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Afghanistan: Why Is The World Silent Regarding Recent Incidents Of Civilian Casualties?

12 October 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidu

The killing, harassment and sufferings of civilians are not acceptable to any wise man. It ranks at the top of human rights violations and big crimes list. It leads to turmoil and tension in society and is a factor of hatred and resentment. International community, UN and other human rights organizations claim to have been paying serious attention to the issue of civilian casualties and urge parties to adhere to the law of war. This is an internationally accepted fact that protection of defenseless civilians in war is a humane and ethical responsibility of both sides.

But nowadays, trade on bloodshed and harassment of barehanded and defenseless civilians is in full swing, contradicting all norms and values. Combatants, militias, local police and warlords of the surrogate Kabul administration are gaining privileges and rewards dot to killing civilians. According to reports, the stooge defense ministry has announced the beginning of twenty (destructive) military operations in fourteen provinces on 16 September 2015 and has shown joy about the killing, wounding and harassment of numerous Afghans. They have also mentioned 85 flights of air force bombardments.

With the establishment of the surrogate and stooge administration of Ashraf Ghani, the way and method of military operations has been complicated. In fact, the goal of their operations is to take revenge from civilians. They are aware of the fact that people are standing alongside the Islamic Emirate. They are completely supporting Mujahideen and they are sheltering them in their areas. Therefore, they are targeting civilians and not extending any sympathy to them. These are not allegations or propaganda. Just a day earlier some media outlets portrayed the picture of the worse situation of Zarghon Shar area of Mohammad Agha district, Logar province in a short plain sentence:

''the people of Logar have no chance to bury the dead bodies of their loved ones!!''

Last winter, the Kabul administration conducted an operation in the severe cold weather in Sangin district of Helmand province. They destroyed numerous homes of civilians and grieved many civilians, mothers and fathers. They committed such brutal and illegitimate atrocities that international media published articles and analysis on it and even the invaders themselves were shocked.

Twelve days ago, Musa Qala was captured during successful operations of Mujahideen on 26 August. From that day until now, people of Musa Qala are living in tense conditions under blind bombardment and artillery attacks. A day before, a journalist from Helmand said that brutalities in Helmand remind one of the Karbala incident and mentioned his great sorrow about the situation. On 6th September another announcement was made that a new military operation has been launched under the name of Umeed. In this maneuver combatants and air force from Kandahar, Heart and Kabul will participate along with Maiwand 215th corps. So, how much damage will it cause to the civilians, it is difficult to estimate now.

If we look into the last ten day atrocities and brutalities, we can understand and obtain some information regarding grieves, pains and troubles of the civilians. For example fifteen common people killed in Balkh province, hundreds of girls poisoned in series of incidents, three children including their mother killed in a mortar attack on a house in Kunar province, husband and his wife killed in bloodiest operation of local police in Khost province and so on….. These incidents take place in a time while invaders are mere spectators. Afghans are oppressed and the people of world are either not paying attention or silent due to different covert reasons. 


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