake leaders. Such a strange thing, how is voting in the elections this time different from the previous voting for kufr in the form of a democratic party such as the Conservative Body and Council? Whereas, they all have the same agenda, which in the end is a governance that follows the laws of the carnal desires and a corrupt ideology (democracy).

Allah SWT, in many opportunities, has embarrassed the people who called themselves Muslim and have ascribed partners to Allah SWT, such as the sex scandals and corruptions committed by the 'respected' members of the councils. They also frequently held celebrations or parties that are filled with acts of deviations from the law of Allah, i.e. all the prohibited acts such as free sex, fornication, boozing, exhibiting of awrah (nakedness), swearing with other names besides Allah and many other vices. The varieties in those 'interesting' programs are only reflecting the lowly akhlaqs of those who are seeking fame in the sense that is implausible.

They are the people who do not possess honour, wonder or glory and can only be represented as animals. In fact, not a few of those whom they are championing as candidates in the elections are the people who are most obviously the enemies of Islam, who are always fighting Islam and the Mujahideen, refusing to implement the Shari’ah and are pleased with the kufr laws that are in their midst. Therefore, how could a party that is claiming to be acting in the name of an Islamic party, or the activists who are also claiming to be struggling for the Shari’ah and Khilafah want to sit together, let alone hope that those candidates, who are hostile to Islam, implement the Shari’ah of Islam. Indeed, it is akin to “erecting a wet yarn” (proverb meaning – an improbable thing to happen)

The problem that would ensue is, would the Muslims be pleased when those kufr people are taken to be their God besides Allah SWT??? Are they choosing those 'beasts' to befriend the believers??? Are they choosing those 'beasts' to represent them in the dunya and the akhira after??? Are they campaigning for those 'beasts' and summoning the other Muslims to choose them??? Are they appointing those 'beasts' to be their leaders and liberate the lands of the Muslims??? Are they saying that those 'beasts' are embracing the Muslims??? How many promises have they fulfilled??? Which war has they stopped??? How many Muslims and Mujahideen have been slaughtered???

Make this as a lesson for us all, glory, honour and wonder can only be found and attained in Allah SWT and the way of life that He (Allah SWT) chooses for mankind i.e. Islam. Whoever is looking for ‘izzah (honour) from the kafir or from their ways of life, they will only be humiliated and embarrassed by Allah in the life in this dunya and the akhira after.

“But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not.” (Qur'an 63 : 8)

“Yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,- all honour is with Allah.” (Qur'an 4 : 139)




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