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Interviews With Afghan Mujahidun Official For The Maidan Shahr District

30 July 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Al-Somood magazine has conducted an interview with his Excellency about the military situation in Maidan Wardak to present this to its readers.

Question: Gracious Sheikh, we would like to present a picture, even a brief picture, on the military situation and Jihadist activity in Maidan Wardak province.

Answer: In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, a happy outcome to the Pious, prayers and peace upon the best of creation, the noblest Prophet and Messenger, and upon his family, and companions and all those guided by him.

By the Grace of Allah, High and Exalted, the military situation in the Maidan Wardak province is completely to the advantage of the Mujahideen. The co-operation of the people and their standing with the Mujahideen has advanced the combat activities of the Mujahideen and exposed the schemes of the crusader enemy to failure and cast fear into them.

You know that the province of Maidan Wardak is tantamount to the main gateway to the capital Kabul. The Mujahideen have been able to achieve a military advance to reach this strategic gateway and thereby established a strong front on the heights overlooking Kabul city. With great ease, the Mujahideen are able to attack this main corridor which crosses the province and connects Kabul with other main cities like Ghazni and Qandahar. We can say that the Mujahideen have expanded their control over 85% of the territory of Maidan Wardak while the crusader enemy is held up and besieged in the provincial and district buildings.

Question: Where are the crusader invader forces concentrated in Maidan Wardak province and to what extent have their schemes in the province succeeded?

Answer: The province of Maidan Wardak is composed of 9 districts and the crusaders have a military base in the province capital as well as scattered military positions along the main Kabul-Qandahar corridor that dissects the country. Despite the security fortifications that surround their military points along this corridor, their military columns are subjected to the campaigns of the Mujahideen which strike at them.

The Mujahideen are trying to block this main corridor and close it permanently. Battles between the Mujahideen and crusaders occur to control the corridor and the two sides will swap control of it during the day while at the night the Mujahideen will take complete control of it and all the roads leading to the district. Public vehicles and commercial convoys can cross the corridor at any time during the night, but the trucks of the vehicles of the Americans and their helpers are blocked completely.

Whenever the Mujahideen launch attacks on the crusaders in the main corridor they seize great amounts of booty and inflict huge casualties. The vehicles and other military equipment that we have in our possession, all of it were seized by the Mujahideen as booty.

Question: Where are the fields of your military operations and what kind of attacks are you undertaking against the enemy and their bases?

Answer: I said previously that we can attack the enemy at any place in Maidan Wardak province, but in order to harass and weaken the enemy we concentrate on high-impact raids against the military convoys that pass through the main corridor. At the beginning of Mujahideen operations in this province, the Mujahideen were few in number and the enemy possessed vast military resources. So we were planting mines and carrying out surprise attacks. These methods brought positive results and sapped the enemy’s strength. Now the number of Mujahideen has increased and the enemy is overcome by weakness. So in addition to planting mines, launching surprise raids and setting up ambushes, we also carry out military clashes.

As a result of these operations, the enemy has sustained huge losses in soldiers killed and tanks destroyed and loss of various equipment as booty. The proof of what we say are these Ranger military vehicles and Surf vehicles each of which carry markings indicating that they belonged to the military units and brigades of the army of the puppet administration in Kabul.

Question: Additional American troops have arrived to Maidan Wardak this year. What impact has this had on the operations of the Mujahideen?

Answer: The dispatch of additional American troops to Maidan Wardak province has had no negative impact on Mujahideen operations. Rather, it has increased Mujahideen operations because the arrival of new soldiers has meant that the number of military targets has doubled. The spine of the military equation is soldiers’ morale not their number. What ails the Americans in Afghanistan is the collapsed morale of their frightened soldiers. This ailment cannot be evaded by increasing the number of troops.

Question: If you please could, we would like you to give us brief information on your combat operations in the past three months.

Answer: Through the Grace of Allah, this year was a bloody and violent year for the Americans and their crusader allies. The American invaders acknowledge this truth. This was a year of violent front-lines and ferocious battles in all parts of Afghanistan and especially Maidan Wardak, where the operations temp of the Mujahideen increased.

During the past three months, our area of operations has encompassed wide regions from Sarbil to Sheikh Abad and Salar all along the main corridor. We have killed large numbers of crusaders and destroyed their armored and other military vehicles. We have burned many supply trucks in addition to killing many lackeys and forcing the crusaders and their agents to stay besieged in their holes.

Question:What is the effective military strategy that must be taken to weaken the morale of the enemy?

