“The Mask Fell”: A statement about King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

9 November 2009

By Shaykh Ibrahim al-Rubaysh

An English translation By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Praise be to God, Lord of all creation. Peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his household, and his companions all together.

“On 4 Shawwal (corresponding to 23 September 2009), Abdallah Bin-Abd-al-Aziz celebrated his long-awaited dream, which has been realized. He called it the King Abdallah University of Science and Technology. This university came out with a new uniform that was tailored by the secularists, as poet Hafiz Ibrahim said:

"It came out with a cloth of 70 different-colored patches"

“We just did not imagine that they would be that daring until I read the words of the university`s vice president when he was describing the freedom and free gender-mixing in the university. He said that it is similar to the American cities, as if this is the goal of establishing this university. I do not need in the first place to point out the rulings of gender-mixing since it is so clear in our religion, to the extent that the one who pays attention to the Shari`ah evidence will find that the Shari`ah prevented mixing even in the mosques. It imposes restrictions on the relations between men and women. Yet, the prejudiced persons deceived the ignorant people that the prohibition of gender-mixing is not mentioned in the Shari`ah texts, although they know that there are many Shari`ah texts which came to approve that meaning, even if it was not in letter.

“I was so sad for those who let their women in this jungle. They forgot the order of God and failed to preserve the trust that has been entrusted to them by God. If they forgot the order of God, where is the jealousy in the men`s heart? Where are magnanimity and zeal? How would a man, brother, or husband accept admission to this university for his daughter, sister, or wife? It is a university that contradicted the Shari`ah, custom, and even the system that the government claims it implements.

“The nations of infidelity have discovered that gender-mixing is backwardness and corruption. Thus, many of them have become convinced of the importance of separation between the two sexes, so much so that one of them acknowledged, while speaking about the indiscrimination between the two sexes, that this was the ethical, social, and civilian collapse in the United States. However, the stupid persons in our countries who are fond of the West in all its forms and shapes want us to go back to the point from which the losers started.

“The observers of what happens know that methods of corruption are available to the one who wants them even if he is in the holy mosque of God. Nevertheless, there is a difference between a corruption that is prevented by the regime and a corruption which the regime endorses. In spite of the fact that the Shari`ah of God is superior, God prevents by the ruler what he does not prevent by the Koran.

“This issue is a great catastrophe and severe calamity, however, `it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Nisa, 4:19). The secularists, by opening this university, have achieved a great victory, but we hope that this victory will be just like the United States` victory in Iraq, which was followed by its killing, defeat, and economic collapse. We also hope that this university would be a reason of the definite exposing and the major defeat of the secularists, and that society would split them like the meat of a dead animal.

“This university has revealed the goals of the government and its intentions. It has been clear that in its policy strategy it opts for secularism, but today it becomes clearer, so that only the ignorant people can not see it. Thus, the mask falls and the veils are lifted. They took off the gown of hypocrisy to reveal publicly their intention to transform and alienate the people. This university, apart from being a co-gender educational institution, which will result in corrupting the society, will also eliminate whatever is left of faith in the creed of al-wala wa al-bara (loyalty and disavowal.) It attracted people of different faiths and beliefs from all corners of the world. Its students belong to 50 different nationalities. The king (Abdallah) called for seeking help from the bright minds from everywhere without discrimination. It is needless to say that in other universities, there are people from different nationalities and faiths, however, in this university; they wanted to highlight that there is no discrimination on the basis of faith. What would be the impression on a girl who studies side by side with a Christian or a Jew and is supervised by an atheist or a polytheist? I wonder, what type of generation this girl will raise when she becomes a mother?

“Sending students abroad for education has already resulted in bad effects, so imagine how it will be if we bring infidels to study and teach in our lands and mingle with our society. No doubt the effects will be worse. God`s messenger, prayers and peace be upon him, commanded us to expel the infidels from the Arab Peninsula. But here we are, where universities are established to receive students and teachers from different faiths in the Arab Peninsula; in Hijaz in particular. This government wants to randomly follow in the footsteps of the West without distinguishing between what is good and what is bad. They can easily ban the gender mixing, but when they saw that the gender mixing is prevailing in the West, that it is as a sign of civilization, and that banning it is a sign of backwardness, they established this university.

“The way they dealt with the book Hirasat al-Fadilah by Shaykh Bakr Abu-Zayd, may God grant him mercy, is a clear proof of this. As it was weird for them that a scholar who is a member of the Council of Senior Ulema and a member of the permanent committee to publish a book entitled Hirasat al-Fadilah, they banned the book, which was lifted after deleting the parts that talk about the demonstrations that call for allowing women to drive cars. Is not that an indication that the state fights virtues?

“Those who observe how they dealt with the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice and how they stripped its members of their jurisdictions are well aware of their keen interest in transforming the society and alienating it. They will not rest until they force the chaste women to go out in the same way the women of Banu al-Asfar (Westerners) go out. We pray to God to prevent them from doing what they want to do.

