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SOS Presents “Slave To The Streets” Conference In UK: Addressing Gangsters

29 August 2010

Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The month of Ramadhan does not stop the Muslims in London, UK from doing activities. The Supporters of Sunnah (SOS), plans to hold a conference entitled “Slave to the Streets”. This conference that will be held on Friday (27/8) will discuss about the life of gangsterism which is currently growing worryingly in the UK. Gangsters are a threat to society. Surely, the Islamic Shari'a is the exact solution offered to cure the acute illnesses of the society in that kufr country.

SOS ; The Supporters Of Sunnah In The Kufr Country

On their websites, the SOS explained that they are the Jama’ah or circle who follow the leader of the Prophets, the imam of the Mujahideen, Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The SOS is the Jama’ah or circle that stands up to meet the the call of Allah SWT in Al-Qur’an, Surah Ali Imran, verse 104. The objective of the SOS is to establish the religion of Allah SWT in accordance with the manhaj of the Prophet SAW and the Sahabahs.

The SOS also aims to revive the glory of the ummah on the this path by inviting to tawheed and its pillars by developing and educating them about the religion of Allah SWT in full, including Iman, Shar'ia, Da'wah and Jihad, having the Qur’an and Sunnah as its source, in accordance with the understandings of the Sahabahs.

The website of the SOS with the address: http://www.supportersofsunnah.com/ also includes articles on various topics, particularly on tawheed, besides having galleries, videos and articles for the non-muslims. With brown as the dominant color, this website seems interesting, simple and very useful.

It Is Hoped That The Street Slaves Would Become The Slaves of Allah SWT

Assalamu’alaikum. The SOS or “Supporters of Sunnah” presents the much-needed conference in the blessed Ramadhan, i.e. to discuss the handling of the problems of gangsterism which is growing in the UK.

We urge everyone who receives this e-mail to forward it to anyone that they know; indeed Satan has been chained and the doors of heaven have opened, now is the right time for the “Street Slaves” to return to become the “Slaves of Allah SWT”, Insha Allah.

Insha Allah, there would be an iftar (breaking the fast meal) at the end of the event with the HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee). This conference is also open to the ikhwans (men) and akhwats (women) as well as for the non-muslims.

Success to the SOS, may the whole event run smoothly. Insha Allah!




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