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Praying, Wailing And Waiting For Brother Gawat: A Missing Popular Nigerian Muslim

17 July 2012

By Abdulwarees Solanke

Gawat is a brother, a Muslim brother, a Muslim brother in the media. The bond of brotherhood in Islam is strong, stronger than in any relationship: it's the strongest in humanity; it is of divine essence and permanence.

Brother Gawat has a gift, the gift of sibgatullah, which only Allah gives and none can deny. He has charisma, carriage, colour, glamour, panache, ebullience, oratory, dynamism, passion, network, in spite of which he is extremely humble. Such gifted men are rare. My brother, Gawat is. On Thursday July 12th, a colleague just entered my office throwing a bombshell, Brother Gawat is missing, but his car found somewhere in Lagos. I prayed that nothing evil happens to him. As I reached home later in the night, Modupe my wife confronted asking if I got the news that Brother Gawat is missing. I told her someone just shattered my day with the bad news earlier in the day. We wanted to latch on some conspiracy theories as to what could be responsible, but we soon gathered our thoughts that Allah is everywhere, knowledgeable of the hidden, that Brother Gawat will come out from wherever he is held hostage and we will rejoice at his safety and health, because this is the season that we need him, the season of Ramadan.

So, the news of Brother Gawat disappearance or abduction is shocking, paining to the marrow. Where is Brother Gawat, our mouthpiece in the media? We are wailing, waiting to see Brother Gawat today to spread the joy of Ramadan that's fast approaching.

Brother Gawat has a mission; he works for it, he lives the mission and calls to the mission. He does nothing else, but to see the glory of the mission in all homes, the mission of Islam. This is the pain of a co-worker on the path, the path of honor, the path of Islam. Allah has purchased the life of believers for bargain that is most everlasting. Al-Jannat Firdaus. They are pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased them because they are always steadfast.

From the circumstances of his disappearance, this is a terrible trial for all of us, the Muslim ummah. We wait on Allah to lift the veil of darkness shrouding the whereabouts of our brother, as we are still in shock on the circumstances of Brother Gawat's abduction. We want to find and see that our brother is in the best of shapes, that nothing ominous happens to him. We wait for Brother Gawat, For he is a light in Ramadan, bringing happiness to homes in the midnight of Sahur until fajr when the sonorous voice of the muadhin pierces the early morning. This has been his calling.

Ramadan is the period that the best of Brother Gawat comes to the public and the Muslim homes and he was is surely mobilizing his gifts and talents to give every viewer the best of treat of Ramadan, showering all who wakes up in the night for Sahur with all sorts of gifts he mobilized from people of means and goodwill.

With his Ramadan program, he filled Muslim homes with joy and happiness, dishing and dashing out gifts like dust of the earth and foam of the sea to the flimsiest of questions on Islam, gifts he gathered from all who want to gain barakah and thawwab from Allah with the instrumentality of Gawat's programme on NTA in Ramadan.

Brother Gawat gives gifts that turn lives around in seconds, benumbing gifts, gifts that leave you shell shocked, spellbound, speechless and yelling, crying Allaaaaaaahu akbaaar! God is great, God is great, God is……….and you could go berserk or snap into coma.

Brother Gawat's gifts are gifts that can lift you high above in the clouds, over the Red Sea and drop you on the desert sands of Arabia, drag you to the vicinity of the inimitable House of the Lord, the precincts of Al-haramain, to perform Hajj, in Makkah and you return holding keys to your own house as part of the package that Gawat dashes on his programme. Brother Gawat himself is a gift from God.

The kidnap of Brother Gawat, coming at this auspicious moment when muslims prepare for the fasting of Ramadan, should raise serious concern among the Muslim ummah on the neglect of our obligation to Allah and the nation. This is the concern I raised in my earlier piece last week in some national dailies. If we muslims are tenacious to obliterating darkness from the surface of our land with the teachings of Allah and minds are reformed, corruption will be substantially eradicated. The state of insecurity we found ourselves won't be the case.

When we show the sunlight of Islam, or present the mirror of Islam, the fruits of Islam will not be threatened, but be adored, nurtured and preserved. Abdurrazaq Aremu Gawat is one of the finest fruits of Islam. He is a Muslim media practitioner like me, a daiyah of inestimable value who has no scruple genuflecting before even people of his children's age public functions, throwing banters and calling them baba in reverence and adoration.

Brother Gawat cannot hurt a fly and I am sure he cannot engage in haram deals that will warrant a threat to his life. Brother Gawat is an epitome of virtue, a gift of Islam, our mouthpiece in Islam. This coming Ramadan, we pray Brother Abdurrazaq Aremu Gawat is released by his captors from bondage into our embrace so he can continue his mission of making this fasting period happy and filled with basket of goodies for all , making this season of fasting one month of expectations with the great gifts he showers for little efforts, little as asking an adult to read ABC on TV.

We are praying, wailing and waiting for freedom of Brother Gawat who gives what others give him to be given out without holding back, without pocketing some unlike many Nigerians, because Allah is sufficient for him. Brother Gawat gives as one entrust with the trust of spreading joy. Today, we ask, where is Brother Gawat to give gifts generously at Sahuur on NTA this Ramadan . We are waiting and wailing for Brother Gawat, our mouthpiece.

AbdulWarees Solanke, Head, Voice of Nigeria Training Centre, Broadcasting House, Ikoyi Lagos studied Mass Communication at the Univrsity of Lagos and Public Policy at the Universiti Brunei Darusslam, writes via




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