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Sheikh Ghayyats: Assad's Regime And Israel Conspire To Help Each Other

30 June 2012

By Ahmed Abdullah

JAKARTA - Sheikh Ghayyats Abdul Baqi explained that, for a long time, there has been an evil conspiracy played by the Assad family regime of Syria and the Zionist Israel to secure Israel and destroy the Muslims, thus it not surprising that Bashar Assad is so cruel towards the Muslims.

"In the past, Hafez Assad had banned the Muslims of Syria from fighting against Israel," Sheikh Ghayyats said in a press conference entitled "Syria Calls You", in the Da'wah Islamiyah Council of Indonesia, Kramat Raya, Jakarta (17/6).

Moreover, the father of the current Syrian President or Bashar Assad according to Sheikh Ghayyats, had long been slaughtering the Muslims in Syria.

"Hafez Assad himself had killed Muslims, where the reality is, it was more than the murders committed by Israel against Muslims," he said.

In fact, the sophisticated and modern weaponry owned by Syria have never been used against the power of the Zionist State.

"But on the contrary are used for killing the innocent Muslims of Syria," said Sheikh Ghayyats.

Sheikh Ghayyats continued that, it is these facts that must be uncovered, that there has been a conspiracy between Israel and Assad since long ago to mutually aid and secure the interests of both countries.

"And the fact is that Israel is supporting the rule of Assad," he concluded.

As is known, that in 1982, Hafez Assad had massacred 100,000 Muslims in Syria and the incident is better known as ‘The Hama Incident'


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