Farouk Mutallab: Passenger Haskell’s Testimony - Not A Big Skirmish

20 January 2010

By Aisha Umar Yusuf

Kurt Haskell, an American lawyer, was returning from a Safari in Uganda with his wife Lori when they boarded NWA Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Friday December 25th 2009. Earlier they were seated somewhere near the boarding gate when Umar Farouk Mutallab, the alleged Christmas Day airline bomber approached the boarding gate with an unidentified man.

In an interview with MLive.com, the online edition of Detroit Metro Times, Haskell who practices law along with his wife in their firm, Haskell Law Firm in Taylor Michigan, said while Muttallab was poorly dressed, his companion was dressed in an expensive suit. He added that the suited man asked ticket agents whether Muttallab could board the plane without a passport. According to Haskell, the well-dressed man said to the ticket agent, ‘We do this all the time’. In her response, the ticket agent simply referred Muttallab and his companion to her superiors down the hall.

After this, Haskell had no idea what happened next nor did he see Farouk Muttallab again until he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane. According to him, it was soon after the pilot had announced that they were landing in Detroit in 10 minutes when he heard some commotion on the plane. In his words ‘I stood up and walked a couple of feet to get a closer look and that’s when I saw the flames.’

Kurt Haskell, who had earlier posted his personal account of the incident on the internet before being interviewed by Detroit Metro Times actually sent a picture of his boarding pass to the paper to prove he was really on that plane. He described the moment Mutallab was being arrested, ‘He did not fight back at all. This wasn’t a big skirmish. A couple of guys jumped on him and hauled him away.’ Afterwards the pilot announced’ emergency landing’ but it was not until Farouk Mutallab was being led out of the plane in handcuffs that Mr. Haskell recognised him as the man whose companion wanted to get on the plane without a passport. There was however no sign of his companion at that moment.

What this passenger’s testimony proves is that there are many unanswered questions regarding Farouk Muttalab’s alleged attempt to blow up an airline in mid-air just before landing. The most obvious question is: Who was that well-dressed man who wanted to get him on the plane without a passport? Why did he lie that Farouk was from Sudan? On what authority was he speaking when he said ‘We do this all the time?’Why was Farouk Muttallab poorly dressed? What king of ID card was his companion carrying that he could make such an outrageous demand of wishing to get someone on an international flight without a passport without raising an alarm? Even more importantly why was Farouk himself not talking? A young man who spent years studying in England can not possibly have problem speaking English.

Another passenger , David Schike whose own testimony was published in The Nation of January 2, 2010 alluded to Farouk’s lack of speech and resistance when he said ‘ I remember staring at him for long periods of time. I could very clearly see his face. He never moved, he never turned his head, he never spoke a word or moved his lips. He never struggled. He never stopped anybody from pouring water on him. His expression was completely emotionless.’ Page 6, The Nation.

The picture that emerges after these two testimonies is of a young man totally unaware of what is going on around him. For sure a failed bomber with burning pants will shout with pain, if not for the pain of burning, then for the failed attempt to achieve his murderous martyrdom. But no one saw any such thing because Farouk was too drugged, quite beyond pain or emotion to behave naturally in the circumstances. My personal take on this is that Farouk was abducted and drugged, made to look like a Sudanese refugee, put on the plane by someone with an Identity authoritative enough to have got him on board without a passport, set on fire by this same guy who left his seat early enough to make sure the fire extinguishers were activated. The plane was never meant to be brought down. The real perpetrators of this incident only wanted to pursue their hidden hideous agenda that they had to stage it this way.

What about the Al-Qaida connection? You may wish to ask. Well the following story will let you know just how Al-Qaida came in. In October 2004, American aeronautics engineer Paul M Johnson was kidnapped in Iraq. The statement of claim was published on a website namedwww.ansarnet.com. It said a group called ‘Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsular’ was the perpetrator of the act. The statement looked every inch a genuine claim, it read thus ‘Our fighters of the Fallujah Brigade, in the Arabian Peninsular have kidnapped an American, a Christian, Paul Marshall Johnson Jr., born in 1955 and working as aeronautics engineer. .... He will be treated the same way US troops have treated Iraqi prisoners.’ Mr Johnson was subsequently murdered and the act was recorded in the media – and in history- as an Al-Qaida terrorist act.

