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The Mother Of All War Is Already At The Tip Of The Nose (Very Near) - Mujahidun

30 January 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The mother of all war is already at the tip of our nose so let’s straighten our ranks, even if our number is small and we are strange in the mainstream eyes.

Unsheathe the swords and don’t put them back in before the war ends!!!

"Islam was strange when it began and will one day be strange again; Blessed are the ghuraba' (those strange people)." [Hadith Muslim]

The Meaning Of Strange

The definition of strange in the hadith above is not categorically given to someone who appears different in his community. However, the strange here is meant for a Muslim who is truly implementing the Shari'ah of Islam when the society is forgetting it. When he implements it, the society around him denies him or even opposes him.

The meaning of strange here is explained further in another hadith that they are: "the people who do good deeds when mankind are generally corrupted," and in another riwayah they are: "the people who are righteous amongst the majority who are corrupted, the number of those who disagree with them is more than the number of those who agree with them." WE WOULD BE STRANGE WHEN WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY NO TO THE ZIONIST AND CRUSADER IMPERIALISM....!!!

From Ibnu Umar RA he said: Rasulullah SAW once held my shoulders and said , “Be in this world like a stranger or musafir.” Ibnu Umar said: “if you are in the afternoon don't wait for the morning to come and if you are in the morning don't wait for the afternoon to come. Make use of the time when you are healthy before you fall sick and the time when you are alive before you die .” [Hadith Bukhari]

For the sake of aqeedah and shari'ah in this time of hedonism, we will become strange. In fact, we can even become strange in the eyes of our own brothers and sisters or relatives.

In fact, there is also a chance that we would be marginalized and attributed as "terorrists" which is always the buzz of the opportunistic liberalists as the stooges of the zionists and crusaders and for being the lovers of this world.

At the time when it was strange, i.e. Islam in its early stage, was considered as odd and strange. The number of its adherents was small and they were made up of people from the lower class group.

Therefore, how did Rasulullah SAW struggle during his time? How did Rasulullah SAW develop his followers? And what had been done by Rasulullah SAW to his followers?

Even so, Islam will be strange again for a second time. Has the strangeness for the second time mentioned by Rasulullah already arrived? Actually, if we study properly and examine the condition of today's society, that strangeness has already arrived and it is certainly clear that Islam is strange once again just like when it was at its earlier stage.

This can be seen through the people who want to implement Islam in this end time or those who are upholding Al-Qur'an and Sunnah in their lives today, they are very few in numbers, though there are many who claim themselves to be Muslims.

Such are the people who truly and sincerely want to appreciate Islam these days, they are made up of the common people, the poor, those who have no authorities and those without status in the society.

Even if there are those with high status, the number is so small that they can be counted with the finger. The majority of those who are really appreciating the teachings of Islam or who are struggling for the implementation of Islamic shari'ah, are from amongst the common people, not from amongst the ulama's, not from amongst the intelligentsias or those who formally know in-depth about the teachings of Islam.

If we were to strictly stick to logics, of course those who are persistent in appreciating the teachings of Islam and struggling for its implementation in this end time should be the ulama's, Qu'ran teachers or ustadzs who know a lot about Al Qur'an and Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW. However, it seems that what is happening is the opposite. This is what Rasulullah SAW meant when he said, as reported by Anas RA: "There will come in the end-time where its ahlul ibaadah are jahil and its ulama's are fasiq," [Hadith Ibn 'Adi] in fact they are hurling ugly fitnahs at the strugglers and implementers of Islamic shari'ah, distorting the spirit of jihad and deconstructing (spreading misconceptions of) Al-Qur'an and Sunnah! Outspokenly giving the designation “terrorist” to their own brothers for the sake of satisfying their greeds provided by the zionists and crusaders, in fact they are even operating under the pretext of unity and integrity, whereas water and oil can't mix!

"You would be anesthetised and sedated by two things that you love i.e. the love of the world and jahil, but if there are few people who are establishing Islam in their lives at that time, then they will be given rewards by Allah like the Muslims of the past i.e. the Muhajireen and Ansar"

Indeed, the Islamic ummah has now been stranded at a crossroad, they are living in miseries never witnessed before throughout the history of Islam. There are a lot of crisis and adversities happening one after another. This is because the Islamic ummah of today is in a crippled state and very far from the firm Shari'ah of Allah Ta'ala.

As a result, we find the Muslims today losing a part of their lands or wealth. They live in a state of worrying, instability, fear and confusion.

Islam came at the time of jahiliyyah in a strange state and there is a time when Islam is going to be felt as strange again by its adherents. How true are the words of Rasulullah SAW: "Islam was strange when it began and will one day be strange again; Blessed are the ghuraba' (those strange people)." [Hadith Muslim]

Let's ask our selves, why don't we want to unite, why do we curse our own brothers as “terrorists”? Whereas, they are sincerely wetting this earth with their own blood ...

Let us unite and strengthen our ranks with them who have been considered as strange!!! BECAUSE OUR WAR IS ALREADY AT THE TIP OF THE NOSE....!!!



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