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Da'wah Al Haq: Slandered, Accused As Brainwashing And Labeled As A Lunatic, Terrorists?

22 April 2010

By Ahmad Abdullah

As Muslims and Da’ies, it is an obligation for us to be prepared for the consequences of our activities, both mentally and physically. People would not receive any problem by performing the individual duties such as solat, fasting, etc. But if we are calling upon the people to supress the carnal desires and live according to the rules of Allah – like what had been done by Rasulullah SAW – we would undoubtedly receive a hostile reaction.

Before Prophet Muhammad SAW came openly with the message of Islam, it was not that the kafir did not pay attention to him, in fact he was given the title Al-Amien. However, once he was given the duty to call upon the people to abandon their habits, leave their way of life, and only follow, as well as accept the law of Allah, he was fought, boycotted, criticized and charged.

Prophet Muhammad SAW called upon them to pronounce just one kalimah: “Laa ilaaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasulullah”, so, why did they react by hating and being hostile to Allah, His Rasul and the believers (Sahabahs)? The kafir had been believing in Allah, so why was it so hard for them to declare the Kalimah of Allah?

The answer is simple, that the kalimah laa ilaaha illah does not only mean “There is no God except Allah”. Laa ilaaha illallah means that they would surrender their habits, traditions, desires, hobbies, way of life, religion, ideologies and beliefs, and only accept Islam as their identity and Allah as the Maker of laws for them. Accordingly, this is very hard for them to accept and that was the reason why they – like the people before them – declared war against the Rasul of Allah and his Sahabahs.

Many of the Sahabahs were beaten, captured, tortured, murdered, and Rasulullah SAW was slandered, accused as brainwashing and labelled as a lunatic (majnun), liar and sorcerer.

To the Muslims, we must think and ask ourselves: if it happened to our master, would it happen to us as well?! How can we hope to live based on his SAW's teachings and not anticipating the same reactions, the hostilities and the consequences that he SAW and his Sahabahs had encountered? Had Rasulullah, in his life, ever lived by obeying their laws (man-made laws), or had he invited the society to obey the laws of Allah? Had Abu Lahab (and the chiefs of the Tawaghit during the time of Rasulullah) and his ministers praised him, allowed him to talk about Islam and have his own masjid, or had they ordered their police to arrest him SAW and stopped his activities?

We must always inform our mind that the Ahlul Haq will always be hated by the majorities and that Islam will always be seen as a strange thing. Moreover, we should never hope for the kuffar to love us and our dien, and to give us good publicities in the media. If the kuffar are praising us and feel satisfied with us, it means that we have compromised our beliefs, or they are lying. If the kuffar hated Rasulullah SAW (and in fact attempted to kill him) then, they would also hate the people who attempted to follow him. They would admire and praise the Munafiqun and the moderate people.

Whenever (then and now) the Ahlul Haq are talking, the whole world would listen to them; the kuffar, local communities, their friends and even the enemies, in fact those who disagree with them will visit their websites and are zealous in listening to what they say. This is because the Da’ies are like living cells, they are full of energy, new ideas and inspiring thoughts. They do not talk like others and their views are unique and strong, and this is why they receive a lot of attentions and become the media spotlights, more than the moderate people who easily spew out what kuffar are saying.

The Da’ies will always comment on what they see around them, and they will never remain silent on munkar (evil). They make the applications of the Qur’an and Sunnah into realities and they analyse new events based on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of Muhammad SAW.

When Rasulullah SAW was inviting the Mushrikeen towards Islam, he pointed out their actual conditions. He would condemn their bad habits such as gambling, killing babies (abortion), zina (unlawful sex), homosexuality, deceptions in the market, racism and so on, then after that he introduced Islam as the one and only alternative and solution.

To the Islamic Ummah, if we wish to be together with Rasulullah SAW, his Sahabahs and the Prophets preceding him in paradise, we should endeavour to become like them and prepare to confront the sufferings like how they had suffered. The Haq will always be in collision with the batil and henceforth they could not coexist side by side. It is our duty to convince and be convinced that Al-Haq is above Al-Batil.

Allahu Akbar…..!




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