Letter From Wada Nas To Father Of Detroit Bomb Suspect: Abdulmutallab! You Sold Faruk To USA

20 January 2010

By Yusuf Muhammad Inuwa


Kana lafiya? Please extend this letter to Alhaji Abdulmutallab who as you know is my kinsman.

Mutallab you have sold your dear son Umar Faruk to USA, I know you would be wondering why I say so? But from my sources I gathered you gave the American the justification and alibi to frame your son in order to continue their onslaught against the Muslim Ummah in their blind quest to conquer the world of Islam, let me give you the background of my findings.

First you ran to the Americans and the Nigerian securities in order to report your sons suspicious activities because of his passion to acquire Islamic knowledge, the Americans build upon your report and led your son into their country drugged and strapped with bobby explosives, which the CIA knew would not detonate and stage a movie like operation in the aircraft in order to continue the justification of their so-called war on terror.

Abdulmutallab I am sure because of your busy schedule you would not have opportune to come across a movie called 24 Hours because if you have watched that film produced in America and by American film director and possibly with the hand of either Homeland Security, FBI or even the dreaded CIA you would agree with me that Umar Faruk is being used as a tool for the American government to justify their misadventure in and around the Muslim world simply because of their resources OIL! In that film there is an episode where some Pakistani brothers where framed up by the Tony Almeda gang just as the same way Faruk was set up. The two brothers lost their parents after the American invasion which was used to justify the involvement of the younger one (of about Faruk age) in terrorism against America as a revenge and the cloning of his computer with bogus mails and unexplained monetary transactions. But in the case of Faruk, there is no Cloe to prove his innocence.

Mutallab open your eyes and read the hand writing on the wall, which is about some comments and articles being bandied around, the one that interest me the most was the one Tedd Moss wrote and published in one of our dailies who I am sure is an agent of the Americans advocating the ban of our Islamiyya schools where so-called terrorist are breed and to curtail the activities of our Mallams. What has Faruk case got to do with our Islamiyya schools? How many Almajirrai could afford three square meals? No thanks to your ilks! Talk less of dreaming of blowing up an airplane? There is no correlation between Faruk and our Almajirrai system.

Another interesting aspect about Faruk saga is the testimony of one or two of the passengers on board that plane. One said that he saw Faruk at the airport shabbily dressed with another smartly dressed man in suits who wanted to book a seat for faruk on the plane and who again made a request to the sales lady if Faruk would be allowed to board the plane without a passport because he is from Sudan, and looking drugged? This may interest you to find out who is that suit? Another woman said she fixed her gaze on Faruk for some time and he looked as if he was lost in another world, how can a terrorist that intended to blow up a plane caught up like a soak chicken? Mutallab you give the CIA the alibi to put agents on that plane to poses as passengers and as well as the so-called film producer a very good script for their covert operation because itís only in your sonsí case of terrorist attack a Rambo like rescue was arranged. Abdulmutallab think! Of recent there were some so-called isolated cases of terror alerts in the USA where fighter planes were scramble to escort a plane back to base because of an unruly passenger is this not enough to frightened the gullible Americans into thinking they are not safe and to justify war on terror?

I donít want to bore you because of your present state of global fame, no thanks to your action and inaction but it may interest you to please find time to do a background check about the origin and the set up of Al-Qaeda because you would surprise to find out that the first Al-Qaeda E-Mail emanates from America when the first American citizen was kidnapped in Afghanistan! Is this not one of the scripts about the ĎNew World Orderí?

Years back the Americans with their permutations and projections predicts the disintegration of Nigeria in some no distance time to come but as you know Nigeria there is no known prediction either on economy or other social vices that has come to pass because of its peculiar set up but the Americans would not relent on their effort to see to its realisation, only because of its strategic importance and oil. And also Yemen is on the firing line.

Lastly I hope you would find time to seek for forgiveness from Umar Faruk Abdulmutallab and may he forgive you amen.


Wada Nas

Yusuf Muhammad Inuwa

Was Wada Nas Personal Assistant



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