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'Vanquisher of PeshMerga' - American Invaders Vs. Islamic State Of Iraq

09 August 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

'"Can you expect for us (any fate) other than one of two glorious things- (Martyrdom or victory)? But we can expect for you either that Allah will send his punishment from Himself, or by our hands. So wait (expectant); we too will wait with you."' (At-Tawbah: 52)


The conditions the Muslim Ummah is experiencing, the uprooting of their religion and the occupation of their lands, plundering of their wealth, and the capture of their men, and defaming of their honor, are but among the consequences of the Crusades against the Islamic Ummah; as the Jews and Christians have allied to fight the Ummah in all fields and scenes; starting with the war on our Creed, then the military one, and violating our sanctuaries, defiling honor, and desecrating the Book of Allah, The All-Mighty, and abusing our Prophet, peace and prayers are upon him.

Definitely, that criminal behavior of the Crusader troops against the Muslims Ummah, which seeks to break the will of Muslims, could not have taken place were in not for the alliance between the infidel West with all its sects and figures, with the hypocrites from our people.

The Messenger of Allah said:

"It is near that the nations will call one another against you, just as the eaters call one another to their plates." Somebody asked: "Is this because we will be few in numbers that day?" He said: "Nay, that day you shall be numerous, but you will be like the foam of the sea, and Allah will take the fear of you away from your enemies and will place weakness into your hearts." Somebody asked: "What is this weakness?" He said: "The love of this world, and the hatred of death."

This Satanic alliance has sought to destroy the Islamic Caliphate, and divide the lands of Islam into small countries. They had been infuriated by the status the Muslims had attained when assigning the Shari’ah of Allah to rule, and implementing it among the people. When they attached real value to their religion, no one dared to harm them, let alone malign their religion, plunder their fortunes, or profane their honor. But after the Islamic Caliphate had become weak, the Crusaders perceived it, and started to launch attacks on it, which included most of the parts of the Islamic Caliphate; relying on the apostates and hypocrites from among our people, until they did what they wished for. They then destroyed the Islamic Caliphate at the hands of their faithful agent, Kamal Atatürk, who entered the capital of the Caliphate.

They occupied many of the lands of Islam, then they agreed among themselves to divide them into small countries and kingdoms that yielded to them, and served their interests, in what is known as the Sykes-Picot agreement. They tried to lessen the rage of Muslims by bringing an idol of theirs, and they studded it with many titles. They named it “democracy”; then they stripped the Muslims of their religion, and kept them away from the Book of their Lord; accordingly they canceled the hudud (implementation of Islam worship acts and Islamic punishments against sinners), and plundered the fortunes, profaned the honor, and spread corruption and vice.

Those campaigns have targeted most of the lands of Muslims, especially Palestine, which has suffered many tragedies at the hands of the Crusader British, and after them the malicious Jews, who have received Palestine from the British on a golden platter.
Those campaigns against the homes of Muslims have been lasting, and consequently Kurdistan has got its share; as the Crusaders have been harboring heavy grudges against them, as it was the cradle of Salahuddin, and his birthplace; and it was he who broke their Cross and dirtied their noses, and liberated Jerusalem from their filthiness, and so they have made its people taste all kinds of torture.

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him):

The Kurds are a genuine portion of the Muslim Ummah, and every Muslim is proud of their sacrifice and history. And all Muslims sympathize with the injustices they suffered at the hands of the fanatical Ba'athist regime. I think that their brothers, the Mujahideen, in Iraq, whether Arab or Kurdish or Turkmen, are understanding of many of their demands; as stated by Sheikh Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi (may Allah protect him). But what Muslim - Kurdish or otherwise – can possibly accept an Iraqi Kurdistan being ruled by a secular government loyal to the Crusaders and collaborating with the Jews?


The Kurdistan of Salahuddin is a non-separable part of the lands of Islam; and the Muslim Kurdish people is a part of the united body of the Ummah, which if any of its parts complain, the rest call upon each other in fever and burning the midnight oil.

Islam has entered Kurdistan during the time of the guiding Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) in the year 18 after the Hijrah of the Chosen Prophet (peace and prayers are upon him). It has lived under the shade of Islam for so many centuries, blessed with its good and seeking peace under its canopy. Kurdistan has been sharing with the Muslim Ummah their joy and their grief. Muslims have never experienced any joy but with the Kurds joining them, and have never experienced any grief without the Kurds partaking in grief with them.

