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The Intellect's Comical Assertion - The Head Of Kabul's Unity Government, Ashraf Ghani

06 December 2015

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The head of Kabul's Unity Government, Ashraf Ghani, said yesterday during a trip to Kazakhstan that the Taliban are a threat of Southern Asia. The Intellect's regime consistently purports to identify Taliban as a global threat, especially where it thinks that such claims will result in a larger pool of donations from such states.

Previously, in a trip to Tajikistan, the Ghani regime's national security advisor, Hanif Atmar, had made a similarly absurd claim stating that Daesh (ISIS) was spreading throughout northern Afghanistan and the group's establishment there would pose a threat to the entire Central Asia including threatening the borders of China and Russia.

By making such exaggerations the Unity Government hopes to gather further contributions from states so that they can finance their regime's demoralized forces and prevent its imminent collapse. While the Thinker claimed during his trip that he was willing to hand over the government to the Islamic Emirate, in reality he is willing accept any kind of foreign servitude to ensure his political survival. To this end he signed the Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States which is a legal instrument cementing the regime's servitude to foreign interests.

The Kabul regime's such contradictory and childish claims betray the naivety of the foreigner's 'Intellectual' and his partners. He feigns to believe that other statesmen might be so gullible to believe every absurdity he utters while the truth is that no matter how underdeveloped Central Asia might be, it nonetheless has far superior grasp of the diplomatic realities than Ghani and his team. They, for example, realize that Daesh (ISIS) has no presence in northern Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate is a military and political force that has proven to the international and regional states that while is adheres to the principle of non-interference in other's affairs, it is equally ready to defend itself against foreign intervention.

Due to the Intellect's unintelligible policies, Afghanistan is in a perpetual state of instability, economic recession and political and social retardation. Given the Intellect's deference of Afghanistan's national interests to those of the United States, one can only wonder how many more failings this failed government will endure. 



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