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Latest Chapter Of Savagery By Gelum Jum Militias

25 November 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The founder of Gelum Jum militias and a notorious professional killer, General Dostum, marched towards Jawzjan last week to combat the Mujahidin of Islamic Emirate. Information from the area suggests that the Dostum militias who tried to retake Kham Aab district faced repeated defeats due to heavy Mujahidin resistance.

Tens of Dostum militiamen were killed and wounded during the Kham Aab operations while a large amount of weapons and equipment were taken by the heroic Mujahidin as war booty.

Latest reports from Kham Aab however indicate that after repeated defeats and degrading failures, the Dostum militias have now resorted to treating the locals in a violent savage manner. They have begun stealing jewelry, cash, cars, motorbikes and other valuables from the homes of the locals under the guise of search operations.

The armed gunmen of Kabul under the leadership of Dostum have so far martyred 20 civilians in Kham Aab and wounded many others.

General Dostum, the first deputy of the intellect (Ashraf Ghani) has ordered his militiamen to kill a couple of civilians for sport in hopes of striking fear into the hearts of locals and stopping them from supporting the Mujahidin.

The poor imbecile General has yet to learn a lesson from the past four decades; if the valiant warrior Afghan nation were to ever fear death and destruction in the path of truth then his Russian masters and their stooges would have never faced defeat on this soil and the Marxist-Leninist ideology would not have drowned in this raging storm spawned by the revolution.

He as a perfect embodiment of an ignoramus has also chosen to turn a blind eye to the courage and sacrifices rendered by the Afghan nation for the past decade in the face of the invading crusaders. Yes! the same Afghan nation whose courage and sacrifices are saluted by the Americans, Australians, North Atlantic, Baltic and eastern Europeans as they turn tail in humiliation from the land of Afghanistan.

If Dostum with the blessings of Babrak and Najib failed to subdue the Afghan nation with his extreme savagery in the 80's, how does he hope to pacify this valiant nation presently in the shadow of the intellect's necktie?

Dostum also tried his luck this summer in Faryab and Saripul, resulting in large casualty numbers for his militia and the mafia boss relegated back to Kabul.

The intellect, Dostum and their invading masters will never be able to pacify the blessed struggle of the Afghan nation. No matter the amount of fortune or force spent, their faces shall remain blackened and they shall take the nightmare of subduing the Afghan nation with them to their graves, Allah willing. 



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