At the time when Masjid al-Aqsa was under the claws of the Crusaders, violating its courts and defiling its halls, the people of the Holy Land had been humiliated and debased at the hands of the Crusaders. During that time, one of the inhabitants of the Holy Land wrote a letter to Salahuddin al-Ayoubi on behalf of Masjid al-Aqsa where he said:

You, O, the man who has lowered the temples of the Crosses
Here is a letter proceeding from the Bait-ul-Maqdis (Sacred House)
All the mosques have been purified, and my honor is being profaned…

No sooner had he read the letter than he took charge of an enormous army, with which he headed for Bait-ul-Maqdis. He never rested, or relaxed, or enjoyed any perfume ever, or even laughed until he liberated it from the filth of the Cross, and raised the call to prayer through the minarets of al-Aqsa, after it had been absent for more than ninety years. He restored the minaret that Nour ad-Deen Zinkay, the righteous king (may Allah have mercy upon him) and the Sheikh of Salahuddin, who had made it in al-Mosul. Salahuddin has restored for Muslims the glories of Abu-Ubaidah, Khalid, and al-Muthanna, and restored for them as well, their honor and stature.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, peace and prayers are upon the leader of the Mujahideen, our Prophet Muhammad, upon his family, and his Companions in their entirety.

Allah the All-Mighty says:

Fight against them so that Allaah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people, And remove the anger of their (believers’) hearts.”.

To proceed:

The enemies of Allah, from among the Crusaders, the malicious Rejectionists, and the apostates from the Sunni people, have exceeded the bounds, so they killed their offspring, and their men, raped their women, and ravaged the land. But for the enemies of Allah, from among the Crusaders, the malicious Rejectionists and the Zionist Kurds, be informed that we − the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Iraq − have drawn our swords from their sheathes, have lit fires in their burners, and have come to them with soldiers like night and traps like a flood; then receive from us our traps!

For the enemies of Allah: be informed that our Jihad will never rest, and we will never rest until we take their properties as booty and cut off their heads; so await woe, you the enemies of Allah!

As to the youth of the Ummah, I say:

Render the religion of Allah, the All-Mighty, victorious! March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), carry out Jihad in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. Have you not seen the women of Muslims raped by the apostates, the malicious Rejectionists and the Crusaders?? Have you not perceived that Islam is wounded?? Have you not heard the words of Allah, the All-Mighty:
“March forth, whether light or heavy”?.

Have you not heard the words of Allah:

“And why should ye not fight in the cause of God and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?- Men, women, and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help!" “If you march not forth, He will punish you, a severe punishment, and replace you with some other people, and you can never harm Him a hair’s breadth; and Allah is All-Able over all things”?

O, brothers! Support your brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq, and render the religion of Allah, the All-Mighty, victorious; we are in dire need for you, especially at this time.


History has recorded, and is still recording that the Muslim Kurdish people have an honorable, proud history. A history they have recorded with the blood of their champions from among the Muslim Ummah.

The Commander of the Believers Abu Umar al-Baghdadi (may Allah protect him) has said:

He is unjust, he who said that the Kurds are a people with no history. If we went through the pages of history, we would find it full of honorable situations, chivalrous champions, and many great figures of knowledge and actions. They have been laurels on top of the pyramid of the Islamic civilization. It is ibn as-Salah, the memorizer and the Muhaddeth (reviver of Islamic studies), who is famous for his widely known introduction to Usul al-Hadeeth (the foundations of Hadeeth), is Kurdish.

Ibn al-Haaj, the linguist, the diver in the science of Usul al-Fiqh, is Kurdish. Salah-adDeen, the opener of Jerusalem, the one who broke the Cross, and the one who wiped out the fanatical Ubaidi Rejectionist state, his memory is still alive at the tongues, and in hearts is love for him and his family Aal-Ayoub (the Ayoub family).

After the hands of the Fatimids had rested on Damascus, the rituals of the Rejectionists were imposed; and Egypt was for more than 200 years a Rejectionist state. The situation was like that until the martyr Nour ad-Deen and Salahuddin al-Ayoubi wiped it out.

Not long ago, their grandfathers were praised with the scale of Shariah; and today things are reversed, and their politicians are the ones who allow the reign of the Rejectionists on the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq). It is a friendship for interest from both sides; as the deep malice of the Rejectionists against Salahuddin al-Ayoubi (may Allah have mercy upon him) is well known, and their enmity against the Kurds is ancient.


O, you, the grandchildren of Salahuddin! This is the place of the Night Journey of the Prophet (peace and prayers are upon him), profaned at the hands of the grandchildren of monkeys and pigs; they are digging tunnels as a preparatory stage to pull it down, and build their alleged temple, and Judaize the blessed land. Allah, the All-Mighty, says:

If you march not, He will punish you, a severe punishment, and replace you with other people, and you can never harm Him a hair’s breadth; and Allah is Al-Qadeer (Able to do) over all things”

Then, where are you, the grandchildren of Salahuddin? The Night Journey of the Messenger of Allah is calling upon you, and it is a deposit into your necks. If its opening was by your grandfathers, then it is a great obligation and an extreme responsibility on you today, to march forth to support it, and liberate it the same way your grandfather Salahuddin (may Allah have mercy upon him) did.

