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Afghanistan: What Are The Chances Of Survival For The Coalition Government!?

05 November 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Following the fall of Kunduz the Taliban have turned their attention to another strategic capital, Ghazni, and cut-off the main Kabul-Kandahar highway.

Despite the government claims of fending off the Taliban advance on Ghazni and reopening of the main highway, however the locals dispute this claim and state that the highway remains closed and the residents of city are in s state of deep worry.

The talk about fall of provincial capitals after repeated takeover of districts is swirling as the storm of internal disputes and mistrust has the coalition government head over heels.

Both syndicates of the government view each other with extreme suspicion and distrust and continually heap blame on one another.

The Taliban have taken this opportunity of internal strife between the two partners by escalating attacks throughout the country and are daily wresting control of districts or important strategic areas from the government forces.

Instead of formulating plans and putting into motion preventative measures against these threats, they are exerting efforts on ineffective countermeasures which are only multiplying administrative problems.

In this nightmarish environment the promotion of officials outside of government formations or setting up of powerless investigative commissions are steps which can in no way save the government from the security threats it is facing nor can it patch up the wounds of the war-torn Afghan population.

Experts of Afghan political environment are of the belief that the coalition government has lost all capacity of governing over Afghanistan because a government which is deteriorating from the inside due to internal strife while being under extreme military pressure from outside by opposition forces will naturally lose its chances of survival.

But since this absolutely powerless government drowning in the abyss of corruption was instated with the direct interference of John Kerry therefore the Americans will continue resuscitating it in hopes of accomplishing their interests in Afghanistan.

That is due to the fact that the slight possibility remaining for America to achieve her objectives in Afghanistan can only and only be realized through the existence of such a corrupt and out of control government. 



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