The Land Of The Hopeful And Hopeless - Nigeria Defined

29 December 2009

By Buhari Bello

Any time the thought of Nigerian state come to mind, I always ask myself the question if there is any hope of redemption from the current hopelessness we found ourselves. Naturally, we are a blessed country. God in His Infinity Mercy Has blessed this country with abundant resources both material and human. But, the question is why we are not developing all these years, with all these resources at our disposal. I believe the cardinal answer to this question, is the fact, that, all this while the men and women that have superintendents this country and the citizens have failed to leave up to the expectations and the challenges of leadership and conscious followers.

Any hope? I ask this pertinent question, not because I have lost hope on this country or am a cynic, or pessimist per say, I am one of those who believe that this nation will be great whether the vampires and hawks, that, are at the saddled of leadership today, like it or not. But, some time no matter how optimistic you could be, certain actions and inactions of those at the saddled of leadership in the country will shake up such optimism you might have had before about the future of this country. The current reality is that nothing is working in this country. Governments in all tiers have failed to implement policies and programme that are of beneficial to the people. What you have are mere policies and programme that will serve as pipe-drain to loot the resource of the state.

The alarming rate of poverty, ignorance and unemployment in the country called for sober reflection. And the irony of the whole fiasco, nobody seems to cares or is doing something about this crisis. Both the federal and state government officials seem to be engrossed in activities that are far away from tackling the three problems mentioned. I believe, there is no danger for any country, than having its larger population in abject poverty, ignorance and unemployed. Poverty, ignorance and unemployment over the years, have been the major propellers of violent, crisis, conflicts, kidnapping and wars. When people are idle, hungry and lack the required standard of living; life becomes hopeless and useless to them; so any inducement from any quarters will move them to actions that will disrupts the peace of the land. The recent crises of Boko Haram, Niger-Delta militancy, Jos ethnic/religious genocide etc are nothing, but, the by product of these factors mentioned; even the current spread of kidnapping.

Is our problem beyond redemption? Has God forsaken us? Or have we forsaken ourselves? Do the current politicians have solutions to our problems? Or the destiny of this nation lies elsewhere - could it be with the younger generations? These are the few questions I keeping asking myself all the time. I believe our problems no matter how complex they may be, are not beyond redemption. Yes! I believe, it is only if all Nigerians can agrees with one simply truth- which is we have all failed as a nation and citizens. The failure of leadership in all strata of the society is because the people have failed to hold their leaders accountable to their deeds. Why do we give them the kind of acknowledgement, they donít deserve? I believe if only we could learn to disabuse our minds and comfort, and channel our angers and frustration on these leaders only then they will learn to treat us like human. But, a situation where we are the same set of people that are been used to rigged elections, format violence either ethnic or religious, we are the same set of people that constitute the praise singers that wax special songs for these crooks, awarding chieftaincy titles and doctorate degrees as evidence of self arrival; how then do we expect any miracle from God Almighty to redeem our hopelessness.

There is no hope for this country, as long the society does not change its attitude and orientations towards some certain issues that bounder on national heritage and development. We must have a system of rewards and punishment, if anything will move in this country. The reason why people do what they do is because they knew the punishment of the state is meager compare to the crime committed. A situation where you have criminals that have stolen billions of naira; but yet, still walking our streets as free men and women, thereby abusing our intelligence and conscience. Some have even smuggle themselves into our national lives as Minister of the Federal Republic while some are the kitchen cabinet and policy advisers to our dear President- Imagine!. One wonders how the spoilers of yesterdays do automatically becomes the reformers of today. It will rather be a vicious circle of confusion, despairs, frustration, poverty and corruption. Corruption has spread in the land, sea and air, because of the appointment and the closeness of these spoilers of yesterday, today and the future to the seat of power. Appointment into strategic offices are for the highest bidder; this is because people are bribing their way to be appointed as Ministers, Director Generals, chairmen and members of Boards of government Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies.

Pity a nation that has no plan for it youths. In the absence of any plan, the youths have created a platform for them selves to channel their energy on. Such channels include kidnapping, financial scams, prostitution, drug trafficking and taking, militancy, armed robbery, serving as soldiers for ethnic and religious confusions and conflicts. All these are antithesis to the development of the nation. Did they really understand the dangers they are all putting us in.

It is pertinent our leaders at all level understand the fact, the hope and expectations of Nigerians are drying up. Nigerians have been patient and loyal enough; so therefore they deserve some little appreciations through developmental projects for them and their children. The only thing Nigerians are asking for is improvement in their ways of lives, which will increase their self esteem and let them appreciate and contribute to the development of the country. There is no hope as long as the people are not carried along and provided with the basic incentives that make live comfortable and worth living; so that Nigeria will be worth dying for. Failure to provide and develop this will smell doom for the future of this country; because if soldiers of unemployed and poverty riddle people should avenge their angers and frustrations on the state; not even the military can content with the situation. Someone may say, this rather utopian; because Nigerians will never show such courage. But, I believe we are almost coming to that stage if urgent steps are not taking to arrest the general downward slide into Hobbesian stage the country is drifting into as result of the insensitivity of the leadership. Kidnapping, militancy and the Boko haram episode are composers of revolutionary songs and dance steps if we failed to change our attitude towards governance and peoplesí patience.

Oh God we call on you as the last resolute of our predicament; touch the hearts of Nigerian leaders to do the right thing and provide leadership that will propel us to greatness. And touch the hearts of Nigerians to change their attitudes and their sinful ways, so that Your mercy will descend on this nation. Change our hopelessness and despairs into hopefulness, happiness and tranquility. Change our wickedness, greed and corrupt hearts into pity, compassions, dedication and tolerance. Reawake the minds of Nigerians to realize it is their destiny that is been destroys; so that we can galvanize and mobilize ourselves into a vanguard of change without any sentiment or rancour. So help us oh Almighty One because with Your Command I believe all things are possible Amin.



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