Contemporary history proves to the Muslim Ummah that the Kurds do still have some remaining good, despite the dark night. The wombs of women do still give birth to the champions, leaders, Islamic scholars, and the people of God. At this time, the Crusades against Iraq are getting stronger; and the Crusaders have occupied the Baghdad of Ar-Rasheed, the ember of Jihad have started to shine, and the groups of Mujahideen have met the legions of the Crusaders, fierce battles have been waged, where the friends of Allah recorded unbelievable stories in their fight against His enemies. Then the nose of the Cross has been soaked in mud, and its power has been broken, its might has been removed from the hearts of people, and Allah has given vent to the anger of the hearts of the Believers, which have been filled with exasperation against the Crusaders. Among the leaders of the Mujahideen in those battles, and the group that planted the nucleus of Jihad in the lands of the two rivers, the leader Abu Umat al-Kurdi (may Allah have mercy upon him); the man of pure crystal Creed. He used to play a role in collecting the youth under the banner of Tawheed, and motivating them to fight against the Crusaders and their allies. He (may Allah have mercy upon him) recorded with his actions a history that every Muslim is proud of. He has used his sword among the polytheist Rejectionists, and he cut off their heads, and he has made the grandchildren of Rome stumble, and caused their chief to cry.

His sensitive sword stayed sharp, lopping off the heads of infidels until Allah caused him to fall captive at the hands of the Crusaders, and no sooner had they killed him in the Green Zone in the heart of our wounded Baghdad, than his blood burned theirs green. His blood is still among the lines of the Mujahideen, many of the champions of the Kurdish Muslim Ummah uniting with their brethren − the immigrants in the cause of Allah and the locals − where the genuine brotherhood of Faith, support of the weak, and Jihad to liberate the location of the Night Journey of the Messenger of Allah (peace and prayers are upon him) have united them, darting from the Islamic State of Iraq. We, today, are the vanguards of the Ummah; fighting in Iraq and all what we ask from Allah is to grant us victory, and then we can head for the Sacred House to liberate it from the filth of the Jews, and break its chains. This is the condition of the noble Kurds.

However, the agents among them still throw themselves in the bosoms of the international intelligences, seeking from them positions and winnings.

Sheikh Usama bin Laden (may Allah protect him):

I do as well comfort our people in Palestine in particular that we are going to broaden our Jihad by the Will of Allah; and we will never acknowledge the borders of Sykes-Picot, or the rulers whom the colonists have assigned. We, by Allah, did not forget you after the Sept. 11th incident; can any individual forget his family?!

However, after those blessed Raids that targeted the head of international infidelity and the main ally of the Zionist entity − America − Meanwhile we are busy attacking and fighting it and its agents, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Islamic Maghreb, and Somalia. If it and its agents were defeated in Iraq, by the Will of Allah, there would be not much left of them; then the legions of the Mujahideen will dart out, battalion after battalion, from Baghdad, al-Anbar, al-Mosul, Diyala, and Salahuddin by the Will of Allah; and we will never concede the Jews a state, nor even a hand-span of the Palestinian land, the way all the Arab rulers do when they accepted the proposal of the ruler of Riyadh a few years ago.


The contemporary history of the Kurds:

In the year 1946 was established what was known as the Kurdish Republic of Mahabad, with the agreement and assistance of the Soviet Union at that time. It was located within a narrow strip on the Eastern side of the Iraqi-Turkish borders. A year later, that republic collapsed.

At that time, Mustafa al-Barazani moved with some hundreds of his men toward the Soviet Union − the greatest power at that time − and after he had reached the Soviet lands in 1947, al-Barazani became, from the first glance, welcomed by the Soviet security systems that intended to use him for their strategic goals in the Middle East. In fact, they did use him as a flexible tool to accomplish the goals of the atheist Russia, while his deeds have been covered with the appearance of one who has sacrificed and a rescuer, one who cares for the well-being of the noble Kurdish Ummah. That plot fooled many of the people of Kurdistan, and they accepted all the actions and words of those cheaters, who loaded weight on the hearts of people. Now they have realized that those rulers were but a seed sown by the Russian intelligences in their lands to accomplish its goals; and the documents released by that intelligences body have exposed the extent those people reached in their subordination.

General Sudio Bulatuv − he who earned the trust of Stalin, from among the most prominent officers of the Soviet intelligences − says in his memoirs about his first meeting with Mustafa al-Barazani:

I did meet al-Barazani directly after he reached the Soviet Union, to study the possibility of utilizing him for our goals in the Middle East, and how to train him and his men, and then send them back to Iraq, after arming them to carry out the missions.

