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General Petraeus' Dizziness In The Congress Reflects The US Defeat In Afghanistan

30 June 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

All Praise and thanks are due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists and may peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions in entirety.

The US war in Afghanistan has lasted longer than Vietnam War which was into 103 months by the time the last U.S. troop withdrew. This war has become the big military crusade by the US. The world has witnessed the worst kind of cruelty and attacks on the innocent Afghans in social and wedding gatherings under the grab of so-called slogans of peace, development and prosperity since the US aggression on Afghanistan. However, none of these acts of terrorism by the Americans has ever weakened the exemplary spirit of freedom loving Afghans.

The Jihad by Afghans and the new military strategies of Mujahideen have made the Generals in Pentagon to lose their wits. The situation has reached a stage where the chief of US Central Command Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal has warned the Whitehouse of defeat if the later didnít send more troops to Afghanistan. In the light of this warning by Gen. McChrystal, President Obama at West Point College in New York in September, 2009, announced the new strategy and promised to send thirty thousands more troops to Afghanistan. President Obama said that these forces will change the face of war in Afghanistan while ensuring a win for the United States. In order to prove the words of Obama true, fifteen thousands US, Ten thousands British and Twenty thousands Afghan forces started operation in the small Marjah Area of Helmand Province. In fact, this was an examination of the Obama strategy.

The district commissioner imported from Germany was called keeping in mind that they will establish their writ in Marjah. But despite this huge operation they have been unable to establish the writ of the government. Even today they are getting same level damage at the hands of Mujahideen they have been causing from the day one of this operation. After using force in Marjah and consequent damage at the hand of Mujahideen, the US is now reluctant to start the Kandahar operation. Even they have changed the name of operation from military action to the establishment of Peace, dialogue and the writ of government due to the realization that like the Marjah operation the failure of Kandahar operation will prove the new strategy a failure besides bringing insult to the US internationally.

Obama intends to analyze the new policy in the coming December in order to assess what has the US achieved from it. But the secretary of State Robert Gates and Chief of Central Command General David Petraeus are loosing their wits and are saying that they will have nothing by December.

Nine years of military actions, different strategies, and back breaking monitory and life damages at the hands of Mujahideen have left the Crusaders totally in distress. General David Petraeus, the commander of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, fainted while giving testimony to the US Senate's Armed Services Committee, forcing proceedings to a halt while he was taken away. It took him thirty minute to become conscious. Indeed, this saved him from the hard questions from the member of Congress. It was told that he fall unconscious because he didn't have enough water before coming here this morning but we all know that The US army has never seen their Central Commander fainted and that too when he was asked on the prospects for withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

In fact, the policies of Whitehouse regarding Afghanistan have miserably failed. The Americans confess that government in Kabul being placed by them is directly responsible for the maladministration, corrupt and bad governance, deteriorated situation of law and order and smuggling of narcotics.

The Pentagon admits to have spent 6 million dollars on the Afghan army and police, which to them havenít yielded any positive results because 90 percent of them are illiterates. The institutional conflict in Afghanistan is on its heights. The officers donít pay salary to their subordinates, and the soldiers use to sell their boots and ration, whereas most of the official vehicles are used by the police officials for smuggling. The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reportedly termed Afghanistan as a Mafia state. Likewise, the Pentagon is encountered with internal scuffle. Moreover, one hundred thousands contracts have been signed. Every soldier is recruited under an agreement. Most of the agreements have been acquired by the economic tycoons and retired Generals of Pentagon. They sells these agreement in return for profit of million of dollars.

According to a UN report about Afghanistan, 85 out of 100 dollars for the Afghanistan go to different countries but these loans are recovered from the poor afghan masses. Moreover, the Russian prime minister has alleged the US and NATO for not doing any serious effort to bring to an end to the smuggling of Heroin and narcotics. He has blamed them of giving free hands for the cultivation of opium and said they are not stopping its smuggling to the Russia. While, Analyst says that United States is doing it deliberately for destabilizing Russia.

These circumstances indicate a very sharp decline in the USís significance in the military and political field on global front. The US is steadily going in the direction where all previous occupation forces had been victims at the hand of this historical land. Despite all this, the Generals in Pentagon, living in foolís paradise, think that they have some chances to win the Afghan War.

Since last three months, almost every day has been proved fatal for the American armies, the fact which is admitted by the US also. Even the USís figures shows 300 soldiers being killed during this period. In addition, the Mujahideen have razed hundreds of vehicles, killed dozens of spies and destroyed several helicopters. General Petraeus, being witness to the incidents in Afghanistan is the only person who realizes the gravity of situation and described this situation well by falling unconscious in the congressional meeting. Through this action he gave the answer to many questions to which the members of committee were eager to listen. They should learn from this answer by General Petraeus and start working for the well being of their masses.



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