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New Audio Message By Ayman az-Zawahiri ~ Hasten To as-Sham

26 June 2016

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

English Translation:

March Forth To Sham!
Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri (May Allah Protect Him)

Jumadi al-ulaa 1437
Equivalent to May 2016

English translation by:
Abu 'Amr al-Ansari
Abu 'Abdu al-Ansari

In the name of Allah. All praise is due to Allah. May prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, and his allies.

To my Muslim brothers everywhere, may peace and the blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you. To proceed.

Sham today is the hope of the Muslim Nation, because it is the only peoples revolution of the revolutions of the 'Arab Spring' that took the right path. The path of dawa and jihad to establish and rule by the Sharia, and striving to establish the Caliphate upon the Prophetic methodology and not the Caliphate of Ibrahim Badri. The Caliphate upon the correct methodology and not the Caliphate of al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf.

As a result of that, the great international criminals united to prevent the Mujahidin in Sham, the land of garrisoning and jihad from establishing their Mujahid state. Thus, the conspiracies, plots, pressures and seductions began. However, Allah, the Glorified willed for a group of mujahidin from the best Mujahirin and Ansar to remain steadfast upon the truth without shaking. Thus, the Muslim Nation gathered around this group in Sham, realizing the difference between its correct ideology and the false ideology of the new extremist, takfiri khawarij. Those who brought the Muslim Nation glad tidings of the inheritance of al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf. Those who shall carry the burden of the Muslim blood they have spilled on the Day of Resurrection.

To my Muslim and Mujahid brothers in Sham, the land of garrisoning and jihad and everywhere, it is our obligation today to defend the jihad in Sham against the conspiracies contrived against it. Those enacted by the state of the al-Saud family and its appendages from the other regional nations, under the command of Britain's stepdaughter, America.

All of these conspiracies aim to wipe Islam from Sham, presenting in its place a false Islam that conforms with the secularists, nationalists and the regime of the great international criminals. Forsaking the blood of hundreds of thousands, those who cried out in according with their fitra (natural predisposition) during their protests, ''Our leader for eternity, our Master Muhammad (PBUH)!''

The greatest problem for the international criminal regime and our apostate governments and their institutions, is that the Mujahidin of Sham are standing on the borders of Palestine, threatening what is known as 'Israel', or the 51st state of the USA, or the largest American military base outside of the USA.

Thus, it is essential for them to strike this jihad, to bury it and to deviate its course to that of secularism and nationalism and entering into the regime of the great international criminals.

Thus, they progress from conspiracy to conspiracy, from one scheme to another. From Geneva to Riyadh, to the truce to the decision of the (UN) Security Council of the great international criminals. A chain of unending deception, lies, defamations and fraud.

It is our obligation today to support the jihad in Sham with all that we are able, and to march forth, light and heavy!

It is our obligation today to incite the Mujahidin in Sham to unite, so that they may free themselves from the secular Alawite regime and its allies from the Safavid Shia, the Russians and the western Crusaders, and so that they can establish a rightly guided, Mujahid, Islamic state.

To my brothers the Mujahidin in Sham, the land of garrisoning and jihad from all over the world. The issue of unity today is a matter of life and death for you. Either you unite to live as Muslims in honor, or you will differ and be disunited and be eaten one by one.

There remains another matter that many have delved into, in an attempt to deviate the eyes of the Muslim Mujahid Nation in Sham away from their real enemy. The issue of the links of the beloved, beneficent, defiant Jabhat al-Nusra whom we are honored to be linked to, and whom we ask Allah to increase in steadfastness and success to al-Qaida.

Thus, I will address the matter clearly and in brief.

We have repeated over and over than the Muslims of Sham and at the heart of them the brave Mujahidin if they formed their Muslim state and chose their Imam, then whoever they decide to choose is their choice.

We, by the grace of Allah, are not striving for authority, rather we are striving for the rule of the Sharia. We do not wish to rule over the Muslims, rather, we want to be ruled as Muslims by Islam.

We have and continue to call for the unification of the Mujahidin in Sham and their uniting to establish a rightly guided, Islamic, Mujahid government. That which spreads justice, spreads shura (consultation), restores people's rights, helps the oppressed and revives jihad, thus opening the lands, and strives to liberate al-Aqsa, and restore the Caliphate upon the Prophetic methodology.

By the will of Allah, the association to an organization (i.e. al-Qaida) will never be an obstacle in the face of those great hopes. Those which the Islamic Nation longs for, that which we are a part of, and we are not a trustee over it, nor have we jumped upon it with a pledge of allegiance to people that no one knows, nor a surprise Caliph.

Furthermore, will the great international criminals be pleased with Jabhat al-Nusra if they sever ties with al-Qaida? Or will they force them to sit at the table with the murderous criminals, then make them submit to concessions of disgrace and appeasement, to submit to the governments of corruption and servitude, then to enter into the dirty game of democracy. Then after all that throw them in jail, like they did with the Islamic Salvation Front in Algeria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Allah, the Magnificent spoke the truth when he said:

''Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with you until you follow their religion. Say, verily Allah's guidance is the only guidance. If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge you would have against Allah no supporter or helper.''
al-Baqara 2.120

Verily, we in al-Qaida do not accept any pledge of allegiance except that which is made willingly, and we do not force anyone to pledge allegiance to us, nor threaten to decapitate them, nor do we excommunicate those who fight against us, like the blather of the modern Khawarij.

To our Muslim Nation in the Heartland of the Believers, and to our noble brothers, the lions of Sham, we are from you. Our efforts are for you and we are a part of you. Even if we are separated by many lands, we are united by our creed and our religion. We are with you, fighting a united battle across many fronts against the great international criminals, the Crusaders and their allies the apostates. Your victory is our victory, your honor is our honor and your consolidation is our consolidation.

Remain steadfast, servants of Allah, against this vicious attack! That in which the eastern and western crusaders have aligned with the secular Alawites and the apostate Shia. Be patient, resilient and remain garrisoned. Do not be silenced by the war machines of the Crusaders, because they have been defeated previously in Afghanistan and in Iraq! Remember the words of the Emir Mullah Muhammad Umar (RA), who put his trust in Allah (as we recon him), when he said, ''Allah promised me victory and Bush promised me defeat, so we will see which of the two promises is truer''. Remember his words when he said, ''The case of Osama (RA) is not the matter of one man, rather it is a matter of the honor of Islam!'' and when he said to his brothers, ''If you surrender Osama, then tomorrow you will surrender me''.

That very trust in Allah and dependence upon him without depending on any others is what destroyed the war machines of the eastern and western Crusaders in Afghanistan. Then they were destroyed in Iraq, and they will be destroyed in Sham, by the will of Allah.

Do not be anxious about the apostate, agent, subservient governments, those who do not wish for you freedom or honor, because the one who does not possess something can never give it. Let your actions be true to your words, when you said, ''Death before disgrace!''

''If you have patience and fear Allah their plot will not harm you at all. Verily , Allah encompasses what they do''.
Aal Imran 3.120

Our final prayer is all praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. May Allah send prayers and peace upon our Master, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. May peace and the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.


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