Assigning an officer of that rank to supervise the Barazani is a sure sign of his importance to help accomplish their goals. Meetings became frequent between the Russian general and Mustafa al-Barazani in 1952-1953. Between them, many discussions were held about the military training of Mustafa al-Barazani and his group, and supplying them with weapons. In fact, they were trained in the military academy in Russia; and when we talk about the revolution of July 1961, it becomes clear that that revolution was in fact just one round in the series of rounds of war between the West under the leadership of America, and the Soviet Union. That is what is clear from the diplomatic note which Alexander Schliben the head of the KGB in the 1960's sent to the Soviet President Nikita Krushchev in July 1961 where he identified the goals of the mission which al-Barazani would carry out.

The diplomatic note says:

In order to spread instability and unrest inside the lines of the administrations of the USA, England, Turkey, and Iran; and to create a feeling of instability of the position of those administrations in the Middle East, we suggest profiting from the old relations between Mullah Mustafa al-Barazani, the head of the Kurdish Democratic Party and the KGB, to instigate a Kurdish movement in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, in order to establish an independent Kurdistan, that includes provinces of the formerly mentioned countries, and al-Barazani would be supplied with the necessary weapons and money. There also should be an announcement of a joint liability between the Russian people and the Kurdish movement; as the Kurdish independence movement would lead to creating serious tensions between the allies in the West, foremost among them is England, because of its supplies of oil from Iraq and Iran; and the USA because of its military bases in Turkey.

When the star of the Soviet Union started to fade, and the sole remaining superpower - the USA - started to rise, Mustafa al-Barazani started a secret relationship with the American intelligences (CIA) and the Jewish intelligences (the Israeli MOSSAD) through the site of the American intelligences in Tehran. But after extinguishing the Kurdish movement in 1975 when Mustafa al-Barazani completely threw himself in the bosom of the American intelligences, and then he travelled to the United States and stayed with the companionship of the American intelligences, which supervised and paid for his treatment and all his expenses, until he perished there in 1979, and his corpse was buried in Iran, then was carried into Barazan − his birthplace − where a statue for people to perambulate has been built on his grave! We seek refuge in Allah from associating partners with him!

Mustafa al-Barazani also played an important role in sending the Jews from the areas of Kurdistan in northern Iraq to the occupied land, Palestine, greatly increasing the power of the Jews there. Those settlers would settle on the lands of Muslims there, and the Muslims would taste various kinds of subjugation and deprivation.

The Jews rewarded their agent at that time by awarding him the rank of a major general for his efforts with them. After him came his heir and son Mas’oud al-Barazani. He accordingly walked the same path as his father, to continue the mission which he started with his war on Islam and its people, in cooperation with the American intelligences and the Israeli MOSSAD, where he used to repeat the words of his perished father: “He is ready to ally with any intelligences party for the benefit of the Kurds”.

Sheikh Abu-Mus’ab al-Zarqawi (may Allah have mercy on him):

Implementing Tawheed is absolutely the greatest of all benefits. Putting Tawheed into actions is the ultimate goal for which Allah has created people, and bringing them into being, therefore it is the most sublime benefit [for people] that Allah likes and approves for His creatures. How can it not be so while He, the Great and All-Mighty, has not created them except for implementing it and putting it into actions? Allah, the All-Mighty, says:

“I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me. No Sustenance do I require of them, nor do I require that they should feed Me. For Allah is He Who gives (all) Sustenance,- Lord of Power,- Steadfast”

Ibn-Katheer (may Allah have mercy upon him) says: “The meaning of the Ayah is that He, Exalted is He the All-Mighty, has created the creatures to worship Him alone with no partner; and who has obeyed Him, He will reward him perfectly, and who disobeys him, He will severely punish him; and He has stated that He is in no need of them, but it is they who are in need of Him at all time; as He is the One Who has Created them and does provide them with the means of subsistence” (His words end here, may Allah have mercy upon him)”


Mas’oud al-Barazany has been nothing but toy in the hands of the Zionist-Crusaders intelligences. He revolves in their orbit where his interests and his love for prestige and power push him to do anything, even if it is at the expenses of conspiring against his people and his fellow citizens. He has conspired with the Iraqi intelligences during the administration of Saddam to destroy at-Talibani and his followers; and this has led to many battles, where each has been trying to have control over Kurdistan, even if the cost is killing thousands of the Kurdish people, to spread his power over the Muslim district of Kurdistan.

Such leaders care about nothing but their own narrow personal interests, even if they raise the slogans of the interests of the Kurds; and as soon as the interests which they have been longing for are accomplished, they abandon such slogans and tread all over them.

