While We Pray for Mr. President...Nigeria The Giant Of Africa When Acclaiming Laurels

28 December 2009

By Salim Salihu Muhammed

It has never been in the history of any nation to govern itself, or perhaps without a Leader; else, it will be a case of the sheep that graze by the highway without a shepherd. The state of health of the number one citizen of this country has been an issue of discussion in the markets, on the streets, in schools, bars, football viewing centres, public offices, you name it. The good thing about the whole cinema is the general call for prayers for Mr. President; even David Markís Senate was not left behind in calling on Nigerians, for the first time, to offer prayers for our ailing President not minding the state of the nation. The country is in a national crisis which adequate response ought to be provided without playing games, but the irony is the show of incapacity of the Senate in discharging its duty; rather than indulge in appropriate measures in addressing the failure of the government and the effects of a sick president who have proven to be incapacitated, the Senate have chosen to entertain Nigerians with their immature sittings of political benefits.

Itís great to know that Nigerians are indeed their brotherís keeper; this we have exemplified over the years in helping other nations restore peace and democracy, providing financial aid, food crisis and technical assistance. No doubt, we are truly the giant of Africa when it comes to acclaiming laurels, but why donít we prove that to Nigerians when it comes to matter of national emergency? In the United States, the Congress had to call for the immediate swearing-in of George Bush when Ronald Reagan was shot; Americans did not appeal and beg him to step aside or resign, neither would Ariel Sharon admit that Israelis begged him to quit his sit as Prime Minister when he was critically ill. They all did so by respecting the nation and putting it first.

Come to think of it. How many of the more than 150 million Nigerians have access to medical services or king Faisal Specialist Hospital, drinkable water, decent shelter, and security? How many of the infant mortality deaths have the Senate prayed for? Why must we always move this nation in a go-slow fashion, like the morning or evening traffic on Abuja Ė Keffi express way?

While we pray for Mr. President, it is also important that the fate of the nation comes first as shown by the Americans, the Israelis, and the Cubans. The first option is for the National Assembly to take it as a matter of urgency and serious legislative business in addressing the incapacity of the ailing President and immediately swear-in the Vice-President to carry on with the business of governance while he recuperates at the hospital. Nigerians needs a government that will lead by example in provide enabling environment for better health care delivery, rather than seeking it. Who knows, a Good-Luck could mean the turning point the country awaits over the years.

Salim Salihu Muhammed salimmed16@yahoo.com



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