“The door was wide open for the newspapers writers to carry out a fierce attack against the Commission, but none of them dares to attack an official in the way he attacks the Commission.

“Then, after all that, and as the usual practice of Saudi hypocrisy, Nayif Bin-Abd-al-Aziz gave a statement in which he announced that the commission was a government organ just like other organs. But what happens is that the commission is stripped of more jurisdictions, and the attacks against it are getting more frequent without any punishment for any writer. Now, no element of the commission can prevent a vice or even follow a suspect if the suspect is in his private car. He also can not carry out his duty outside his jurisdiction area. If it happens that he arrests a criminal, his role is confined to making the arrest and handing over the criminal to the police, who most often will not file a case.

“Some people attempt to find excuses for their king, saying that he is not aware that there is gender mixing and that it is implemented on the behest of some officials. Those poor ones do not know that they are defaming him without knowing. If he is aware of the mixing of genders but without knowing the religious ruling on this mixing, then he is so ignorant that he is not fit to take care of the affairs of Muslims. If he is not aware of it in the first place, then this would be a great calamity, for if he is not aware of what is going on inside a small university, then he must be not aware of what is going on inside his state. So, how could a man of these characteristics be granted power to rule the heart of Muhammad`s peninsula?

“Even if they find the influence of secularists as an excuse for him, and if they put the blame on his associates to whom he gave power and influence and whom he would not have consulted if his inclinations were in agreement with their inclinations, even with all these excuses.

“He is the first to blame before anyone else. If he lacks the ability to differentiate between righteousness and falsehood and between what is useful and what is harmful, how can he be entrusted with the leadership of millions of people? I stress that his sin is great, but his greater sin was when he called for the rapprochement of religions, claiming that he would combine the Muslims, Jews, and Christians in one religion.

“Establishing this university has shown the position of scholars in this state and that the government pays them huge amounts of money to issue whatever fatwa the government wants. If their fatwas meet the government desires, it will take them into effect, but if not, the government will care neither for them nor for what they say. Even worse, it may muzzle their mouths and unleash journalist pens against them. The nearest example for this is what happened these days. A member of the Commission of the Senior Ulema has come out to praise his ruler, supplicate for him, and praise this university, asking God to add that university to the scale of his good deeds. Then, he bashfully disapproves the mingling of the genders. He finds no one to listen to him, and journalists start to write prejudicially against him, describing him as if he is seeking sedition. Then, the ruler deposes him, because he did not do as he liked.

“The story of Salih al-Luhaydan, former member of the Supreme Judiciary Council, causes more wonder. He spent a long period in his (Kind Abdallah) service, during which he supervised the jailing, torture and killing of many mujahidin and other people. When he talked about some channels and called for suing some of them, he had to face fiercer attacks. They did not even try to defend him. Furthermore, media outlets reported the king`s turning away when al-Luhaydan went to greet and embrace him as a sign of rejection. They rewarded him by deposing him from the chair of the Supreme Judiciary Council, appointing Salih Bin-Humayd, hoping that he would be more submissive to what they wanted. This action tells us clearly that the policy of Westernization and deformation of the society is as important for those rulers as the stabilization of their monarchy is. This state`s policy with the scholars is that it lives upon them and stabilizes its domination through them, but if they disagree with it, they become worthless to it. With those scholars, it gave legitimacy to half a million US soldiers during the Gulf crisis. With the help of those scholars, they denounced the memorandum of advisers warning the government against actions of vice and infidelity. That memorandum was written in a style of absolute respect and appreciation, but signatories of that memorandum were rewarded with deposing, prevention from activity, and imprisonment. When some of the ulema and preachers were taken to prison in 1415 Hegira (corresponding to 1994-1995), the traitor Fahd Bin-Abd-al-Aziz said: `We sent them to prison according to a fatwa by the Commission of the Senior Ulema, and none of them gave an answer.` With the help of those scholars, they killed the mujahidin, such as what happened in the Al-Ulayya incident against the US soldiers. Houses were destroyed and families were terrified based upon fatwas from those scholars, who issued fatwas to the investigation police saying that they were in jihad, although they knew very well that the investigation was purely an injustice for the people and a war against jihad. After all such consents by the scholars for the government`s likings, when they disapproved of the extension of the Al-Mas`a (part of the Holy Mosque in Mecca), the government did not care about them, but went ahead in its plans. At that time, the Mufti did not dare say his opinion. If the people of knowledge (ulema) maintained it, it would have maintained them. If they glorified it in their souls, it would have gained glorification. They offended it, and in return they were offended and stained their faces with greed until it frowned at them.