When the first Gulf war broke out, and Iraq was besieged for more than a decade, the two Kurdish parties conspired with the remaining power of treachery and betrayal; so they have held the conferences of shame and disgrace, e.g. the London conference and the conference of Salahuddin which was held in Irbil before the fall of Baghdad. During the siege, they were providing the American intelligences with intelligent information about the Baathist regime in Baghdad. The main residence of the American intelligences and the Israeli MOSSAD was within the area of the Iraqi Kurdistan, where the MOSSAD were allowed to wander around the district, and do as they pleased with no watcher or observer. The area of Kurdistan became a welcoming haven for them; and when the international plan changed, and the the Kurdistan district had gained independence from the Baghdad administration, after those criminals had gained power over the lives of people, they spread vice and corruption, and they turned people away from their religion, and their war against Islam and its people became unmasked to everybody. As a result, any visitor of Kurdistan will find it has become like a disbelieving Western land, with no trace of Islam there, due to the policy of that corrupted family who have sought the deviation of that pure land.

Abu-Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

I advise my Kurdish brothers to disavow the disbelieving secularist parties, and to support the religion of Allah, the All-Mighty, and to support their brothers in the Islamic State of Iraq. As for the martyrdom-seeking operations, they are like the 'smart bombs' and the timed bomb which have horrified the enemies of Allah. Accordingly, I entrust my brethren to join the caravan of martyrs, to love meeting Allah, as whoever loves meeting Allah, Allah [in return] loves meeting him”.

Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri (may Allah protect him):

I also turn to the Kurdish nationalists to tell them: you claimed that you liberated the Kurds from the occupation of the nationalist Ba’ath, but you actually took the Kurds from one occupation to another. You took them from the Ba’athist occupation to the Crusader-Zionist occupation. And here is your president, Talibani, this past May 12th [2009] requesting the Congress to extend the stay of American forces in Iraq for two more years. Talibani and his like want to take you from the fanatical secularist Ba’athist oppression to hateful Crusader-Zionist oppression, and you will never achieve your freedom, and you will never become able to make independent decisions. Instead you will be like the banana republics of bananas which live like parasites on the scraps of the West.

I tell my brothers, the Kurds: you are the protectors of the Muslim Ummah throughout its history, so don't allow anyone to pollute this history.

And I tell them: we understand your suffering, and your brothers the Mujahideen are the closest people to you, so be understanding with them; because their hearts and minds are open to you”.


As for the Peshmerga troops, which are supposed to defend the honor of Kurdistan; they are being trained by Jewish trainers, and work with their Jewish military trainers to assault the virtuous honorable ones in Kurdistan who oppose the policy of the agent parties. The Muslims in the provinces of Ninewah, Kirkuk, Khaneqeen, and Jalawlaa have suffered bitterly from murder and torture. Those troops are fully implementing the Zionist-Crusader plot to target the rich and the poor in those districts from among doctors, Sheikhs, Islamic scholars, and honorable Mujahideen. Tens of them have been murdered, and many have disappeared from the rich and poor, and it is still happening to this day.

A news report:

According to a report by the BBC, some former Jewish soldiers belonging to the elite units trained Kurdish soldiers in Northern Iraq between 2004 and 2005. That report is not the first to handle that matter; as the Yadecut Ahranut has dealt with those drills in December 2005, and stated that some Jewish companies have handed over to the Kurds big amounts of military equipments as a part of that program.


Those criminals thought that they have been able to extinguish the Light of Allah, but how impossible is it! The children of Salahuddin have waited in ambush for them, motivated by the true religion and the Creed of Allegiance and Disavowal.

A group of the Mujahideen of Kurdistan:

Khaibar, Khaibar, O the Jews
The army of Muhammad is coming back…!
Khaibar, Khaibar, you the Jews
The army of Muhammad is coming back…!
Allaahu Akbar... Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar
There is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah…!


After the fall of Baghdad into the hands of the Crusaders, the two parties of Kurdistan have shown their teeth, and displayed their covetousness and greediness, the extent of their treachery, and their apostasy. The children of Salahuddin have known about what those criminals have been plotting for; so they have left everything behind them, and have carried their souls on their hands; they have filled the valleys and the rugged land; they have veiled with their swords carrying the flag of Tawheed. They then have established with their brothers the State of Islam in Iraq, which has become a thorn in the throats of infidels, and a dagger piercing through the sides of apostates, so then they scattered their greed and mixed their papers.

The State of Islam has paid much attention to the Kurdistan of Iraq, so they have formed battalions to combat the apostates there. The Knights of Martyrdom have defied death courageously on its land, among who was the Conqueror of the Peshmerga, who caused them to taste all kinds of pain. He destroyed their residences, and wiped away their centers before he hamstrung his horse and dismounted [carried out a martyrdom operation] at one of their centers, and reduced it to rubble.

If words stood inefficient to describe someone, then they would undoubtedly stand in bewilderment and wonder before that lofty mountain who has cut short the way of the Ummah towards the meaning of Life.

Never compose a poem to praise them,
The peaks have sickened the tortoises
Noble enough is what they have carried out
Recorded with sharp swords,
then put the pen aside…

Abu-Umar al-Muhajir.

From the Peninsula of Mohammad (peace and prayers are upon him).

