s.style.backgroundColor='FFFFFF'" bgColor="FFFFFF" height="0"> A President 'Made in Lebanon and Abroad' Donald Trump Showers Lavish Praise On Pakistan The Cuban Embargo Destroyed American's Freedom Russia's Options Fighting or Negotiations What Is Absurd About Murder? Third Quarterly Report of (August, September and October 2016) by the 'Independent Organ of the Islamic Emirate for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Enquiry of Grievances' End Of Obama Could Mean End of Trickery On Iran Can President Trump end unrelenting repression in Kashmir? OSU'S Foreign Policy Blowback Trump Files: U.S.-Gulf Relations US Intense Interest In Yemen! ''Come Back to Twitter'': A Jihadi Warning Against Telegram Trump Promises New Start in US Foreign Policy On Palestine, Obama and Trump Are All the Same The Ethiopian Dam Between Egypt and Saudi Arabia An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump Surge of Russian Influence In West Asia At US Expense! Islam is a Secular Religion After Abbas: Who does Israel want to lead Palestinians? The Archivist: Stories of the Mujahideen - Unseen Islamic State Biographies of Outstanding Members Obama, Khamenei, Assad Share Cautious Optimism on Trump Presidency! Bunkers and Meatheads: The Progressives, And The liberals The Bag Of Blind Spots The Problem Is Foreign Interventionism, Not Muslims Will There be a Turkey Iraq War? Justice for Palestine! Fictitious Pretext With Full US Backing Ruling Regarding Women Traveling To The Land of Jihad Trump Wins With Five ''Nos'' The US War Against Castro Comes To An End Aleppo Under Siege: USA Lets Russia Claim Diplomatic Advantage! The Fantasy At The Centre Of Israel's 'Muezzin Bill' What Trump Victory Means To Us? Obama's Middle East Fettering and Collusion Historic Step: UNSC Votes To End To Israeli Settlements In Palestine! Reconstructing the Private Sector Taking The Ritual Of Haj One Step Further Statement Of Islamic Emirate Concerning Genocide Against The Weak Muslims Of Burma Patriotism Is Action And Deeds, Not Hollow Words! Will Trump's First Political Lesson Be Putin? Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro, Former President, Dies Aged 90! Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Is Losing Its Luster What Should Palestinians Expect Can Trump Be Any Worse? Does America Matter? Whether under Tramp or Clinton Yemen- How Should We Deal With the Houthis? The Israelis Cannot Muzzle Social Media Don't Forget FDR's Authoritarianism: Trump's America India: Income Tax Raids On Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Rao's Home And Office, Girija IAS Takes Charge As New CS New Books on the Kingdom: Understanding and Misunderstanding Ex-ambassador: Israel Used My Father To Cover Up Ethnic Cleansing Yemen's Peace Roadmap: Feasible Anti-Intervention And Pro-Freedom Israel Cannot Silence Prayer Calls Reading into Morocco's Successes On Trump's Victory: JVP (also) Declares War On Trump The Struggle For Trump's Mind The Extremist Wing of the Islamic State Egypt's Flirtation With the Syrian Regime Best Candidate ...Obama's Departure Al-Qa'ida Uncoupling: Jabhat al-Nusra's Rebranding as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Trump, Iran, and the Region! Western Governments Terrorize Islamic Women! Aoun, a Bridge for Whom? Islamic Court of Justice Born Dead? Praying for Freedom: Why Is Israel Silencing the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem? Michel Aoun in Iranian Media: from Warlord to Man of Peace Donald Trump May Turn Out To Be A Better President! Aleppo and the Syrian People at the Mercy of Washington's Barber Trump And Allende: ''Temperamentally Unfit'' To Be President - Clinton Killing Arafat: Does Abbas Have Any Evidence? Will The Arabs Ever Learn? Aleppo's Mistakes: In Front Of The Russian-Iranian Pro-Assad Coalition Israel's Muezzin Bill Seeks 'Judaisation Of Jerusalem' Refugee Crisis In Europe: Sources Complicating Refugee Crisis, Turkey's Role Cholera During the War in Yemen A Scorpion In Pakistani Politics The UN Experts Report about Presence of Non-Afghan Mujahideen in Afghanistan: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate Have No Problem With Anyone On Tajikistan Border Moscow, Tehran Ponder Next Moves in Aleppo France's Brave Position: The Iranian Russian war in Syria Trump's Supporters Don't Yet Get It Why Netanyahu Should Fear What The Future Holds