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Islamic Emirate Believes In Intra-afghan Dialogue

01 July 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The world and the Afghan nation are witness to the fact that thirteen years and seven months ago, America and her allies invaded the blessed and sovereign Islamic land of Afghanistan without understanding the history, geographical characteristics and cultural values of the country. They had no sound evidence, proof and logic for this illegitimate attack apart from arrogance, tyranny and imperialistic ambitions.

The entire world knows that the invaders were facing fiasco from the very beginning but initially they thought that their failure might be because of short-comings in the strategy of occupation. To prevent their imminent defeat they speeded up their efforts to change their strategies.

One of the dangerous strategies of invaders was to develop division among brother Afghans, Islamic sects and different communities. Therefore, they sought to engage Afghans in internal disputes and save themselves from the disgrace of defeat. However, that nefarious conspiracy failed by the grace of Allah, the Almighty and due to the sacrifices of the afghan nation by the Afghans adhering to the values of Islamic brotherhood.

It is a matter of pleasure that the spirit of self-reform and mutual dialogue and understanding is developing among the people day by day. Each faction, group and every afghan wants peace. Fortunately, all Afghans believe that peace is a vital and urgent need today and the honor, well-being, and prosperity of all can be found in legitimate peace.

On 2-3 May 2015, the intra-afghan research conference in Doha, arranged by the cooperation of the brother country Qatar and due to the efforts of Pugwash, an International organization was held aimed at creating a mechanism for an intra-afghan dialogue and understanding. The conference which had participants from the representatives of United Nation and the Swedish ambassador to Afghanistan clearly demonstrated the desire of the Afghans for peace and security in the country.

Fortunately, the participants of the conference included prominent Afghans, tribal elders, representatives of Islamic Emirate, Hizb-e-Islami, women and youths from different factions and different parts of the country. Each participant presented his/her opinion in a friendly atmosphere about durable and desirable peace. Discipline and mutual respect dominated the atmosphere of the conference.

The withdrawal of foreign troops, end of occupation, establishment of an Islamic government, creating sound atmosphere for peace, equal opportunities for both opponent sides in peace conferences and elimination of hurdles in the way of peace were subjects emphasized upon by every participants of the conference.

The plan presented by the representatives of Islamic Emirate was warmly welcomed by the participants of the conference. The contents and proposals were considered rationale and essential for establishment of peace. It was agreed that occupation, black list and reward list, non-availability of an official address for the Islamic Emirate, continuing to keep political prisoners behind bars are the main hurdles in the way of peace.

Islamic Emirate, whose main objective is the end of occupation and establishment and implementation of an Islamic system believes in intra-afghan dialogue and support the efforts of others in this regard. Islamic Emirate seeks to find a way out for intra-afghan disputes in the light of Quran and Sunnah and in an atmosphere of fraternity and compassion. We believe that peace is not only a requirement but it is an obligation. Peace is a great reward of Allah, the Almighty. This great reward can only be achieved by turning to Quran and Sunnah and practicing the commandments of Allah, the Almighty and teachings of the holy Prophets (peace be upon him). 



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