An affectionate tender-hearted one, who knew the value of Jihad and its merit. He rested not while the enemies of Allah have set foot in the homes, and caused Muslims to taste humiliation and destruction. They profaned the honor and arrested the men.

Al-Muhajir set out toward his Lord, heading towards Iraq, the land of heroism and martyrdom, responding to the call of Allah, hastening toward the everlasting Paradise, competing to render victorious his religion, carrying his soul in his hands, whenever he heard a cry or a shriek he flew to it - thinking he might be killed and death [in the cause of Allah] might be there.

No sooner had he set foot on the Land of the Two Rivers than he joined the record of honor — the caravan of martyrs — the pioneers of contentment and the makers of glory — full of yearning and passions for meeting Allah the All-Exalted.

He (may Allah have mercy upon him) mounted the back of his horse to dive among the worshippers of the Cross and the adorers of prostitution, hoping Allah tears them with his hands and puts an end to them. However, the will of Allah was that the car didn’t explode; and so the worshippers of the Cross arrested him. They dragged him away from the car and gathered around it to defuse it, but it exploded and its pieces scattered and their remaining parts with it.

He stayed (may Allah have mercy upon him) in the prisons of the Crusaders moving between them, and his heart became filled with Yaqin (certainty about the wise predestinations of Allah) and contentment, which nothing disturbed except his delay from martyrdom and meeting Allah. He then resided in the Badoush prison. Days passed with their pleasantness and bitterness while he was engaged in conversations with his brothers, until they heard the roars of the lions transcending the barriers to break the chains. It was then but moments until he and his companions wielded their swords, joining the convoy of their brothers who do not rest while the chains are smothering the men of the Ummah. It was the famous operation of Badoush which history has recorded its incidents, and whose champions have worn the crowns of honor and fidelity.

Abu Umar left the prison with increasing courage and firm Faith, with actions speaking on his behalf saying:

We don’t bargain with our religion, and we don’t deviate from our path of Jihad, and we don’t accept intermediary solutions; as there is nothing between us and infidels except the keen sword with which we cut off necks [of infidels] until the religion of Allah rules over earth.

He went out of prison and the idea of carrying out a martyrdom operation, which he had formerly attempted courageously before his arrest, had changed. It is as if his single soul didn’t relieve his towering determination. But to what thing had it been changed?
If the souls are lofty…bodies became weary with their goals.
He wore his clothes, wielded his weapon, and mounted the back of his horse,,, and here words rightly stop…

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

All praise be to Allah, peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allah.

To proceed:

After putting my trust in Allah, I rode the truck that was loaded with 5 tons of explosives toward the headquarters of the Peshmerga in al-Karramah inside the industry preparatory school, on the left side of the city of Mosul, where I broke into the well-fortified fence with my truck into the courtyard without their firing a single bullet toward me. Allah has made them blind [to see me] and made me a reason to open the way for my brother Abu Rayyan al-Yemeni. When I entered the building, one of the brothers from the Islamic State soldiers made them busy with some light and semi-heavy weapons, until he got inside with his truck full of 6 tons of explosives, after he passed the towers peacefully to the inside of the building and he was able to carry out the operation, where the angels of heavens embraced his pure soul. After his operation, the brothers exploded the second truck they had moved with a remote control inside the headquarters itself”.


Abu Rayyan al-Yemeni:

The young man brought up on worshipping Allah, whose sound innate character drove him to the greatest and the most sublime of deeds, so he became lofty with his actions above the mountains of sciences, and he didn’t agree to himself living a sheltered life. He bid farewell to his endeared mother and his merciful father. He deserted the pastureland of his youth which is still bearing his footsteps, and headed for the lions lair, disdained the life of languor, and he occupied — with Allah’s mercy — among his brother a sublime position when he joined the great convoy, mounted the back of his horse, and then wounded it at one of the centers of the Zionist-like Peshmerga, so he stopped their posterity and scattered their buildings.

May Allah grant you some of His shade, and allow you to intercede for your parents...!

The Minister of War, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir (may Allah protect him):

As for you, you the knights of Tawheed and the religious men of the night, and the lions of [lofty] purchase, I pray Allah rewards you immensely on for what you have done for us and all Muslims. I have investigated battlefields and their men, and I bear witness before Allah, I bear witness before Allah, that my Ummah, in the Lands of the Two Rivers has not been miserly with her children and her exemplary ones, the likes of whom my eyes have never seen, and my ears have never heard about, except about those of the first generation of Muslims. I do bear witness that they are the truest people, in their language and the most faithful to pledges, and the most firm and the keenest on the commands of Allah!”