The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites: An Imminent Split within Fatah? Iran and the Struggle Caused by Opening Up Trump's Foreign Policy: Four More Years Of Bush-Obama? On Being Aloof and Democratic Iran, U.S, and the False Neutralism! European Union Nations To Remove Hamas, LTTE From Terror List! Clinton or Trump Better or Less Bad? Conscription Why Not? Agents And Militias Turning Region Into A War Zone How and Why Donald Trump Won! Returning to the Struggle Over Iraq Why Was Russian Ambassador Killed In Turkey? The Arab World Will Pay A Heavy Price Iranian Trusteeship with Israel's Blessings The World Will Not Die For Us Afghanistan In The Month Of October 2016: Mujahidin and Modern Technology The Moral Bankruptcy Of The Left Israel 'Arm-twists' Artists To Perform In Settlements Mosul and Aleppo: The War of Two Cities Has al-Maqdisi Softened on the Islamic State? Four Scholars And A Fatwa The Middle East Between Neo-Ottomans and Neo Safavids Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain Which Muslims Are Against Trump? Freedom, Despite A New Democratically Elected Dictator How Do We Deal with Trump? Trump: Don't Follow The Bush-Obama Foreign Polivy Legacy October Boomerang: Top Five Donors To Clinton Campaign Are Jewish Indian Politics, Fake Cricket Bowlers, Indian State Sponsored ISL Football Match Fixing! US Election Day Come Back America Another US Massacre In Afghanistan President Trump And Future Of US Foreign Policy ISIS and Others Have Fallen in Mosul American Elections are Complex and Mud-Throwing Do Lebanon's Christians Know What They Are Doing? Kashmir: Pakistan And India Mutually Expel Diplomats! Iran's Dilemma After Aleppo Jerusalem and Its Walls: UNESCO Refuses to Bow to Israeli Pressure Saudi Arabia And Egypt What If? Iran Fears Being Side-lined by Russia in Syria Antonio Guterres Replaces Ban Ki-moon As UN Chief, Says Peace Is His Top Priority! How JASTA could be Read in Saudi Terms Why Israel Is Blocking Access To Its Archives Oman Between the Gulf and Iran Change The Kafala System! Purchasing Loyalty With Foreign Aid BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again President Trump And Future Of US Foreign Policy Russia Raises Diplomatic Profile With Syrian Intervention! Riyadh and the Gulf are in Danger The US Government's Power To Assassinate The War on UNESCO: Al-Aqsa Mosque is Palestinian and East Jerusalem is Illegally Occupied Iran... We Don't Hate You! How Trump Turned High Politics into Reality Television Lawyers or Hoodlums! Lahore - Pakistani Judicial System The First US Houthi Confrontation Will New US President Be Capable Of Reforming A Petrified America? Syria Yes, the Final Word is For the Field A Syrian Wedding With the Bride and Groom in Geneva Pakistan May Be Drifting Towards Another Martial Law! Iran's Project Becoming a Big Naval Police Force Just Sot Surprised At Congress' Act The Convoluted Discourse: Was The Women's Boat to Gaza an Existential Threat? Justice against whom, America? Battle for White House: Missing Issues From US 2016 Presidential Debates! The ''Family'' Obama Says He Will Miss on Leaving the White House The Philippines And The US Turn To Empire The Meaning of Trump: Far More Interesting, No One Really Cares Mosul: A Long-Awaited Offensive Now Fought by Sectarian Bigots Hillary Clinton would be the Next President of USA Hillary Clinton's Abuse Of Women Trump Has Played a Useful Role The Issue Of Ghanima (Spoils) For The Field Of Shaam Yankee, Go Home! ...From The Philippines Stop Facebook, Social Media Fake News Is Pakistan Preparing Operational Plan For Indian Targets? Saudi diplomatic drive from Beijing to New York What Happens in Damascus Decides Syria's Fate Invading Aleppo, Bidding Farewell for Obama Shimon Peres, An Israeli Brand without Substance Scud Missile Lands in Makkah Province Ramification of Russo-Turkey Realignment for US Policy! JASTA: 3 Scenarios for a Disputed Text Significant Speech Silences Doubters ISIS and Israel: Does ISIS's Rhetoric Match Its Strategic Reality? A Dialogue With An Iranian Diplomat Aleppo the Aim is to Displace 250,000 People Why Obama's Presidency Failed A Glimpse into Jewish Guilt and Aggression Indian Hindutva 'War' On Religious Rights: Muslim Body Rejects BJP Government's UCC! How to Cuddle the Russian Bear Ban Ki-moon's Legacy in Palestine: Failure in Words and Deeds The Horror Of Endless Interventionism Trying to Understand Syria: