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American Colonialist Agenda In Afghanistan: Sleep Deprivation - Evil

21 April 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The current war in Afghanistan is in all its shapes and manifestations a liberation struggle by indigenous people against foreign invaders and their internal surrogates. The Afghans have proved their mettle as a free and independent people throughout their history by never bowing to foreign aggressions. Though America paints this war as a fight against terrorism but in fact it is a colonialist slogan by Washington, aimed at extending its own tentacle over Asia and, by extension, all over the world.

In 1992, when the former Afghan president Najibulla’s regime fell, the Americans embarked on a colonialist policy, indirectly encouraging domestic war in Afghanistan. On the one hand, they stopped the annual assistance to the Afghans in the shape of humanitarian relief and weapons to the tune of $600 million which they used to give to the Afghan Mujahideen and refugees but on the other hand they insisted on inclusion of the remains of the former communists of Halq and Parcham in the new dispensation. They called it a broad-based set-up. Washington also did not insist on dissolution of some notorious militia groups of the Najibulla regime like Dostum militia, General Momin, Babajan and Naderi militias.

These militias had key role in turning Afghanistan into bloodbath and perpetrating atrocities, killing and looting innocent people and committing crimes that were unprecedented in the Afghan history. They should have helped to bring these criminal to justice but instead of supporting a clean, independent, efficient government in Kabul, Washington indirectly ignited the flames of war.

Pentagon strategist wanted to discredit the Mujahideen, weaken their manpower as a result of a war of attrition and get rid of the weapons that had amassed from the previous years. They began to call Mujahideen as warlords while previously they preferred to call them as freedom fighters. They provoked some unscrupulous elements inside the former Mujahideen groups to commit some heinous crimes against their own people because Washington believed it would end people’s enchantment with an Islamic government in Afghanistan.

In 1994, the Taliban Islamic Movement emerged to foil the American conspiracy and establish an Islamic government in the country. But Washington tended from day one to oppose the young Islamic government, until in October 2001 when America attacked Afghanistan under the spurious pretext of fighting terrorism.

Now we are in the ninth year of the war. Washington is still repeating the same hackneyed clichés of fighting terrorism, though it has lost its initial splendor. Throughout this period, Americans committed the worst kind of human rights violations in Bagram, Kandahar and Abu Gharib jails. They have tortured and killed many innocent prisoners in various secret cells of interrogations inside their military bases in Afghanistan which are run by CIA and special operation forces, bulldozing the dead bodies under the ground.

Now after almost one decade, many observers in the world have come round to believe that the American war in Afghanistan is not aimed at fighting terrorism as they claims but rather they want to:

1. Use Afghanistan as an outpost to destabilize and carry out a regime change in the neighboring countries.

2. To control central Asian natural resources by bringing to power pro-western elements in these countries of the former Soviet republics.

3. To change the regime in Iran by supporting anti-government forces in Iran, financially politically and militarily. To spark off racial and sectarians violence in that country. To disintegrate and destabilize Pakistan. To pave the way and ignite vast demonstrations in China through Faulong movement to destabilize that country; to monitor China internal politics and military arsenal by installing electronic equipment in Minhas base in Kyrgyzstan and in Marja Helmand province, Afghanistan to monitor Iran’s nuclear program.

4. To make alliance with the so-called big democracy i.e. India against China and Pakistan. American has already given green signal to New Delhi to ramp up its activities in Baluchistan by working closely with Baluchistan Liberation Army.

5. To create utopian fear among the establishment echelon in Islamabad by launching the Talibanization propaganda, encouraging them to support the so-called war on terror. However, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has made it clear time and time that it will not interfere in the internal affairs of any country and believe in the peaceful co-existence of countries with different social systems. Until and unless Washington achieves those goals, it will always say it is not right time to withdraw from Afghanistan peacefully or seek peace talks with Taliban. Future developments will unravel this.

Barbaric! Americans In Foreign Country Dare To Torture Its People

Meanwhile, Afghan prisoners are being tortured in a "secret jail" at Bagram airbase, according to nine witnesses whose stories the BBC has documented.

The abuses are all said to have taken place since US President Barack Obama was elected, promising to end torture.

The US military has denied the existence of a secret detention site and promised to look into allegations.

Bagram was the site of a controversial jail holding hundreds of inmates, who have now been moved to another complex.

The old prison was notorious for allegations of prisoner torture and abuse.

But witnesses told the BBC in interviews or written testimony that abuses continue in a hidden facility.

Sleep Deprivation

"They call it the Black Hole," said Sher Agha who spent six days in the facility last autumn.

"When they released us they told us we should not tell our stories to outsiders because that will harm us."

Sher Agha and others we interviewed complained their cells were very cold.

"When I wanted to sleep and started shivering with cold I started reciting the holy Qur'an," he said.

But sleep, according to the prisoners interviewed, is deliberately prevented in this detention site.

"I could not sleep, nobody could sleep because there was a machine that was making noise," said Mirwais, who said he was held in the secret jail for 24 days.

"There was a small camera in my cell, and if you were sleeping they'd come in and disturb you," he added.

The prisoners, who were interviewed separately, all told very similar stories. Most of them said they had been beaten by American soldiers at the point of arrest before being taken to the prison.

Mirwais had half a row of teeth missing, which he said was from being struck with the butt of a gun by an American soldier.

No-one said they were visited by the International Committee of the Red Cross during their detention at the site, and they all said that their families did not know where they were.

In the small concrete cells, the prisoners said, a light was on all the time. They said they could not tell if it was night or day and described this as very disturbing.

Mirwais said he was made to dance to music by American soldiers every time he wanted to use the toilet.

The ex-prisoners said they were imprisoned at the secret jail before being taken to the main detention centre at the Bagram airbase, a new complex called The Detention Facility in Parwan.

Bagram's prisoners were moved to the Parwan complex from the old notorious Bagram prison site on the airbase earlier this year.

In 2002, two prisoners were killed in the Bagram prison while in US custody after being suspended from the ceilings of their cells and brutally beaten.


What person in their right mind would come to other people's homeland, terrorize it and torture its people. But then again, thus is the habit of the kafir neo-Crusader like Bush, Obama and their underlings. They dare to behave savagely and feel unworried by their behaviours.

So, would be unworried and feel savage as well if we are going to destroy their tyranny?

Now watch the following videos and see how civilized the Muslims treat their captured enemies, when in fact they are more in the position and having the right to punish the invaders who terrorize their country.




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