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The Brutal Zionist Attack on the Liberation: Reactions Of Afghan Mujahidun

03 June 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Some philanthropist with wake conscious had organized the launching of flotilla of liberation with the support of the Muslim nation of Turkey. The aim was to show a humanitarian and moral sympathy with the oppressed Muslims of the Gaza Strip and thus end the four-year long sea blockade by the invading Zionist forces. But the Zionist invaders brutally attacked the flotilla which was showing sympathy (with Gaza Muslims) before its arrival at the destination, ironically at a time when many passengers aboard were performing early morning prayers.

The Israeli brutal forces first laid siege to six boats of the flotilla of liberation with the help of hundreds of military boats and helicopters. Then (Israeli) commandos and marines launched brutal attack, killing armless civilians on the deck of the flotilla and injuring 52 others. This barbaric, inhuman and immoral attack of the Zionists on the envoys of peace and sympathy violate all Divine and human laws. There is no instance of such events in any other culture except in the (distinctive) culture of Zionism based on bestiality.

The pathetic martyrdom of the envoys of peace at the hands of the brutal Israeli commandos was condemned by all Muslim countries and wake conscious-bearing men and human rights entities. They called it a crime. But Binyamin Netanyahu, the Head of the invading Zionist regime defended the attack in his latest statement, pointing to it as a proud act of his troops.

While taking pride in and appreciating the Islamic and moral step of the Muslim and sympatric people of Turkey with the Muslim and miserable residents of Gaza, The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns the Zionist attack on the flotilla of liberation and pray to Almighty Allah to bestow the Gardens of Ferdous on the martyrs and grant full recovery to all those who have been injured.

The Islamic Emirate calls on Muslim rulers and people of the world to come forward in support and defense of the Muslim people of Palestine and follow the Turkey’s footsteps and fulfill their moral and Islamic obligation in liberating the first Qibla, Aqsa Mosque, and put an end to the blockade now in effect against the oppressed Muslims of Gaza.

All the Muslim rulers and people of the world should join hands to confront the contemporary arrogant colonialists and win liberations from their colonialism via jihad and sacrifices.




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