Attempt to Use Quds Day in Support of Assad Regime Rewarding Iran and Punishing Saudi Arabia JASTA: Misconceived and Stillborn, Can it Survive? Contradictory Views About Republican Trump As US President! United Kurdistan and a Partitioned Middle East Yemen's Initiative Being Tested Appalment and Brutality in Syria Honoring Aylan Kurdi by Ending the War in Syria Fate of Whistle-blower Divides American Media How Much Does Trump Love Putin? Royal Tour On Silk Road: A Tribute to The Saudi Vision 2030 Turkey Re-evaluates its Vital Interests Obesity Is Taking Over America Ceasefire in Yemen, Welcome! Odeh Exposes The Myth Of Peres and Israel's 'Peace Camp' Syria and the US Elections Adnani And The Issue of Retreating Last Premier before Iran's Revolution Passes Away Kashmir: India To Boycott SAARC Summit In Islamabad Be Humble, The Chair You Are Sitting On Is Temporary! Donald Trump is No Match to Hillary's Caliber Was it Assad or the Russians? Bus Driver Union: "Dump Veolia" Statement of Islamic Emirate Regarding 15th Anniversary of American Invasion Iran Rich and Submissive or Poor and Pure? The Week That May Change History Can Jews Ever Leave Their Cult? Syria: Dark And Smoky Tunnel! Post Fragile Truce Pervez Malik's Solution for Kashmir Issue War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (September 2016) Syria Policy in Flux in Washington, Moscow and Tehran Muslims' God is Very Sensitive Khomeinism is Malice Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, Sheikhul Hadith Hibatullah Akhundzada on the Eve of Eid-ul-Adha The American System Reviews Itself Jewish Bigotry on Speed? Just Check Out Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Answering The Doubts Regarding The Khalifa Who Takes Authority By Force US Election the Unloved Known and the Feared Unknown Iran Since The Nuclear Deal With West The Airstrike that Didn't Take Place Shimon Peres Obituary: Peacemaker Or War Criminal? A Response To The Article Titled ''The Hypocrisy of Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi'' The Mullah, the Prince and the Taqiyah Trap The First Presidential Debate Between Donald and Hillary U.N. Refugee Summit ...Numbers Don't Lie Jahar: Short Film Review But Allah Came To Them From Where They Did Not Expect: Glad Tidings To Cool The Hearts Erdogan keeping a 'Five-Months' Distance Why Trump And Clinton Have Gotten On Top US Presidency 2016: If Hillary Wins, Peace Postponed In West Asia, Israel Genocides in Palestine Gaza! US Media Learning to Live with the Trump Nightmare Goyim Must Obey: The British Labour Party Constantly Accused Of Being Anti-Semitic Marring its Image, Holding the Saudi Kingdom Accountable In The Middle East Peace At Last? India and Pakistan On Warpath Once Again! Who Are The Real Enemies Of India And Pakistan? Hajj Amidst the Saudi Iranian Dispute Kashmir: Do USA and China misuse India and Pakistan? Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War? Trump Too Leads a ''Resentment Rainbow'' Truce And Violation In Syria: USA-Russia Clash, UN Helpless, Genocides Likely To Continue! More Terrorist Blowback In New York And New Jersey There is a Solution for Syria in Hangzhou Yawn... Jews Are Furious Once Again Sacrifice and Brutality to the Animals: A Mess Of Very Fundamental Religious Obligation Palestinians Lose In US Military Aid Deal With Israel America and Obama's Resentment Rainbow Colonia Dignidad Iran's Terrorism in the New York Times Jihad Jane: A Special Prison Visit The Cost of the Arab Spring is Half a Trillion Dollars How Stable Are US-Turkey Relations? US Double Speak Turkey Re-evaluates its Vital Interests Advisors on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz and Fatemi are Dummies The Native American, the Palestinian: A Spirited Fight for Justice The Wandering Jew: Characteristics Associated With Jewish Culture And Identity American Muslims Were Relieved Eid al-Adha Didn't Fall On September 11 Hoax! Ignorance, Extremism Fall Under Same Category How Israel Aims To Redefine 'Ethnic Cleansing' Turkish Military Presence in Syria Worries Iran Iran: Former President Ahmadinejad May Stand For Presidency Again! Unjust Condemnation and Verdict By Amnesty International; Military Aid To The Kabul Administration By The Indian Government General Raheel Sharif Ought to Be Given Two Years' Extension Demo Condemns Extra Judicial Killing of Usaamah Rahim US Election? For Arabs It Doesn't Matter Who