Answer: An effective military strategy varies from province to province. For example, in Kunar and Nuristan provinces, the most suitable military method is a military clash because those two provinces possess a geographic situation suitable for this military strategy. Meanwhile in Helmand and the southwest of Afghanistan the preferred method is to plant mines and use explosives because the terrain of those areas is desert terrain which does not afford the Mujahideen secure places to hide.

As for Kabul, martyrdom operations and surprise attacks are best because the open concentration of large numbers of invaders there gives the Mujahideen an opportunity to launch those kinds of campaigns against their bases and barracks.

Praise be to Allah, the Mujahideen will take advantage of the methods which suit their geographic situation and injure the enemy the most.

Question:You are situated in Maidan Wardak province close to the capital Kabul. The enemy is able to move fast to assist and rescue its personnel. How are you able to launch attacks on the enemy’s mobile targets?

Answer: First of all, I will say that our battle with the enemy relies upon the aid of Allah, the Exalted and Sublime, and faith in Him. Our Jihad in the cause of Allah continues with His aid and help, not with material things or modern, fabricated methods. If it were not so, how could the isolated Mujahideen in wounded Afghanistan confront 45 advanced nations with huge armies, armed with advanced weapons? This is a confrontation in which the Mujahideen will be victories, Allah willing.

We accept that our resources are limited and that our capabilities are less than the huge capabilities of the enemy. Indeed there is no comparison between the Mujahideen and the enemy.

Yes, in answer to your question I say that Maidan Wardak is located a stone’s throw away from Kabul and that the enemy can easily assist his army during a battle there. But I must make clear that the enemy has sustained the greatest losses in this province, many of his armored vehicles have been destroyed and the necks of many the arrogant and haughty ones have been broken on its rocks.

Question: What is your view regarding the dispatch of more foreign troops to Afghanistan and how do you analyze this situation?

Answer: I have previously indicated that victory in war hinges upon the high-morale of soldiers not on an increase in their numbers. The number of American soldiers has been continuously on the increase throughout the war, from 8,000 in the beginning to almost 70,000 in the past year. But Mc Chrystal is requesting 30,000 more additional troops. If victory in war hinged on increasing the number of soldiers, then America would have achieved something in the past year, 2009. But, by admission of the Americans, that the losses among their soldiers during this past year have been more severe and that the Mujahideen have made greater progress.

Question: When will the Mujahideen be able to dislodge the occupation forces in Afghanistan and make them flee (the country)?

Answer: When will the Americans and their crusader allies leave Afghanistan? This matter is among the secrets known only to Allah. But, by my reading of the current situation, it is clear that the date of their flight is imminent.

Their analysts and politicians are reporting the speedy defeat of the Americans and the victory of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. As for the Mujahideen, they must continue to wage jihad against the American and crusading invaders in order to establish an Islamic regime. The moment of picking the fruit of their labor has approached, Allah willing. They see with their eyes that by the blessing of their jihad the enemy will be broken and will drag their tails defeated and broken and in flight, just like the arrogant, tyrannical English and Russian invaders were defeated and broken.

Al-Somood: Your Excellency Sheikh! We thank you for your speaking with us and your open-mindedness to our questions. We beseech Allah to grant you success in your Jihad.

The leader: I thank you also.


Sheikh Nur ul-Haqq Mujahid bin Mohammed, from the Maidan Wardak province. Born in the year 1386H in the village Mohamed Nur Kheil in the Zimnio area of Jalreez district.


He received his elementary education in the local schools in his birthplace then immigrated to Pakistan where he continued his learning in different schools until graduating from the Imdad ‘Ulum Shari’a school in Peshawar in 1413H, graduating with the highest certificate. After his graduation, he began teaching students and conducting preaching and reform activities in his area, laying the cornerstone for a Sharia school and establishing a student association by the name of Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama’a in the Maidan Wardak district.

Joining the Islamic Emirate Caravan

Sheikh Nur ul-Haqq joined the caravan of the Islamic Emirate upon its establishment and assumed a number of administrative responsibilities in different regions of Afghanistan, rising to become commander of military security in the Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan. After the American occupation of Afghanistan, he began Jihad against the Americans and their helpers and trained hundreds of Mujahideen and sent to the combat zone.

One year after the American invasion, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate entrusted him with general supervision of all military formations in the Maidan Wardak province. His Excellency enjoys extensive military experience in addition to a broad awareness and understanding of political issues and their analysis.




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