But another American took more than a passing interest in the claim. Jack Blood, a renowned internet radio journalist decided to embark on a domain search for the claimants website www.ansarnet.com. His findings were interesting, the website was traced to an internet and a physical address in Dallas USA. Inspired by the interesting nature of this expose, the late Joe Vialls wrote an article he called ‘Anyone can set up a website anyone can send anonymous emails’. The main thrust of his argument was that such website claims must never but trusted because they could have emanated from anywhere. In other words, there was no way of proving that they were genuine or false, unless someone was willing to do the painstaking domain search investigation undertaken by Jack Blood.

Interestingly, it is this same Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsular, which has proved to be a pen-name for a Dallas-based organisation that is claiming credit for Farouk Mutallab’s alleged botched attempt. The lesson in all this is we have to be discerning viewers and listeners especially of international news these days. It hurts to hear otherwise discerning commentators busy regurgitating everything they hear on CNN or BBC World because they have no reason to doubt them. I thought after all we heard about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction and many other lies since then we have sufficient reason not to believe what these so-called international media have to say every time. But with Farouk Mutallab, no one even wants to doubt, everyone simply takes it for granted that he did it. Since this incident no one even saw it fit to show him to us even on his hospital bed, and even the Nigerian diplomats telling us that they had access to him are yet to tell anyone what they saw. Yet on the strength of a website claim almost everyone seems ready to accept the attempted bombing as a Gospel truth, why.

Surely, after all that’s been said about the false suicide hi-jack theory of 9/11, we have learnt enough to know that Americans and their allies can stage anything and sacrifice any lives if they believe the end justifies the means. Already Farouk Mutallab’s alleged terrorism has proved most convenient towards a number of incidents both foreign and local regarding the United States.

President Obama has promised to close down Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta, where hundreds of young Muslim men had been in detention since 2001 on charges of terrorism. His decision met with stiff opposition even from among his fellow democrats when it was debated sometime last year. Obama struck a middle ground when he began to release the detainees n batches later in the year. Now with his war time rhetoric since the Mutallab incident, all thoughts of closing Guantanamo must have been chased clear out of Obama’s head.

Parts of the American PATRIOTS Act, a series of measures imposed on Americans after 9/11 which, according to journalist Grant Lawrence reduced US to a ‘technological police state’ were due to expire on New Years eve, and the new administration didn’t seem keen to renew them. Now, with the Muttallab incident you know any plans not to renew them will have to be suspended. Another convenience theory is that Saudi Arabia has been bombarding Yemen for some months with fighter jets, the US itself has sent cruise missiles into Yemen ostensibly to hit so-called Al-Qaida sites, but the American public is so war-weary that it is even questioning why the Obama administration is still doing in Afghanistan. With the alleged Christmas day terror attempt, any move by the US to openly attack Yemen will not be resisted.

Indeed there are such plans to invade Yemen, if Senator Joe Lieberman is to be believed. Again according to Grant Lawrence, Lieberman actually said on Fox News that ‘Somebody in our government said to me in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. Iraq was yesterday’s war, Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act PRE-EMPTIVELY (my emphasis) Yemen will be tomorrow’s war.’

And we have all seen the result of America’s pre-emptive wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus we also know that both were attacked on the strength of two Big Lies, the Septembet 11th hoax and the pursuit of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. With this antecedents why would they stage an attempt to blow an airline using a drugged young man whose circumstances favour the plot? Call me a conspiracy theorist, call me a denial brigade commander, one thing I have no doubt in is that there is more to Farouk Mutallab’s terrorism than we are led to believe. In the light of passenger’ Haskell’s testimony, we have every reason to believe that Farouk is entirely innocent of all he is accused of and that the whole thing was a false-flag operation staged to achieve America’s hegemonistic agenda and a full return to the war on terror. The young man only fell victim of this evil plot because his father had gone to the wrong people to seek help. May Allah aid him to prove his innocence, and may He protect the rest of us, who are all potential victims of America’s lies, in pursuit of a phantom terror network that we all know has never existed.

Ibraheem Dooba
Room 181, Helang
Kolej Kedua
Faculty of Educational Studies
Department of Educational Psychology
University Putra Malaysia




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