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The Tightened Sky: A Cosmic Sign to Glorify God - About The Reality In Allah’s Book?

30 August 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Allah says in one of the great verses in Qur'an: (By the Sky with (its) Tightened weave, truly you are in a doctrine discordant) (Sūrat Al Zāriyāt – verse 7-8) this verse tells us about a characteristic in the sky that its weave is tightened, let us read

Scientists asked a question, what does our universe look like? The reason behind this question is the discovery of many galaxies, so we our not alone in this universe.

The Galaxy is: Any of numerous large-scale aggregates of stars, gas, and dust that constitute the universe, containing an average of 100 billion (1011) solar masses and ranging in diameter from 1,500 to 300,000 light-years. Our Galaxy is the Milky Way. And there is more than 400 billion galaxy in our universe

For many years , scientists believed that these galaxies are distributed randomly, and there is no linking system between all of them, but one year ago a group of scientists from united states, Canada and Germany had launched the greatest computer processing ever happened before with a target to know what does our universe look like . This mission required to designing a huge computer which called the super computer.

The weight of this super computer is more than one hundred thousand kilogram; it needs huge building and it costs a lot of money. This super computer achieve in one second what can be achieved by other computers in ten million years, so that is why scientists called it a supper computer.

In this supper computer Scientists had entered data about: more than ten billion galaxy, the cosmic smoke and also about the dark matterin universe , despite the huge speed of this super computer it remained in processing more than one month, the result of these processing is the following image which looks like spider web:

If we look attentively at this photo, it is easy to realize that galaxies are not distributed randomly but in a long accurate weaves and the length of each weave is about hundreds of million of light years. So, those scientists realized that there is a tightened weave in the sky, therefore they used the term (cosmic web). After that they released an article with title: "How filaments of galaxies are woven into the cosmic web ". In this research scientists used the same koranic word (weave), at this moment I realized that the verse talks about this weave as Allah says: (By the Sky with (its) Tightened weave)

Elzimkhcri, one of old scholar in explaining meaning of Qur'an (Born in 1074 and died in 1143) said in explaining the meaning of (By the Sky with (its) Tightened weave): that the tailor sews the weave in a professional way (wove it). Also Al-Qurtubi (also an old scholar in explaining meaning of Qur'an) said the same explanations concerning the same verse. But Ibn Katheer (another scholar in explaining meaning of Qur'an) said in explaining the verse: (By the Sky with (its) Tightened weave) that sky wove by stars. This explanation is identical with what our recent scientists say that universe wove by stars.

If we look attentively at image of the cosmic web, we can see that galaxies are not distributed randomly but in a long accurate weaves with hundreds of million of light years of length. In this photo each galaxy appears as a luminous point and all of these points are distributed galaxies in universe.

Scientists say that this weave was tightened in an accurate manner; also this weave consists of many layers. Here we can realize our Allah's grandeur in creation the universe as a proof that almighty Allah who perfected all things, Allah says: (The Work of Allah, Who perfected all things, verily He is Well-Acquainted with what you do.) (Sūrat an-Naml- verse 88)

The light year is: (A unit of measurement of astronomical distance a light-year is the distance light travels in one sidereal year. One light-year is equivalent to 9.461 × 1012 km, or 5.879 × 1012 mi.). Our galaxy contains more than one hundred billion star and its diameter is about one hundred thousand light year so the light needs 100000 light years to cross through our galaxy from one edge to the other one. Scientists estimated size of this universe to be thirty billion light year and that only for the seen part of universe

If we look attentively at word (Tightened) we find that it has many meaning such as: accuracy, strong weave, well tight. That means this weave is strongly tightened and in accuracy. As any weave could be tightened or loosen and may be strong or week. Today scientists say that cosmic web is not an ordinary weave but it is such an accurate weave with strong threads.

Here we have to understand that Allah used one word to describe the universe where scientists used many words to reach the same meaning.

Cerebral web cosmic web

I noticed a great similarity between cosmic web of universe and cerebral web in human's brain as if we enlarge the nervous cells in our brain; the resulted image (in the left side) will be close to the cosmic web. This leads us to understand and believe in the oneness of the creator be he blessed and exalted. (Allah is the creator of all things, and he the Wakil (trustee, disposer of affairs, guardian) over all things) (AZ-Zumar- verse 62)

Why did Allah tell us about this reality in his holly book?

Today, scientists are interested in discovering universe and they are motivated by getting knowledge and also because of their curiosity, but in Qur'an every verse has got an aim and target. Allah says:

(By the Sky with (its) Tightened weave * truly you are in a doctrine discordant (about Mohamed and the Qur'an) * turned aside there from (Mohamed and the Qur'an) is he who doesn't believe and lie with them (the Qur'an and Mohamed as a messenger from Allah)) (Surat AD- Dhariyate- verse 7-9).

So that people who don't believe in Allah and claim that this Qur'an is not from Allah, have troubles in their way of thinking, after that Allah says:

(and on earth are signs for those who have faith with certainty * and also in your ourselves. Will you not then see? * and in the sky is your provision and that which you are promised * then by the lord of the sky and the earth, it is the truth just as it is the truth that you can speak) (Surat AD- Dhariyate- verse 20-23)

Here we can understand the target behind telling us about this cosmic reality that is (it is the truth just as it is the truth that you can speak). As Allah speaks to the atheists: O you the skeptical and atheists who don’t believe that Qur'an is sincere and from Allah, as you believe that this tightened weave is real and you do believe that you can speak, therefore you have to believe and to be sure that Qur'an is from Allah. Because there is no human being has the ability to predict with this cosmic web from fourteen century.



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