Wins Republic, Not Empire India's Patriotic Cow! They Wound Muslims To Follow RSS Laws Yemen and the Idea of Fighting ISIS 9/11 Evil Did Not Cancel Pre-9/11 Is Israel On The Brink Of Tearing Itself Asunder? Syria Why Assad Has Become Irrelevant Is Bibi A Lizard? The Zionist Precept Of Which PM Netanyahu Is A Devout Follower Palestine: UN Envoy Report Critical Of Zionist Criminal Regime! Afghanistan In The Month Of August (2016): Admission Of Defeat By The Enemy Pilgrimage: Islamic Faith And The Purpose of Holy Hajj Riyad Hijab ''We Don't Want Another Saleh'' 61,000 Iranians Forced to Pay for Their Regime's Wrongdoing Detroit, Michigan: The Shocking Case of Lacino Hamilton Lieberman's War on Everything Palestinian and Why He Will Fail What Is Right With Lebanon? Quit Kashmir Movement In Kashmir Is It A Mere Gimmick And A Bit Late Call? An Exceptional And Indispensable Nation Iran and Russia: Old Enemies, New Allies Reply To One Who Wants To Go To Jihad But Is Unsure About ISIS Differences between AQ (Al-Qaida) and ISIS US Nuclear Weapons In Turkey? Didn't JFK Order Their Removal? Will Israel Be Put On Trial For War Crimes? What Is Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Up-to? Turkey's Battle in Syria War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (August 2016) America's Communist Program Why Can Hillary Clinton Not Be US President? Iran Needs to Bury Khomeini's Ghost Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Joulani: The Russian Intervention the Last Arrow Utopia, Nostalgia and the Jew Large Protest Against Police Brutality Ignored by the Media Response To The Latest Speech Of The Gangster (Adnani) The Latest Outburst of Altaf Hussain And Its Fallout Carrot And Stick Carve-Up Will Not Work For Israel Kashmir: Need To Heal The Wounds Of Largest Militarized Zone In The World! Ten Advices To The Revolutionaries Of Egypt: The Culture of Martyrdom Obama's Condor Iran: Russia's New Aircraft Carrier in the Mideast Second Quarterly Report by Department for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties Jabhat An-Nusra Rebrands As Jabhat Fath As-Sham: 'To Safeguard The Jihad In As-Sham, Righteously And Strong' Statement By the Amir of Al-Qa'ida to the Leader of the Faithful: "On the Promise We Continue" Realities A Year Later: The Late Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah Have Mercy On Him) Jabhat Fath as-Sham ~ Founding Declaration: FathAlSham Formerly An-Nusra The 'Satan' And Ayatollahs: A Year Later The Diplomatic Deception of the Century SyaikhAbdullahAl-Muhaysini: Before The Ship Sinks! Jabhat al-Nusra: Breaking ties with al-Qaeda? Global Rivalries are Destroying Humanity: Symbolic Memorials Fail to Imagine the Reality of Wars Thoughts On The Ideology Of The Global Jihad Movement Embodied By Al-Qaeda 4 Defeating Assad Brings about Hezbollah's Downfall Jabhat Fath as-Sham ~ Last Video Message of Abū Muhammad al-Jūlānī as Leader Of Jabhat an-Nusra Who Is Killing Civilians In Afghanistan? Independence, a Natural Right of the Afghan Mujahid Nation Divide and Rule: How Factionalism in Palestine is Killing Prospects for Freedom The Dark Secret Of Israel's Stolen Babies Turkey-Russia Relations: US refusal to Support Turkish Stand in Syrian War Mideast: Israel With US Backing Prolongs Conflict With Palestine As State Policy! Jabhat an-Nusra (Now Jabhat Fath as-Sham) ~ Audio Message by Shaykh Ahmad Hassan Abu al-Khayr The Agenda Behind The Hostile Attack On Dr. Zakir Naik Erdogan keeping a 'Five-Months' Distance Heil Lieberman! More Than Just ''Controversial'' Witch-hunt or Justified Backlash from Erdogan! When Militia Turns into Army Yet Another Failed Strategy of a Failed Military The Human Body as a Weapon of War: A Discourse Leaving Most Muslims Indifferent Or Annoyed MUSLIM VISION OF SECULAR INDIA: Destination and Roadmap Aleppo and Mosul A Tale of Two Cities Internal Dissent in Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed? Jabhat Fath as-Sham (Formerly Jabhat an-Nusra) ~ Their Perfect Timing For An Unpredicted Decision War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Stooge Forces (July 2016) Erdogan in the Kremlin: Turkey's Rapprochement With Russia And Iran Saudi Vision 2030 Requires Comprehensive Implementation Israeli Racism Unmasks Netanyahu Goodwill Video Iran's Executions And World Complacency! Killing Sunni Muslims For Resisting The Regime Americans Facing a Hobson's Choice