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In Eulogy For Shaykh Abu Baseer al Wuhayshi By Shaykh Jawlan

Al Manaara thul Baydhaa

Speech of Shaykh al Faathih, Abu Muhammad al Jawlani (May allah protect him).

In eulogy for Shaykh Abu Baseer al Wuhayshi, may Allah accept him.

All praise be to Allah and the prayers and peace upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family and companions and whoever follows him.

To proceed:

From Sham of Jihad and Ribaat to Yemen of wisdom and faith.

We have received news which made our hearts tremble upon hearing it and filled them with grief, and tears filled our eyes. It was the news of the martyrdom of the Shaykh, the Mujahid, Abu Baseer Naasir al Wuhayshi, may Allah accept him.

Abu Baseer; you were mighty with your sword, true to your promise, merciful towards the Muslims, compassionate with them, having noble manners and praiseworthy character. You fought for the sake of Allah, and you distinguished yourself in battle and you excelled. You have rendered your trust and you were true to it. You possessed many good qualities obstinacy and chivalry, honour and defiance, sacrifice and heroism, and all of that for the glory of the Ummah of Islam. For indeed he who seeks lofty matters, offering his life in its path is easy for him. And if it were not for this sacrifice and generosity, then all of the people would be heroes. So it is for the likes of you that are yearned and it is for the likes of you that are lamented.

Men who do not see war except as a path towards nobility and glory,

Indeed a single one from them is like a great army ready for the battle.

Abu Basir, if you have left us and have departed, then you are present in our midst. Since he has not died who has left behind him men from the righteous who will complete the path and render the trusts by the permission of Allah, and especially if they are those who are the hardest of people in their build and firmest of them in the face of adversity like Sheikh Abu Huraira and his companions and his soldiers and those who are with him, as we see them and Allah is their reckoner.

So proceed oh Abu Hurairah, proceed in the path of the one who has no intention to return except by living victorious or dying forgiven. For there are behind you from the army of Yemen, dauntless men, and invincible heroes who see death as a booty and life as a burden. And every one of them would himself meet a huge army.

The war has not yet laid down its burden and certainly a lot of work awaits you in Yemen and outside Yemen. So work actively over your matter and do not trust your enemy and take precaution; for the leader is not except under caution. And may Allah assist us and you in obedience to Him.
Oh soldiers of Yemen! Remain patient! That is salvation from distress, pleasing to the Lord and defeat for the enemy.
Do not be in despair over the killing of the leaders of the Mujahideen, for they did not fear to meet death for the sake of Allah. Rather they waged Jihad in the way that is upright in the path of Allah, for we are the people who do not die except under the shade of swords, and in obedience to Allah and by giving victory to Islam.

"And many a Prophet fought (in Allah's Cause) and along with him (fought) large bands of religious learned men. But they never lost heart for that which did befall them in Allah's Way, nor did they weaken nor degrade themselves. And Allah loves those who are patient".

So fight oh soldiers of Yemen against the enemies of Allah. Fight them in the way of the one who gives victory to the religion of Allah and have trust in Allah and His power. And offer your blood and your souls in pursuit of the hereafter.

And oh people of Yemen, oh people of wisdom and faith, oh the supporters of Islam! Indeed the sacrifice which your sons, the Mujahideen are presenting is for no reason but to support you and for your dignity, and to bring back your honour and glory, and spread the justice of Islam among you, especially while the supporters of Iran have invaded your homes. So seek power after Allah from the Mujahideen, for they are like their righteous predecessors, patient in war, truthful in the encounter and the best of those who defend your sanctuary and preserve your lands. So be of assistance for them and their supporter, and be devoted to them and protect them, you will protect yourselves through them.

Indeed the hearts of the people of Shaam are beating with you and supporting you and are concerned about you despite what they are facing in their own afflictions and calamities. And it is the decree of Allah that the destiny of the people of Sham and Yemen become one and the same. For such is the blessing that Allah has made special for the people of Shaam and Yemen. "Go to Syria, for it is the best of Allah's land, to which His best servants will be gathered, but if you are unwilling, go to your Yemen."

So do lose not heart nor fall into despair, and have patience and endure and be firm and rejoice because surely our dead are in paradise and their dead are in the hell fire and victory is an hour of patience. And they are merely only days until Islam returns to it glory anew.
Oh Allah have mercy on Shaykh Abu Baseer and raise his ranks amongst those who are guided. And succeed in his place amongst those who have preceded and all of those who have fulfilled their vow and those who are waiting for their chance. And prayers of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions. And all praise is for Allah the Lord of all that exists.

May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.



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