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him) while mounting the back of his 3rd horse:

O Allah! There is no life is except that of the hereafter. We beseech Allah to support us, and make us stand firm until we meet Him; may Allah accept us among the martyrs.
This martyrdom car is the horse of this time. Good is fastened to the forepart of the horses’ heads until the Day of Judgment; may Allah accept us”


That champion has not been satisfied with that, and his Yaqin of the Grace and success from Allah had filled his heart; so he got dressed, wielded, rode, and broke through.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy on him):

It is with the Grace of Allah the All-Exalted, Allah Who there is no god but He, has helped me to reach one of the fortresses of the apostate Peshmerga, who are led by the collaborator with the Crusader occupation forces, the apostate, Mas’oud al-Barazani. Allah, the Great and All-Mighty, has made their eyes blind when I rode the truck which was loaded with 4 tons of explosives into the headquarters in which they used to fortify themselves, and which was located in al-Tahrir district in the city of al-Mosul, which is fortified with sand bags and watch towers. They haven’t fired a single bullet until the truck reached the place designated for me with the experts among the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Iraq.

After leaving it where it was stopped, I was able to withdraw peacefully when the brothers made them busy with light and semi-heavy weapons; and after I had retreated far enough away to be safe from the blast, the experts exploded the truck with a remote control; and the huge fortified building with the ones inside it was turned to a pile of dust, and as usual they left the corpses of their soldiers under the wreckage of the building without being able to get them out.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him) while mounting the back of his horse:

We pray to Allah the All-Exalted their destruction will be with our hands. As for the Crusaders, we will answer them with a slippery battle, Allah willing.

The Minister of War, Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Muhajir (may Allah protect him):

Allah the All-Exalted says:

“They will keep fighting you until they turn you back from your religion if they could”.

Allah the All-Exalted says:

“And they had no fault except that they believed in Allah, the Almighty, Worthy of all praise!”

The truth the Mujahideen should realize is that the battle between the Muwahideen and the infidels is in its essence and at its heart a battle over (Islamic) doctrine, and surely Allah has engraved and inscribed that animosity in religion. Truly, an infidel, any infidel, whether a secularist or a socialist, a Christian or a Jew, don't hate the Muwahideen except for their Belief, free from any blemishes. Any slogan raised in any battle occurring between us and them apart from that of religion is pure lying and falsehood, as their hatred - whether that of the pure infidel or the apostate - to the Mujahideen and Muwahideen doesn't ever spring from an economic or political motive.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

The promise of Allah is true. Allah the Great and the All-Mighty has promised us martyrdom; we should Believe in the unseen, in the heart of green birds fastened to the Throne [of Allah] with lamps of paradise, coming from Paradise the way they like; that at the time the martyr is killed, he sees his place in Paradise. We are an Ummah who don’t die when they are killed; may the eyes of the cowards never rest. May Allah accept us among the martyrs”.


After that biography that is full of [glory], the champion smelled the aroma of Paradise, and his soul yearned for its Creator. He then dressed, perfumed himself, wielded, adorned himself, got on board, set off, and invaded the locale of the Peshmerga intelligences in the Kahrabaa area in the right side of the arched Mosul city. He then turned their cool weather into fire, and their fortress into dust after a bleeding battle with the apostates, led by the champions of Islam who risked their life in an unrivaled way.

They blocked up the roads and cut the supplies for the enemy, they tightened the siege and poured rivers of fire over them, and their masters the Crusaders didn’t suffice them an aught!

They sent their planes to bombard the Mujahideen, but Allah disappointed them and threw horror into their hearts; the knights of Tawheed and the bearers of pure Creed engaged in battle with them, so they fled paying care to nothing, and their technology and weapons didn’t benefit them.

They weakened the enemy by inflicting wounds on them, by their own hands; and no one of the champions of Islam has been harmed in the battle except one, and the torn-off parts of Abu Umar (may Allah have mercy upon him) crowned its top. Thence his memoir became among the everlasting, and his life history started to make rounds. May Allah have mercy upon you Abu Umar, you have truly been a kindling of war, a conqueror of the enemies of Allah, plunging into the distresses of battle, never caring about the sounds of guns. And so, your mother, father, your family and your Ummah have the right to be proud of you and what you have done.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

We are an Ummah who don’t die when we are killed… may the eyes of cowards never rest”.

Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri (may Allah keep him safe):

A lad died between a hit and a stab in a way, that substitutes for victory if it passed him
He didn’t die until the blow of his sword dies, and the black canals rise over it
He proved his footstep on the moor of death, and said to it “resurrection is from under your feet”
He went on a morning errand and wove his garment, and didn’t leave but with coffin as a reward
He wore the red garments of death, and night didn’t come except with them like green silk brocades
He went with his garments virtuous, and no meadow survived the following morning of death, but desired it were a grave
Peace of Allah to you, devoted as I, have seen the free noble man has no lifetime…

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

We ask Allah to accept us among the martyrs.
O Allah take from our blood until You become content!
O Allah take from our blood until You become content!
O Allah take from our blood until You become content!


