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Israel Tries To Reap Cheap PR From Syrian Refugee Tragedy

09 October 2015

By Khalid Amayreh

Israel is striving to reap cheap public relations from the heart-rending crisis surrounding Syrian refugees fleeing death and destruction in their country.

Israeli officials and media have been claiming that the erection by Hungary of a barbed wire fence on part of its borders to prevent refugees from entering that country is a vindication of Israel's policy of building "the separation wall" in the West Bank.

But an evil act doesn't justify the perpetration of another evil act, especially if the target of the evil acts is a totally innocent third party.

Otherwise, the genocidal crimes committed by Joseph Stalin would justify the equally genocidal crimes committed by Adolph Hitler which would in turn justify the heinous crimes carried out by Nazi-like Zionism against the Palestinian people.

Corrupt analogy

Israel, a crime against humanity by any standard of imagination, has always cited events in distant lands to justify or rationalize its own colossal crimes against the Palestinians.

Thus the indiscriminate murder of Palestinians by Israel, we are told, is necessary to prevent the recurrence of the holocaust. Similarly, we are told that Israel's Lebensraum policies (settlement expansion) are vital for the future survival of the Jewish people, as if Jews, who survived for thousands of years without a nation-state of their own, could only survive as murderers, thugs and land thieves.

In any case, any analogy or comparison between Israeli policies against the Palestinian people and the anti-refugee measures on the part of some East European governments is infinitely corrupt.

After all, Israel itself is an illegitimate state based on war, expansion, racism and ethnic cleansing. Jewish-Zionist gangs, supported by European colonialists eager to atone for centuries of anti-Semitism, invaded the peaceable Arab country of Palestine, murdered many of the native people, destroyed their homes, bulldozed their villages and fields before expelling hundreds of thousands across the borders. As such, Israel has no right to claim innocence or pretend to occupy the moral high ground. Israel will thus remain condemned for eternity no matter how many people will sing the praises of the evil entity.

Moreover, Israel didn't build the "annexation wall" in order to prevent refugees from repatriation (90% of Israel belongs to the Palestinians) but rather in order to annex (e.g. steal more land that belongs to another people.)

How can that be compared to the erection by Hungary of a barbed wire fence extending for a few kilometers?? The lie simply goes beyond the pale.

Besides, while Syrian refugees fleeing an actual holocaust by a Hitlerian regime that is effectively supported by the bulk of Western states as well as Israel, are trying to seek refuge in European countries such as Germany and Sweden, the Palestinians are actually seeking repatriation back to their own native country, not seeking immigration to a land that is not their own.

Yes, Zionist Jews do control Palestine and are keeping up this illegal occupation by brutal force. But this is very much like a gang of armed thieves taking over a land or property by force. And just as the "ownership" of the arrogated property taken over by the thieves has no legality or legitimacy, the Israeli usurpation and occupation of Palestine will remain bereft of legitimacy.

Israel is head of the snake

Many people might be prompted to think that Israel is actually innocent of the Syrian quagmire.

But this is not the case. In fact, Israel's adamant objection to the downfall of the genocidal Syrian regime is the secret behind its continued survival.

Israeli leaders reportedly have made it amply clear to the Obama administration that the survival of the Assad regime is an inviolable red line. According to a recent aljazeera documentary, the tacit alliance between Qerdaha and Tel Aviv is not new by any means. In 1967, Hafez al Assad, then Syria's defense minister, reached a secret agreement with Zionist representatives in London whereby Assad would cede the strategic Golan Heights to Israel in return for Israel (and the West) guaranteeing the continuity of the Alawite sect in power in Syria.

This should decipher and explain the enigma of Communiqué 66 which announced the downfall of the Golan Heights 48 hours before these heights were eventually seized by Israel.

Hence, Israel cannot really pretend to be innocent of the ongoing holocaust in Syria.

Syrian refugees scenario: ultimate Zionist dream

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Israel is hoping that the Syrian refugee tragedy would repeat itself with the Palestinians.

But this ghoulish scenario will never happen with the Palestinians, not because the Israelis are more humane than the Assad regime, but rather because the Palestinians have long taken a solemn decision: Either they live in Palestine or die in it.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and political commentator living in Occupied Palestine. 


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