A New Year's Resolution: America Ongoing Field-based Warfare - Ongoing In The Shared Field Of Consciousness

4 January 2010

By Jeff Gates

Our specialty here at Criminal State lies in chronicling (and proving) the HOW of this ongoing "field-based" warfare -- i.e., ongoing in the shared field of consciousness. The depth of the ongoing duplicity is exceeded only by its scope, scale and duration. The only modern aspect of this trans-generational treachery is the technological means now available for deceiving people on a global scale -- particularly through the undisclosed bias of mainstream media.

In order to betray, one must first befriend. In order to defraud, one must create a relationship of trust. Thus the strategic necessity that this nuclear-armed enclave of religious extremists create and maintain a "special relationship" with the U.S. so that others would wage their wars for regional hegemony.

The latest op-ed chronicles HOW the public's mindset is routinely manipulated. Note in this case how those complicit appropriated the credibility of a U.S. military leader (Colin Powell) and the celebrity of a Pakistani sports star (cricket icon Imran Khan). In that shared "field," the power of association is routinely deployed as a potent weapon by those skilled at waging war by "way of deception." “How Israel Wages War on the U.S.—By Way of Deception”

When your numbers are few but your ambitions vast, those complicit must wield out-sized influence in five key "in between" domains: media, pop culture, think tanks, education and politics -- i.e., between a targeted populace and the facts required for informed choice. Remember Iraqi WMD? Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda? Iraqi meetings in Prague? Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories? Iraq's possession of "yellowcake" uranium from Niger? All were false. Yet a "consensus" belief in their veracity was created and maintained by those occupying the "in between" domains where facts are systematically displaced with false beliefs.

How old is this modus operandi? How long have targeted populations been induced to displace facts with what they can be deceived to believe? Moderate and secular Jews are routinely writing to us here at Criminal State express their gratitude for the facts and analyses that distinguish this criminal syndicate from the broader community that has for too long been portrayed as...guilty by association.

The single greatest threat to democracy is those complicit in this systemic deceit. There is no form of treason more threatening to those who rely on informed consent to protect their liberty from such treachery. The Founders of the U.S.A. were sufficiently concerned about this sophisticated form of treachery that relaxed evidentiary standards for treason were included in the Constitution, requiring only proof of "adhering" to an enemy or giving "aid and comfort." The primary barrier to criminal accountability: the false belief that this enclave is a friend and ally rather than what the facts confirm—an enemy within.

For organized crime to expand to a genuinely global scale, those chronicled in these accounts required that their operations be perceived as components of a legitimate nation state entitled to membership in the community of nations. Transparency remains the greatest threat to this syndicate and a key reason that serial crises must be sustained in order to deflect attention away from the common source of these crises. With even a modicum of stability, Americans will realize that the intelligence fixed around an agenda for Greater Israel all traces to a common source.

Guilt By Association is the first release in the Criminal State series. James M. ("Mel") Rockefeller is identified only as "John Doe" in the preface and in the endnotes. For the past seven years, I have undertaken the full-time research and analysis required to confirm the systemic, field-based nature of the trans-generational duplicity detailed in these materials.

A glimpse into his personal experience profiling this transnational criminal syndicate from the inside appears for the first time in print in this series as well as in several commentaries posted on Veterans Today, including "Make the Real Terrorists Accountable." Note that this firsthand evidentiary trail dates from 1951—confirming ongoing treason.

This criminal syndicate has long focused on shaping the public's shared mindset -- with "consensus" beliefs and generally accepted truths. Recall the "facts" deployed to induce the invasion of Iraq? That "field-based warfare" also explains how those waging war on the U.S. systemically undermined this nation's reputation—by associating the U.S. with their treachery. Where do such systemic "properties" reside (credibility, integrity, legitimacy, etc.) if not in that shared "field"? THAT is where these serial wars continue to be waged—as now—well upstream of boots-on-the-ground conflicts.

Anyone seeking to combat this field-based manipulation "downstream" is waging a losing battle. Those complicit in targeting "upstream" thought and emotion to influence behavior are correct to worry. The perceived legitimacy of this enclave as a nation-state is now at stake -- for good cause. As these facts and analyses become common knowledge, those "giving aid and comfort" to this enemy will find themselves very uncomfortable. As an informed public gains the tools of perception with which to see for themselves what "adhering" to an enemy looks like, the accountability for ongoing capital crimes will commence.

Happily, we've now the facts and analyses to make this ancient modus operandi transparent and its common source apparent. These accounts expose how warfare is waged in the Information Age. In reviewing these accounts, remember that the subtitle of Guilt By Association includes both deception and self-deceit. Often the second component is the more difficult element to grasp as we have been induced to view our world through manipulated beliefs.

Note that this firsthand evidentiary trail dates to three years after this enclave was granted nation-state recognition by a Christian-Zionist president. Imagine the millions of lives that could have been spared (including 1.3 million Iraqis dead from war-related causes) along with trillions in costs had the facts and analyses included in this series been engaged in good faith in a timely fashion—by those who took an oath to do precisely that.

RESOLUTION: Let us resolve that 2010 is when:

  • Facts displace fictions as the basis for national security,
  • Those complicit in this duplicity are made transparent,
  • Those responsible are held accountable for ongoing capital crimes, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and
  • We restore the rule of law and the fact-based (vs. faith-based) governance on which freedom depends.

NOTE: Case lot prices are available for Guilt By Association (28/case). Those who read the book report that their world becomes more transparent as this duplicity becomes apparent—and as operatives in this criminality come into focus. Contact me if interested. We can handle the shipping.

An author, educator, attorney, merchant banker and adviser to policy-makers worldwide, Jeff Gates served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance prior to consulting 35 foreign governments. A Vietnam veteran, he is author of Guilt By Association, The Ownership Solution and Democracy at Risk. See www.criminalstate.com




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