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An Obituary Of Dr. Inayat Lalani: A Great Community Leader Passed Away

14 December 2012

By Saeed Qureshi 

In order to write his obituary, I have been trying to gather some salient features of Dr. Inayat Lalani's life. Last year he sent me his book "Albattani Shield" with his letter and a leaflet printed with his personal details and a brief sketch of his profile. Unfortunately in the hassle of moving to another accommodation I kept those documents at a place that cannot be recovered so soon.

After some time upon my arrival in the United States, my interactions and social associations with Dr. Lalani, have been far and few and rather for brief and on scant occasions. He was on the panel of the immigration services for issuing certificate of health to the immigrants for adjustment of their status. It was there that I found his name. It was some ten years ago. But we couldn't utilize his services because another doctor providing the same service was available nearby.

In response to my articles circulated to the Indo-Pak community and elsewhere, he would occasionally respond either with appreciation or addition to what I had already expressed. Later in Democratic Muslim Caucus meetings I had the privilege to meet this iconic and noble figure and heard his speeches made on those occasions. I found him to be great a humanitarian and an outstanding motivator for the good causes. Throughout his life he indefatigably worked for the uplift, identity and welfare of the community more specifically for the Muslims.

My liking and respect for him soared with the time passage. I met him for a few times at the residence of our dear friend Syed Fayyaz Hassan. Syed Sahib has the unique distinction of being his disciple in socio-political activism and in the coveted mission of creating awareness among the community members about their rights and for whom to vote for.

Dr Lalani was a man of many qualities and distinctions. He was gifted with a mild temperament, was soft spoken and with malice towards none. He was a physician, an author, a humanist, an intellectual and a visionary. For so many he was a great teacher and a role model. He was an embodiment of dedication and imbued with an unflinching spirit and determination to ensure the Muslims immigrants with a status of dignity and distinction.

Dr. Inayat Lalani is credited for founding Muslim Political Advocacy group, American Muslim Caucus and American Muslim Task Force for Elections. He was an esteemed figure among the Indo-Pakistan immigrants and was admirably known among the notable American politicians and distinguished figures both local and of national stature.

He was deeply motivated by the famous Muslim scientist astronomer, astrologer, and mathematician Albattani (858CE-929CE). Dr Lalani's book "Albattani Shield" was written on this illustrious scientist. It is a worth reading book for its highlighting that great scientist's astounding achievements.

Al- Battani is one of the most outstanding scientists for his marvelous accomplishments in diverse disciplines of science. Al-Battani's monumental scientific achievements are "considered instrumental in the development of science and astronomy". One of such attainment was the determination of the solar year as being 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes and 24 seconds that is still accurate after a passage of eleven centuries.

Dr. Lalani's name and his services for the community would remain indelible in the hearts and minds of his peers, compatriots, and all those who know about his magnificent role in lifting the community to lofty and respectable heights.

May God bless the departed soul with peace, mercy and grace? May God sooth the anguish of the bereaved family and give them courage to bear this loss with fortitude. We have to bow before the divine will.



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