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Putin And Kadyrov Are Predators Of Freedom, Caucasus Mujahidun Declare

05 May 2010

By Markaz Kavkaz

The international media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) called the bloody Russian ringleader Putin and his bloody pet Kadyrov "predators of freedom".

We would like to emphasize that not a single FSB-censored Russian media outlet (all of them "translated" the word "predator" as "enemy" or at best "persecutor", although the difference is significant) reported about that.

About the predator of freedom, Putin (all this was not reported in Russia due to the FSB Putin-Medvedev's censorship), the Reporters Without Borders write:

""Control" is the key word for this former KGB officer: control of the state, control of the economic and political forces, control of geopolitical strategic interests and control of the media. The national TV stations now speak with a single voice.

Independent journalists and human rights activists are exposed to considerable danger, especially in the North Caucasus. Five journalists were murdered in 2009. Twenty-two have been murdered since 2000 (rise to power of the KGB criminal Putin - KC).

The Nashi (Ours), a young patriotic guard created by the Kremlin in 2005 at the behest of Putin and others who lament Russia's imperial decline, sues newspapers critical of the Soviet past or the current government when it is not staging actual manhunts.

As well as manipulating groups and institutions, Putin has promoted a climate of pumped-up national pride that encourages the persecution of dissidents and freethinkers and fosters a level of impunity that is steadily undermining the rule of law".

About the miserable Russian puppet, the predator of freedom Kadyrov, the Reporters Without Borders report:

"Often referred to as "Putin's guard dog", Ramzan Kadyrov shares the Russian prime minister's taste for crude language and strong action. "President" and undisputed chief of this Russian republic in the North Caucasus since April 2007, he has restored a semblance of calm after the devastation of two wars.

A high price has been paid for this superficial stability, the introduction of a lawless regime.

Two fierce critics of the handling of the "Chechen issue", reporter Anna Politkovskaya and human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, were both gunned down - Politkovskaya in Moscow in October 2006 and Estemirova in Chechnya in July 2009.

When human rights activists blamed him for their deaths, Kadyrov was dismissive: "That's bullshit, that's just gossip", he said.

The Chechen (the puppet - KC) media toe the line. Those that survive in this hostile environment know the rules of the game, the first of which is to never criticize the policies of the "president", whose photo is displayed everywhere.

Kadyrov said this about terrorism: "My method is simple. Those who disrupt the people's peace must be dealt with harshly, cruelly even". And on the press, he added: "The press must be in the service of the Chechen people's unity".

In practice, journalists interpret this as meaning they must praise his every action and the people's devotion to him.

To ensure absolute loyalty, Kadyrov uses not only fear but also the money flowing in abundance from the Kremlin to Grozny (Jokhar - KC). New newspapers have been created with Chechen (puppet - KC) government funding to create the impression that the republic's media are flourishing and vibrant.

But they all just repeat the same refrain ad infinitum. As for foreign journalists, it goes without saying that Kadyrov accuses them of distorting reality and not reporting what is really happening in Chechnya".

It is to be noted (in general, surprisingly) that, along with censored Russian media outlets (supporters and defenders of mass murderers, bloody conquest wars, lootings and violence), not a single Western radio station or media in Russian reported exactly what specifically testified Western journalists from the RWB about the situation with the lack of freedom of speech in Russia and the Russian-occupied Caucasus Emirate.

Therefore, the Emirate's Kavkaz Center has to do the job for russophile Western radio stations: Radio Liberty, Deutsche Welle, BBC, etc., which are generously funded with money from Western taxpayers




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