“The strange thing about these scholars, who denied everything to the mujahidin and took part in attacking them, is that they overlooked what the king did and had given fatwas saying that the rapprochement of religion is apostasy and is a call to combine infidelity and faith. When their master called for it, the best of them were those who remained silent. The insane (King Abdallah) announced that he had taken the fatwa advice from his scholars, and they did not dare answer him. The greatest sinner among them was the one who defended his master`s sin, claiming that it is not a rapprochement of religions, but it is a dialogue of religions. If he had not heard the speeches of that insane (King Abdallah) in those conferences, how could he recommend what he had not heard? If he heard, he must know, as every listener does, that those speeches included clear apostasy. The covenant, which God has taken: `And remember Allah took a covenant from the People of the Book, to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made` (Koranic verse, Al Imran, 3:187). I would like to say to all Muslims: Do not expect anyone who serves the sultans, sat with them, and took their gifts, to announce the right things. Some of them might, but the majority of them subjugate themselves to the sultans. It is said that he eats their food and obeys their orders. God`s Messenger may God`s prayer and peace be upon him, said: `He who lives in the desert becomes cruel-hearted; he who pursues hunting, neglects; and he who frequents a sultan, gets tempted` (narrated by Abu-Dawud, from Ibn-Abbas, may God be pleased with them both).

“The good Salafis, may God`s mercy be upon them, recommended avoiding the ruler`s place due to the seditions that existed there. But in the period of Harun al-Rashid, Bin-al-Mubarak, may God have mercy upon him, who defended the Shari`ah, imposed the jizyah (tax on non-Muslims in Islamic states) on the Christians, and sent messages to Nicephorus the dog (leader) of the Romans, said: `Do not enter visit the house of the amir. Avoid it, for it is an evil that insults the religion.`

“It also insults the rulers of our era, who compete to earn the Crusader`s affection. I wonder what would Bin-Mubarak and Ibn-Iyadh, and others, may God`s mercy be upon them, say if they saw how the scholars of our era spring upon the doors of the rulers, wish to be favored by them, and praise them in a much exaggerated way.

“O Muslims, our duty toward this corrupted and corrupting university is to deny it and deny it in public, each in his own way. The preacher on his platform and the imam in his mosque must deny it, and even the judges and the university teachers must severally condemn it, even though this condemnation will cause their termination, asking forgiveness from God, for perhaps they fear Him.

“I deny the statements of the media agencies regarding the condemners, which say that the condemners are enemies of development. This was said about the Prophet, may God`s prayers and salutations be upon him, even greater and harsher. You are not better than him, may peace and prayers be upon him.

“Let the father condemn it in his house, and the woman in her family. Let us condemn it among our parents and relatives. Let us pressure those who join this university. If they do not respond, it is necessary to leave them, because the corruption to which they will be subject will be transmitted to those who associate with them.

“In a few years, imagine how society will be. This is what the Muslims` ambushers want. We ask God to separate them from what they want.

“I call every Muslim to renounce this apostate agent government, which has obviously shown a preference for infidelity over faith, and which only wants from Islam worship that does not influence its secularist method. It is apparent from its behavior with the scholars as mentioned above that it does not accept advice. This proves the failure of the peaceful initiatives and that the language of power through jihad for the sake of God and the victory of the mujahidin is necessary in confronting the oppressors.

“I also call every Muslim not to work in any establishment related to the power of this government and which strengthens its bases, in particular the different military sectors, for it is the power that protects and strengthens the government. If it had not been for the soldiers who protect this government, it would not have dared do what it did. I know and I am sure that many of the soldiers only stay there for the job and the daily bread. They would insist on disobeying the orders if they were against the mujahidin. However, I tell you (soldiers) that staying in those sectors is reinforcement for the power of this sinful government, and if the soldiers scatter, the oppressors would run away, though God mentions some people who were among the polytheist army: `When angels take the souls of those who die in sin against their souls, they say: In what (plight) Were ye? They reply: Weak and oppressed Were we in the earth. They say: Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to move yourselves away (From evil)? Such men will find their abode in Hell, What an evil refuge!` (Koranic verse, Al-Nisa, 4:97). Thus, what if one of you dies in these ranks? What if you die while working?

“At the time you are asked to support the mujahidin, we find you standing in the ranks of their enemies. Run away to God, for the mujahidin do not want to fight you as long as you do not stand in their way. Therefore, leave where you are now and be God`s supporter.

“As for those who stay for the reason of reform, know that you are not reforming. If you are reforming, the corruption you cause is bigger than the reform you achieve. Know also that few are the days before each one reaps what he sows. Will you be happy to meet God when you have been serving His enemies?

“O God, kill the hypocrites, reveal them, and revenge their craftiness by slaughtering them. O God, keep their evil away from Muslims. O God, hide our defects and make our splendor prosper. O God, protect us from ourselves and others and protect our faith and good features. We seek refuge with your greatness in order not to be assassinated.

“O God, kill the idols of the Arabian Peninsula who support Your enemies and fight Your allies. O God, Who revealed the Holy Koran, Who exalted the clouds, Who defeated the parties, defeat them, shake them, and grant us victory over them. Our last request is praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.

“To conclude my brothers, accept our greetings from the Al-Malahim Establishment for Media Production.”



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