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Why Should The Afghans Believe The Invader's Promises Henceforth?

07 October 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidu

In the last days of Dec 2014, the invaders in Afghanistan announced the end of their combat mission in Afghanistan. From Washington to Kabul, the same rhetoric was heard with great hype. Conferences and official ceremonies were held to end the military missions. The abhorring flags of occupation were lowering. Propaganda machine of enemy was in full swing to deceive the Afghan people. Our beloved nation which was monitoring the activities of invaders was in a state of suspicion and uncertainty. On one side, they feared the conspiracies of the wicked enemy and on other hand the announcement contained good news of independence.

From the beginning, military and political analysts were of the opinion that at the time of the defeat of the Americans they want to save face and throw dust into the eyes of their people and the world. As they were unable to directly control Afghanistan, they intend to start a new game, i.e. to dominate the country through their stooges.

During the past eight months (from January 1, 2015 till 31 august 2015), the military activities of invaders, bombardment and fighting in different provinces and areas of the country have shown that enemy is neither honest nor committed to its promises. It has no intentions of leaving our beloved country by its own will but is waiting like previous invaders to confront the might of the swords of the holy Mujahideen.

The great conquest of Musa Qala during successful operations of Mujahideen has also exposed the double-faced policies of invaders and has exposed their futile propaganda regarding the end of war.

Before the conquest of Musa Qala, invaders brazenly announced that they have conducted aerial bombardment in the area to prevent the fall of Musa Qala in coordination with their stooge allies and have martyred many Mujahideen.

Over the past six days, invaders and their stooge allies have started land and aerial offensives. They are blindly bombing homes and children of defenseless innocent civilians. It is surprising that eight months ago, they were harping on ending the war and the war-mongering and unreliable invaders never tired of saying to having ended their combat mission. But today they practically pour fuel on the fire of war?

How can the honorable Afghans and the Islamic Emirate trust the announcement and promises of the invaders anymore?

They were saying: we are rehabilitating Afghanistan but they did not. They were claiming we are restoring peace and security but no trace of it. They were saying we will bring about good governance but they did not. They were saying that we will leave the country at the end of 2014 but they did not. They were saying that combat mission has ended but have presence at the front line even today. 



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