Common Sense: For the Arabs, It Is The Backseat

14 January 2010

By Hassan Al-Haifi

One is not baffled anymore by the mediocrity of Arab politics and the ungodliness of most of the leadership in the Arab World, with the word being used here more as a symbolic contempt rather than a real feeling of desire to be subordinate to most of the clowns that make up the roster of Arab leaders.

Yes, contempt would be an even kind reaction to the pitiful displays of Arab political and diplomatic maneuverings in a complex and intertwining world that our mostly aged leaderships have yet to even understand, let alone be able to wiggle through.

Thank goodness the Lord Al-Mighty made Islam a global affiliation and never guaranteed that the Arabs (at least in the Arab World) should be at its spearhead. For all the means and resources at their disposal, the Arabs have proven that they are the world's sloppiest and most narrow minded administrators of the bounties God has bestowed upon them.

Having said that, one cannot help but be reassured that the Lord Al-Mighty has bestowed alternative Moslems with intellect and culture to take on the banner and uphold the causes of the Moslem World. Yes, this is indeed reassured by the latest developments one is seeing in many a Moslem country, the leadership of which has learned that to go about life the Arab way is a freeway to failure and very likely doom.

Just by seeing the big concerns that bother the Arab leaders, the observer is aghast that the Arabs, for example can view Iran as a worse threat to them than Israel! But if one sees the current Arab media, one cannot help but notice the fallibility of our own emotions.

Israel has literally forced itself in the heart of the Arab World at the cost of an entire indigenous population of their very own loosing their homeland and becoming chronic victims of the most unholy occupation in history, while our Arab leaders have no qualms whatsoever about the Zionist menace and suffice by lip service treatment of the Palestine issue, while not finding any fault with Israel's doings.

It is really appalling that we only find great relief from fellow Moslems in Turkey, Malaysia and Iran who vehemently speak out against the Zionist menace and its evil doings in the Holy Land. On the contrary, quite a few Arab leaders look forward to the day when Israeli and American jets mount their blitzkrieg on Iran. Ask any Arab citizen about President Hugo Chavez, and they will come back with "God bless him".

But if you mention any of the Arab diehards, who like to call themselves leaders, who are constantly spoon fed by their overpaid media to their people, and all you hear is "May they burn in hell!" Mind you, this observer has no personal grudges against any of our great leaders, as the Lord Al-Mighty has spared me the agony of their wrath and the dubious nature of their displays of gratuity.

However, one cannot help but realize the overwhelming disapproval of the Arab leaders among their constituencies in particular or their nation as a whole. Better yet, all one has to do is ask these leaders why they do not put the love of their people for them to the test by instituting real and free elections and see how much favor they have amongst their constituencies? Then at least they will have some gauge to evaluate the lying cheaply bought pens and propaganda machines they have set up to keep their public image shining.
Of all the Arab leaders that strike most of the Arab citizens as deplorable, those who have a knack for keeping their countries in an unrelenting aura of war and violence are bound to be given First Prize for Horrendous Leadership.

In fact these leaders would not be able to shut their eyes at night if sound barrier breaking jet fighters do not continuously break the silence of the night or if the sounds of ambulances sirens do not scream as they try to break through the congested pot holed streets to take the dead and wounded to the nearest hospitals or to the Martyrs' Cemetery, where they would be honored with the whole slate of the national leadership, who would never dare to send their very own sons to do battle with their ever changing enemies.

May God bless Recep Tayyib Erdogan, Mahathir Mohammed, and yes Ahmedenjad for reminding us how true Muslims should act and rule.

The Sa'ada War Must End!

If there is any hope for Yemen and its Government getting back its sanity, this would only come if the bloody madness in Sa'ada comes to an end immediately. This is a war without purpose; a war without mercy; a war that will lead to the total deterioration of what ever is left of national pride as Yemenis and as Arabs.

One should also not forget to express one's appreciation for the remarkable mission from Egypt that came and went empty handed, but did not forget to cash in on some of the war funding being administered by outside watchers. The mission truly showed us how much the Arab World is now lacking in leadership. But then Amro Moussa has never been a favorite among news audiences from the Atlantic to the Gulf anyway.




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