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Scottish Revert Shaykh Abdulqadir As-Sufi (Formerly Ian Dallas): Replace Paper Currency With Gold Dinar

08 April 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

More Muslims in Indonesia are getting interested with the call by Shaykh Abdulqadir as-Sufi, who was born with the name Ian Dallas, a Scottish national who is vigorous in recommending the Islamic economic system by using the gold and silver in daily lives and abandon the “less useful” paper currency.

If the economic system exemplified by Prophet Muhammad SAW is followed, the economy of Indonesia would be getting stronger and evolve rapidly, because the value of Dirham and Dinar are relatively stable than the value of Rupiah.

The value of 1 silver Dirham at the moment is equivalent to 30,000 Rupiah, or 3.20 Dollar, whereas 1 gold Dinar is equivalent to 1.43 million Rupiah or 153 Dollar.

"We want the Indonesian government to change the paper money to the gold Dinar and liberate the existing economy from the unreliable financial system," Shaykh Abdulqadir said.

The Dinar coins which have been produced and marketed in Indonesia, have also been circulated in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. In 2009, the total number of Dinar in the Indonesian market increased twofold to 25,000 coins, showing that the money is getting more prised.

Abdulqadir is an ex-playwright and actor who embraced Islam in 1960, in the history of his life, he had strived in fighting the capitalist system of the West and called for a return to the Islamic laws that had driven the first generation of the Islamic ummah, including the return to its economic system i.e. like what had been practiced by the Prophet SAW. For an instant, the Zakat (compulsory contributions to the needy) according to Shaykh, must be paid in gold and silver, if paid in cash.

Shaykh Abdulqadir has written hundreds of articles explaining this. He is saying that the Muslim countries economies are controlled by the kuffar, the whole thing is based on riba, which is more than an economic issue! It is a war against Allah and His Messenger which is directly related to 'aqeedah and the very fundamentals of the deen. And, it has a direct connection with the pillar of Zakat.

"The current economic crisis, which began with the collapse of the American economy showed that now is the time that the Islamic financial system should be replacing the system of capitalism which had been in use for quite a long time," Shaykh Abdulqadir said confidently.

The western governments are using the issue of "terrorist threats” in order to divert the attentions of the public from their crumbling economy.

"It is already time that we stop being afraid of the agents of capitalism and start studying about what Islam has to offer," Abdulqadir wrote in an article.
"We, the Islamic ummah must follow Rasulullah (SAW) in the economic transactions and use gold and silver which are truly more valuable than other tools of transactions. The Dinar is a powerful tool for the unity Muslim nations and it will restore our muamalat."

The society of Indonesia who have tried using the Dinar are confident and optimistic that gold will never depreciate, while the paper currency of Indonesia had shrunk to as much as 14% last year, thus was the report produced by the research website, Gerai Dinar (Dinar Outlet).

The Islamic Gold Dinar is a hot issue. When it comes into the hands it forces a decision: approval or disapproval. This will grow in intensity with every new coin in circulation. "If we succeed with Allah's approval, we shall see the end of the banking system. Those who have entrenched in the moral comfort of the status quo would feel threatened," Abdulqadir said.

The values out of Dinar and Dirham keeps on growing over times because gold never gets devalued. Whereas, the Rupiah, on the other hand will always be disturbed, thus consumer products will always become more expensive.

So, the time has come for the Muslims to regain leadership and transform the world taken over by the usurers. "We must understand the ways of kufr if we are going to defeat it. Hitler, Wagner and Heidegger fought capitalism in their way within the means of kufr and failed. Their kufr was [the reason for] their failure. Do not be deceived by the historical picture that kufr offers of itself. We have to see through the cracks to understand what really happened. Kufr is one," according to Shaykh Abdulqadir.

"A Dirham of riba which a person consumes knowingly is worse than committing zina thirty-six times." (Hadith Ahmad)

Every Rupiah, Dollar, Pound, Shilling, Yen, Euro, etc that is transacted entails a Riba transaction. Thus, purifying our wealth, (and the many things that are attached to it; halal trade as opposed to monopoly trade; the correct payment of zakat; etc) being one of the, if not the, foremost concerns of the noble companions of our Beloved Prophet SAW, is an extension of the present Jihad. Without pure halal provision one runs the risk of making all of ones `ibaada/actions of seeking nearness as null and void. Therefore the emphasis on gold and real wealth, as was always the sunnah of the Muslims, is ordained by Allah.

May Allah open our hearts to His Immense Mercy and give us the determination to establish His deen in its former glory. May Allah give us the strength in our helplessness before Him to restore our leadership on the path to the Khalifate. May Allah gives us the wisdom to return to the Gold Dinar and finish with the illusion of a world of false wealth. May Allah give us a strong brotherhood that gives us discrimination between Islam and kufr.



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