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Long-term American Objectives Inside Afghanistan

01 April 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

'No permanent alliance or friendship should be developed accept on the basis of American interests and objectives first', the essence of the proverbial legacy suggested for the American people by George Washington, the founder of America.

And verily, Americans have followed the advice of their founding father from the core of their hearts. The history, tyranny and war-mongering politics of America unmistakably prove that they have never supported a country exclusively on humanitarian basis nor have they extended a helping hand to any nation for its prosperity and development nor have they backed the oppressed one against the oppressor. They are only interested in their own vested goals and objectives to the extent that human rights, freedom, humanity, development and likewise other hollow slogans are put aside by them for the sake of these interests and malicious objectives.

American wants to discipline the world and bring it under her exclusive control to safeguard her interests. For this purpose, they have perverted the world peace and the human blood is shed quite lavishly. To achieve their malicious objectives, some countries of the world are indirectly occupied by America and some are directly occupied and Afghanistan is one of them which is dragged into war for the sake of their vested plans. Thousands of Afghans are sacrificed for the achievement of their goals and the process is incessant.

The Americans had sympathy neither with Afghans nor with Afghanistan while attacking and occupying our beloved homeland. They never thought about developing our country or making it prosperous. They just came here to accomplish their malicious objectives therefore, they want to prolong the occupation. But after suffering heavy losses and casualties in the bloody and costly war which extended more than a decade, they have disguised their occupation.

Sean Kedian, a well-known South African reporter who has frequently visited various war zones of the world, says that Americans have entered Afghanistan for their own interests and as far as their slogans are concerned, there is no reality behind them.

The American interests for which they have occupied Afghanistan are as follows:

One: America wants to have strong presence and control in the strategic parts of the world particularly Afghanistan as, subsequently from here they can have an easy access to the world's vast and rich energy resources which are vital for their future economic sustainability and growth.

Two: America wants to halt the access of other emerging world powers to the energy resources of central Asian countries. As they are anxious about the rapid economic, military and political growth of China in the region therefore they want to closely watch it for taking any appropriate measures in the future for combating the progress of this newly emerging regional and world power.

Three: As Afghanistan is situated between two strategic Islamic countries of Iran and Pakistan having atomic power which is considered a potential threat by America therefore, they want their presence here to watch them from close quarters for pressurizing and halting their progress in the future.

Four: America and Europe need energy resources specially oil therefore they want to have a grip on the gas and oil reservoirs of this rich region and control their prices. Since Europe and America mostly depend on the oil and gas supplies of Asia, hence if the prices are high, it is not economically viable for them in the long run.

Five: The American invasion resulted in the collapse of an Islamic system inside Afghanistan and they want to deprive the Afghan people from this blessing even in the future.

Six: The main American plan is to disintegrate Afghanistan and they have already paved the road for this division. The present puppet coalition regime inside Kabul is a prelude for this purpose. The set up of this regime and its power sharing mechanism based on ethnic and linguistic grounds and the eventual differences can inevitably affect the people and can draw a line of cleavage between them which will become unbridgeable with the passage of time.

Similarly, another menace for the disintegration of our beloved homeland is tactics and plans which are going to result in a civil war in the country. For this purpose, various local militias like Arbaki, Marg etc. are formed and reinforced so that in the future, they could be utilized for this purpose. These are some of the tactics and plans which are envisaged by the ''sympathetic'' and ''well-wisher'' America for the disintegration of our country.

Though in the battlefield, the Americans are badly defeated and a large number of their forces have already been withdrawn, but still forty five thousand American contractors are present here in Afghanistan who work for the realization of vested goals of CIA, Pentagon and various American companies. In addition, the selected and assigned officials of previous as well as newly formed regimes of Kabul also work in the form of Afghan agents for the execution of these malicious American goals. They torture and oppress the people and deprive them from their basic rights. The freedom and independence of our people are at stake as obscenity and secularism is rapidly spreading amongst the masses and all these felonies are committed for the sake of long term American interests.

The illegitimate American occupation has only brought poverty, redundancy and instability in the country as well as the region. Millions of Afghans are without jobs and their number increased by half a million more in the last one year alone.

According to official figures, the number of drug addicted Afghans has reached 1.6 million people and surely the real digits are higher than that which is nearly double the official one whereas thirteen years ago, the number of these addicted people was nearly next to naught.

Hundreds of thousands of devastating bombs used by the brutal Americans in the previous thirteen years of futile war in this country are now resulting in a variety of fatal and incurable diseases which inevitably takes the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Another valuable souvenir of American occupation is the rapidly spreading Aids disease. Prior to American occupation, this fatal disease was completely unknown among the Afghans but now some five thousand people are suffering from this new western endowment.

There are several other factors in which irretrievable losses have been inflicted to our beloved homeland by the brutal American occupation which might take decades for remedy. The only way left for the Afghan people for taking their revenge from the savage American occupiers and shielding their homeland from their malevolent objectives and goals is to fully support and intensify the ongoing Jihadi process against all brutal foreign invaders and their internal stooges!!! 



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