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Afghan Population Wants Islamic Shari’ah Implementation And Urges America To Leave

3 January 2010

Al-Ikhwa Al-Mujahidun

The Washington Post reported on 8/12/2009, by quoting its correspondent in Afghanistan, Gharif Witt, that every district in Afghanistan consists of two different authorities. First, the authority appointed by Karzai and supported by thousands of militaries to administer the governance in the day time, and makes itself as a part from the aids from foreign countries. While the second authority is the authority appointed by the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Muhammad Umar, who is hunted by the US military, and these people sneak into the district in the night time only and they issue various legal decisions on official documents under the name of the Islamic Government of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has formed a shadow government, where there are the authorities, police chiefs and district heads. In this regards, their judges are more influential in the midst of the society than the judges of Karzai’s government. The correspondent said in his column that "the mission of the Americans becomes more complex now, especially that there are currently many districts in Afghanistan that have decided to be ruled under the authority of the Taliban, which is firm and critical towards corruptions, whilst inability and incompetence are obvious on those appointed by Karzai."

The Washington Post’s correspondent said: "I have heard the people in Kandahar expressed their satisfaction with the judges of the Taliban. They said that the Islamic law settles all of their problems faster. Of course, when you put forward your problems to the judges you hope to obtain instant solutions. However, if you put forward the same problems to the court (of Karzai’s government), it would take one or two years to come to the same decision, or even worse there would be no solution at all. Whereas, if the problem is presented to the Taliban, it would only take one hour to reach the decision."

This is a by-product of Islam witnessed by the society, to the extent that they want the implementation of Islamic shari’ah. Now, how is it going to be supposing they see the total implementation of Islam in every aspect of life? It would surely bring security, stability, the establishment of justice, honour and the existence of various successes to their lives!



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