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A Letter from the Afghan Lands To Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdasi

20 August 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

All praises are due to Allah for the glory of His manifestation and the greatness of His authority, and may Allah's peace and prayers be upon the one who was sent with mercy to all of the creation and with a sword placed on the necks of the tyrants and oppressors, and may Allah's peace and prayers be upon his family and his companions, and those who follow them in goodness, abundant salaams upon them all:

The Almighty said: ( ا ال " إل % أحدا ) ون ) و ل يخش 1 ه) و يخشون 4 ال 4 رسالت ) غون 9 يبل ) (لاذين

(It is the practice of those) who convey the Message of Allah, and have reverent fear of Him, and fear none but Allah alone. [Al-Ahzab 39]

And He said: (4 بالقسط % قامئا 4 و أولوا العلم 1 و الملئكة ) ا هو R لإ ) ل إله 1 ه" أن1 ال ) (شهد

Allah bears witness that, There is nothing worthy of worship except Him alone, and so do His angels, and those endued with knowledge, He maintains His creation with justice. [Aal-e-Imran 18]

And the Exalted said: (1 العلماء 4 ه4 من ب عاد ) (إنما يخشى ال

Indeed, those who truly fear Allah, among His Servants, are those who have knowledge [Fatir 28]

From the land of dignity and pride, from the factory of men and the resting place of heroes, and the passion in the hearts of the muwahhideen from the east to the west of the world, from the land on which the most violent waves of kufr and most aggressive armies of oppression were broken on the rock of the mujahideen, from the land whose earth embraced the finest among the people of Islam and the carriers of the deen from the muhajireen and ansar, from the land of defiant Afghanistan, to that tall mountain among the honest Ulama and the sincere du'aat, and the shining planet in the sky of those who bear the principles and the da'awaat, to the Shaykh whom Allah utilized in revealing the true and pure creed, for he was among those who removed the distortions of the extremists, and the false claims of the liars and the misinterpretations of the ignorant, and returned back to the illuminated path, in which no crookedness can be seen, illuminated so that it's night is like it's day, with the millat of Ibrahim, demolished the affliction with his clear examinations, had the law of the jungle undone, delighted the eye by refuting the errors of the Murji'ah of the age, and corrected mistakes and lapses with his masterpieces and stances. His words and writings still greatly mold the minds of many of the people of jihad where his words have taken hold in their hearts, so those people would not bow to the tempests of intrigue or perversion. This is to the Shaykh, who speaks the truth, and we consider him thus and do not place him above his Lord, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdasi, may Allah keep him safe from the plots of Taghaat and the cunning of their prejudice take care of him and make him steadfast on this righteousness without rest or weakness or neglect, ameen:

To you, our dear Shaykh and thundering 'Alim, we send a blessed and warm greeting, a greeting of respect and reverence, a greeting that is accompanied by the highest meaning of love and friendship in Allah, and a desire to be in your company and learn from you. And it is the duty of the Ummah of Islam generally, and its vanguard, the people of jihad, in particular, to thank you, our good Shaykh, for your support of the way of tawhid and jihad both in private and in public, and this blessed da'wah burdens you with much weight and exposes you to hardships on the path of the purest of creation, the prophets and messengers, so take the examples of those who preceded you in bearing this great responsibility, and be the first to protect it and speak of it, and harkens back to the times of Islamís glorious Ulama, like Abdullah bin al-Mubarak, Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ibn Taymiyyah, al-Izz bin Abdelsalaam, and many others who were not swayed by what befell them on the path of Allah, and neither relented nor stopped. So receive good tidings, our dear Shaykh, for the fruits of your call have ripened, and soon the clouds of the tawagheet will leave, and the land will shine with the light of its Lord, and we will step on the necks of the Arab and foreign tawagheet with the hooves of our horses, bi'ithin Allah.

For Allahís attack has been launched from here in Afghanistan, and it will not stop until the flags are placed in Bait al-Maqdis by the power and strength of Allah. We bring you good tidings that the kuffar have been thwarted and have only gained death and killing at the hands of the men of Allah and His fortunate soldiers. It is only moments away before the great titan of Islam launches and the Shari'ah of Allah spreads throughout the earth, even if the kafiroon despise this. But, every great birth must have a painful period of labor, and times of hardship and suffering and cleansing of men, and thinning of ranks, so that if the messengers despair and think they were treated as liars, then our support would come, and so righteousness would rise, and evil would fall, and history will record with pride and dignity the names of those who rose up in the days when there few such people who branded evil as infidelity at a time when many people relied on the oppressors, and went against the laws of the tawagheet at a time when most people accepted them and worshipped them. So, we ask Allah to keep you steadfast in this without deviating, straying, retreating, or digressing, amen.

And so we salute you for this, and we know that the people of falsehood have been angered, and they became united and came to destroy you and the blessed call of tawhid. And when they could not block the light of your sun with their rotten sieve, they turned to cursing the sun and its light, and they employed in this matter every lowly character and butted heads in the forums, so as to try to destroy the call of tawhid by discrediting one of its symbols.

It is not possible for them to do this! It is impossible for the sea to be sullied by a lot of dirty people! And it is impossible for the sky to be harmed by the howling of dogs and those who stir up dust! And even if the people turned to brooms so as to bring dust into the sky, the sky remains the sky, and you would remain as we have known and as the people of Islam have known in the east and the west of the world: steadfast, without change, and not retreating, a defiant dam in the face of the people who attack this deen, an invulnerable fort in the path of those who attack the millat of Ibrahim, and an arrow that strikes the chest of the people of deviance and transgression, and a thorn in the throats of the tawagheet, their Ulama, and those who prop up their thrones.

And this is what we think of you, and we have known your way of life, so continue with what you are doing, the Holy Spirit is with you, and Allah's eye watches over you, and the tongues of the mujahideen are always complimenting you and praying for you, and bi'ithin Allah we will meet with the Prophets, the trusted people, the Shuhadaa, and the good people in Janaat and the river, in a trusting position with the Almighty Ruler, wasalaamu alaikum waramatullahi wabarakaatuhu.

Your mujahideen sons in Afghanistan -where Allah established His Shari'a-

Do not forget us in your dua'a.




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