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The Ikhwaan al Muslimeen ~ Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi said in his letter "Al Insaaf Hullathul Ashraaf" (Fairness is the garment of the respectable) he said, may Allah protect him:

"Is the saying of the one who said after the disaster faced by the Ikhwaan in Egypt that "The Ikhwaan are more evil than the secularists and Murtadeen" just and fair? And is the one who makes these types of unchecked statements upon their normal members if he doesn't fear Allah and correct himself by proper statement, capable of being fair with the people and judging between them with justice if they took over authority while the people have amongst them the general public, the disobedient ones, those with mistakes and those who differ, and the rebellious ones and others who are more evil than the Ikhwan? Indeed whoever sees what the secularists of Egypt have done to the Muslim Brotherhood -towards their men and women, their old and young and sees their enmity towards Islam even against its name, and their war on the Shariah, even on its symbols, will surely know that these kinds of unchecked statements and fiery declarations, are unjust statements and the one who issued them has not shown concern for the sanctities of these Muslims nor for their rights nor has he taken to consideration their afflicted ones and their tribulations that they are undergoing. And he has put on the same level the one who is at war with the religion of Allah and who does not honour either kinship or covenant with regard to a believer and between an obedient or a disobedient Muslim.

And this is neither justice nor the scales by which the heavens and the earth had been established. And let the entire world know that we do not make Takfeer on the Muslim Brotherhood, rather we see them as Muslims even if they differ with us in many issues, some of them being in Manhaaj (methodology) and others in Usool (fundamentals). And their followers and helpers and supporters are in thousands being on different levels. Amongst them are people of knowledge and also ignorant ones, and amongst them are the obedient (Muslims) and also rebellious ones, and amongst them there are the students of knowledge and there are those from the general Muslims. And from amongst them are those who have fallen into some of the nullifiers of Islam by ruling by other than what Allah sent down and participating in legislation, or swearing to respect the Kufr constitutions, or praising the man made laws and their judges and their courts. And from amongst them there are those who have committed none of these. And everyone is treated based on what he deserves.

And it is not allowed to exceed the boundaries of Allah when dealing with them by treating all of them in the way we treat the one who we see falling into some of the nullifiers (of Islam) as it would harm the innocent from amongst them by the offence of the perpetrator. And this is not justice in any way whatsoever, especially as they are not a fighting group nor withholding by using force, but they are a group that is being fought against for their Islam and their religion. And it is not allowed and this situation is like that to disobey Allah with regards to them even if they disobey Him while dealing with us. And we do not slander them even if some of them slander us and oppress us and describe us as terrorists and Takfeeris. We do not oppress them even if they oppress us, but we obey Allah in regards to them even if they disobey Him in regards to us. We deal with them in a way which is just and fair even if some of them oppress us and do not fear Allah in regards to us. This is how the mode of our movement should be and this should be the way of its sons and the manner of its leaders, Shaykhs and qualified people. And they, more than anyone else should be just to the people even while the people oppress them. And they are more deserving than others to be fair towards the people even if the people slander them. This is because the one who tastes oppression should be from the strongest of people in hating it and in fleeing from adopting it.

And whoever has tasted the bitterness of being slandered by his unjust adversaries and by the lying Kaafir regimes needs to be the furthest of people from the attribute of lying and slandering. And they should be the ones most hating these habits and the ones most eager for justice and fairness. This is how our religion is. And these are our character. We treat the people based on this and we do not treat them by following their mannerism.

And it is neither chivalry nor manhood to rejoice at the misfortune of those Muslims who oppose us, during their calamities and the overpowering of the enemies of Allah over them and them violating their sanctities. And the one who has shown enmity to them because of their Islam which they describe as moderate, he is more severe in his enmity towards us and our Islam which he describes as extremist and strict and terrorist. And whoever from amongst the followers of this movement has fallen under the hands and the tongues of the enemies of Allah, will grasp what I am saying and know it very well. And indeed from the strongest bonds of Iman which we have studied and which we continue to teach and call to it is for the Muslims to support each based on the support he deserves, and based on his closeness to the religion and obedience, and that we differentiate between the Muslims and the criminals and that we distinguish between the people of Islam and the enemies of Islam. And even the disobedient and the corrupt ones amongst those affiliated to Islam are not treated unjustly by us nor do we cross the limits set by Allah in regards to them. And even the rebellious one from this religion has the right of support and assistance".



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