That champion is but a man among the men of the State of Islam who deemed their souls cheap to render victorious the religion of Allah, the All-Exalted. His brothers and they who have sworn to follow his path have prepared against those apostates what would make the forbearer among them wander; and tomorrow is near to whom beholding it.

The pursuers have worked hard in the path; going ahead of them one of the chivalrous champions, and he proceeded with his horse toward the locale of the Kurdish National Union, and he destroyed its structure and killed its inhabitants, and it was difficult for them to clear the impure corpses, so they left them to the animals of earth. Allah has raised high the banner of Tawheed on its remains, and then smiles have been drawn on the lips, and the courageous cloaked ones have then taken revenge.

To the champion Kurds, the defenders of Creed in Kurdistan:

O you! You who have filled the pages of history with your heroism and glories, here are the traitors, the holders of the disdainful past that are full of treachery and betrayal; trying to slip you off your religion, claiming their interest for you and your Ummah, recalling the biography of the enemy of Allah, Fir’aun (Pharaoh) when he said: I don’t advise you except what I advise myself of, and I don’t guide you except to the path of reason. Thus his path was that he drowned them in life and the life hereafter. And here is the call of the noble, the grandchild of the Messenger of Allah (peace and prayers are upon him):

A call from the Commander of the Believers Sheikh Abu Umar al-Baghdadi (may Allah protect him):

Accordingly, here is the call of me to all the districts of Kurdistan to enter into the boundaries of the State of Islam on the Land of the Two Rivers; especially that the battalions of Kurdistan have advanced going back to the mountains, and the hands of the blessed operations — with the will of Allah — have started to reach Disbelief and its supporters despite the numerous and diverse barriers. It is not far from you, our operations in Irbil and Makhmour. The blessed operations in as-Sulaimanya and its mountains have formed a big critical detour. The lions of the mountains have returned to tear the junctions of the secularist parties that are rabidly against Islam and its people, supported by America.
We will provide you with our blood, and we will march to liberate your lands from the filth of the atheists, in order to preserve your Islamic identity. How miserable is he who gave priority to ethnicity and loyalty to parties over the religious Creed of allegiance! How miserable is he who buys his worldly life at the cost of the life hereafter!
I [here] take the opportunity to greet the Sunni Turkmen Iraqis, the champions of Islam, and say to them:

May Allah bless you! With your Jihad, you have reminded us of the glory of your predecessors when they defeated the Romans; thence they have risen with their Iman over every Kufr, and have stepped with their feet every . It is true what Ka’b ibn-Zuheir has said: “the one who looks like his father is not a bastard”.

A group of Kurdistan Mujahideen:

Please Allah, render our Mujahideen brethren everywhere victorious. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Algeria, and Somalia. Please Allah, render our brethren the Mujahideen victorious in the Arabian Peninsula. Please Allah, render our brethren the Mujahideen victorious in Iran.
Please Allah, render our brethren the Mujahideen victorious in Pakistan.
Please Allah, render our brethren the Mujahideen victorious at all battlefronts.
Please Allah, render us victorious; You the Best Patron.
Please Allah, render us victorious; O You the Best Patron!
Please Allah, guide our arrows; Please Allah, raise our banner; Please Allah, reunite us; Please Allah, bring together our words.

Abu Umar al-Muhajir (may Allah have mercy upon him):

I advise my family to fear Allah the Exalted, and have patience, and to consider me a martyr in the cause of Allah the All-Exalted. They then should practice patience and consider me a martyr in Allah’s—the All-Exalted—paradise; and the highest levels of paradise is our gathering place, at our Prophet’s (peace and prayers are upon him).
I say to my brethren, the Mujahideen: practice perseverance in that way, and stand firm on it, fight in the way of one who wants to meet death; it has been proved true that the Prophet (peace and prayers are upon him) said, The best among the martyrs are those who if in the line, they don’t turn away their faces until they get killed; those roll in luxury in the topmost levels of Paradise, and Allah smiles at them, and if your Lord smiles to a servant in life, then there is no calling to account for him.
Then, they are to combat the enemies of Allah, and know that victory comes with patience, and that after every affliction there is easiness.
I ask Allah the Great, the Lord of the great Throne, to accept this deed that relates to us and make it pure for His Bountiful Face.
I ask Allah to render this religion victorious, and render victorious those who support the religion.
I ask Allah the All-Exalted, to keep the leaders of the Mujahideen and their Emirs.
I ask Allah to keep safe our Amir Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi and Sheikh Abu-Hamza al-Muhajir. It is Allah Who is the All-Knowledgeable and the All-Wise; and peace and prayers are upon our Prophet, upon his family and all of his Companions.
Allah is the greatest, and the religion of Allah is the victorious.
Your brother in Islam
Abu Umar Al-Hafrawi

The Islamic State Will Remain!




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