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Prevention of Civilian Casualties, an Important Objective of the Current Jihad

10 June 2016

By Zabihullah Mujahid

On 25th July, 2016, UNAMA published its six months report on civilian casualties for the current year. As usual, they have attributed a major percentage of civilian casualties to the Islamic Emirate in the report. Unfortunately, portion of civilian casualties caused by troops of the invading countries or the Kabul Administration has constantly and comparatively remained much less and in some cases negligible ever since UNAMA began recording civilian casualties in January 2009. This is why the Islamic Emirate has continued to criticize UNAMA reports.

In fact, the Islamic Emirate has emerged from among the people and live among them. It is the reason that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has been paying close attention to prevention of civilian casualties as per policy while through the Political Office and the Civilian Casualties Prevention Department, has shown willingness to cooperate with UNAMA Human Rights Section regarding civilian casualties prevention. Simultaneously, IEA leadership has given instructions to governors and commanders about prevention of civilian casualties on different occasions, holding seminars from time to time to boost practical awareness of the mujahedeen. Likewise, IEA has added prevention of civilian casualties department to the setup of the Military Commission, with full authority and an exclusive rule of conduct– the article 9 of which says that civilian casualties are in no way acceptable for the Islamic Emirate. Similarly, the leader of the Islamic Emirates has always emphasized on good conduct with the common man and on prevention of civilian casualties. Apart from that, delegations of the Islamic Emirate, during their participation in international conferences ( on Afghanistan) like: Keyoto Conference, Japan, Chantilly Conference, France, Oslo Forum, Norway and other conferences held in Doha, have described prevention of civilian casualties as the main objective of the current Jihad. All these show the firm resolution and policy of the Islamic Emirate regarding prevention of civilian casualties.

However, it is to be mentioned that civilian casualties in Afghanistan is not the result of the use of light weapons but rather have been caused by use of heavy weapons, blind bombardment and drone attacks which are carried out by the invading forces or the forces of the Kabul Administration. In fact, all these weapons are at their disposal per se. Practical examples are Dand Ghuri and Dand Shahabuddin of Baghlan province where houses of the locals were destroyed; children, women and the elderly were martyred and thousands of people displaced as a result.

Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate neither resort to explosion in places of people's congestion as per the rule of conduct given to them and nor do they use mines which can't be remotely controlled. Similarly, those mines which are left from the time of Jihad against the former Soviet Union and occasionally cause civilian casualties should not be attributed to the Islamic Emirate. Moreover, all those explosives and mines which are solely in the possession of governments and cause casualties, do not belong to the Islamic Emirate. Such incidents have their own wicked objectives and the Islamic Emirate declares its non-involvement in them.

The United Nation regards itself as a World Neutral Body. So its reports should be indicators of realities and not a stunt of maligning. As such, it is indispensable for this August Body if it wants to garner the trust of people instead of governments. Of course, if the Human Rights Section of the United Nations have any query regarding the shared goal of prevention of civilian casualties, it can be taken up with the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate, on its part, welcomes every positive proposal put forward for prevention of civilian casualties.

People Should not Fall Prey to Conspiracies of the Invaders

From past few days, ethnical, geographical and religious hatred has upsurged in many parts of the country because of the divergence of views regarding TOTAP electricity line extension; it has no precedence in the political history of the Afghans. From one side, these activities are carried out on the behest of invaders and under the supervision of Surrogate Administration to prevent implementation of national projects and stymie development of the country and on the other hand, they want to tip Afghans against each other as perpetual enemies and deprive them of needs and aspiration by keeping them under the domination of invaders and their surrogates. Hence, they would have no say and authority and will be compel to submit to the demands and will of invaders.

From the beginning, Mujahid Afghan nation were aware of the ill intention of invaders that why they invaded our land and what they want! This was the reason that they started sacred Jihad against them which still continues. But, those unaware who relied upon the futile promises of invaders and their surrogates may realize now that what are the real ambitions of invaders and their surrogate administration and for what motives they are struggling. If they were really honest to the Afghan nation and despite huge potentials that we have they would have build a single big dam in the past fifteen year so that it brought prosperity to the Afghan nation and relied upon its own potentials.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls upon all ethnicities of the country not to fall prey to conspiracies of invaders and their surrogates. They should be on guard and pay close attention to the commandments of their religion. Our sacred religion commands us to keep ourselves away from all kind of geographical, ethnical and linguistic discrimination while it is also the demand of the sound intellect.

Furthermore, instead of trying to have upper hand vis-à-vis other and weaken each other, it will be better to utilize your intellect, might and authority to expel invaders and their surrogates, thus to obtain independence and pave the way for a peaceful and prosperous life.

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