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19 November 2009

By Omar Abdurahman Baadiyow

Salaam means peace and peace is prosperity. Repeat after me, salaam is peace and peace is love. Salaam is peace and peace is justice. Salaam is peace and peace is confidence. Salaam is peace and peace is sweet. Can you taste peace? Can you feel it? I think some of us can. But, let’s remember those that don't have peace, those who lost their lives due to injustice, those that left their homes due to occupation, and those who lost their opportunity to get education. Remember those young victims whom their minds were corrupted by vilified claimants of Islamic knowledge. Let’s remember those who have had their arms and legs amputated due to wrong application of Islam. Remember the continuous suffering of our people wherever you are.

Without salaam, life would have no meaning, no value. I have a strange feeling that the people of Somalia have a deep desire for peace, but wait a minute, do not rush for such simple conclusions. Let us question ourselves, do we really want peace? If you want peace, throw your hands in the you really care! Who wants peace and who doesn't? Who is serious and who isn’t? I know, I absolutely want peace, but there's something stirring in my heart. Its telling me I want peace, but….

1. When the government was created for us and we have no say on it! When the created regime is a puppet for Ethiopia and America, isn’t it an obligation upon us to wage jihad against the infidel government? Is it not our Islamic obligation to fight and destroy such regime! Is it not our duty to fight against whoever is against jihad being waged against the puppet regime! Wallahi Billahi Tallahi, Ethiopia and the apostate regime will not get anything from us, but bullets and bombs. Allahu Akbar...jihad fiisabililah! Peace will not come until we destroy this regime! Let us continue fighting!

2. Alas! Somalia became a safe haven for all sorts of terrorists. Global Jihadists are coming from the mountains of Afghanistan and around the world only to fight in Somalia. Really, we have a serious problem to deal with. These men don't want and care about peace! Their objective is to wage continuous war against the world as a short-cut to paradise and easy access to 72 virgins of “hurul Al-ayn” by all means necessary even if that means blowing up others along the way! These young men may not be aware that they are fighting the proxy war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Indeed, the war will continue until these terrorists are washed away from Somalia. The world must help Somalia in helping itself! Long live Somalia!

3. What’s in it for me? What are the benefits in having peace? I want power and wealth, so will I get it through peace? If there isn't any gain, what’s the point? Will I be the President or occupy a high position? Will I get an easy access to money? Instead of some other clan other than mine ruling Somalia, I would rather have no government at all. Let the dice continue rolling.

4. Having peace would mean that I could be held accountable for the crime I committed for the last two decades or even before? The people I killed, the properties I looted and stole? The illegal land I occupy? Having a government means I will be liable for my past mistakes. I don't think, I can afford that right now, and so long as I'm alive I must save my neck before the jury gives the verdict. Hence, I don't think peace is an option for me. Let the game continue!

5. If there is peace and a government, wouldn't this interfere with my livelihood? If there is peace that would mean there would be administration and regulations that I must follow, which will spoil my business. I would be taxed and my goods will be inspected for quality control. I will not be able to trade with the expired food and medicine! Having peace could jeopardize my income and business opportunities. I'm not opposing peace, but I haven't reached my goal in piling up my money and resources yet, so can we postpone peace just a little more? so can we postpone peace just a little more?

6. I haven't had my green card yet. I’m still in the process of getting legal documents here! Do you want me to be sent back to Somalia? I don't want to go back to Somalia until I get my passport! You have no idea what I have been through to come to this country and seek asylum. You have no clue how much I had to risk to get heard. Do you know how many people I left behind who are depending on me for their livelihood? I want peace, but it might cause me to return back home without any citizenship. Until I get my legal papers,can we delay peace till then?

7. Peace would mean that the UN would move from Nairobi to Somalia. I don't think I can personally go to Somalia with all the violence and instability. I can’t live in Somalia. Unemployment isn't either good for me. Wait, this can also mean that my job is at risk because this position actually belongs to the Somali professionals who do not have a voice now. I'm gonna take my time in my job. I'm not against peace, but I will slow down peace in Somalia since my livelihood depends on it.I will do my best to prolong this position of mine. I have a family to feed and a career to advance.

8. Peace means an actual Somali state coming into being and working. What about our strategic goals of dismantling Somalia? Somalis are still alive and fighting us? There are still people who speak about Islam? We did not forget yet about Ahmed Gurey, Sayid Mohamed! If such people come into power, we are in deeep trouble!Let the war continue until the Somalis dare not look into our eyes! And the American are on our side ha ha ha...

9. Peace in Somalia! Islamic sharia will rule Somalia? This is indeed, a bad precedent in Arab/Muslim world. What about the fate of our secular regimes? Wait, a minute, what about if the oil is exploited in Somalia, would it not effect our production?Let us just pretend that we care about them! But contained extremism should continue and let the fighting go on!!

SO DO WE REALLY WANT PEACE? Do you want to live in peace? Say it loud and clear, I WANT PEACE. Say it louder and louder “I WANT PEACE.” Say no to violence. Maya dagaalka! Maya dagaalka!

And when the night settled and everything was said and done, peace cried out

“Where are my true supporters in Somalia?”

Omar Abdurahman is a former President of the Muslim Student Association and a senior student at Concordia University studying Civil Engineering. He can be contacted at


1. In case you are not able to grasp the meaning of these different groups in Somalia, here is the key to the puzzle. The first group is the armed Islamic oppositions. 2. the government position. 3. utilitarians. 4. warlords and criminals. 5. some members of the business community. 6. New refugees who are still in due process. 7. Employees of the UN agencies. 8. Ethiopia. 9. Arab regimes.

2. This article is based mainly on the published article in Somali language titled “ Nabad Ma Rabtaa... Nabad fadaase” by my father Abdurahman Baadiyow. You can refer to the original article at:



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