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...And So That The Way Of The Sinners May Become Manifest

8 February 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

From the fruits of Jihad

Four: “And so that the way of the sinners may become manifest”

It is not befitting for the one who confronts the enemies of the religion and strives to demolish their falsehood, to disregard knowledge of the rulings of Allah about them, (lest) he looks at them in a dim-sighted manner and thinks well of them or thinks they are within the folds of the religion.

I know some youths who were propelled by their enthusiasm, to head for the Jihad lands and acquire weapons, but when they were caught, I was shocked to find out that they dealt with their captors as though they were Muslims – they would believe their promises and avoid lying to them or betraying them in the interrogation; they truthfully confessed to them the most minute details, thinking that in doing so they were being compassionate and merciful to the Believers. These confessors then receive unjust, oppressive, lengthy sentences in prison for their actions. They are led to trust their interrogators due to their ignorance about Allah’s ruling concerning the evildoers coupled with their blindness to the loyalty of their captors to their disbelieving allies; they did not realize that such people do not respect the ties of kinship or covenant with regards the Believers, and they were ignorant with regards to their plots and treachery towards the Mujahidin, and that their basic foundation is one of treachery, lying and betrayal.

I know of one person who had memorized the Qur’an and was patient and forbearing, who was harmed, beaten, and tortured cruelly so that he would confess to things that would land him a very long sentence in prison, but he remained steadfast and refused to confess despite the harm and torture that was imposed upon him. His captors then had to resort to using trickery and treachery with him; before the brother was captured he was an Imam of a mosque, so they turned him over to an interrogator who used to pray behind him in his mosque. The man introduced himself and reminded him that he would pray with him, and swore binding oaths that he would help the brother if he confessed and that he would not take him to court. So the brother confessed to this interrogator based on his promises without even receiving a single beating from him, despite having been steadfast and not confessing under (such) extremes of torture which only a few could endure. So by using trickery, cunningness, promises, and false oaths - they were able to get what they couldn't through beatings and torture. The brother’s recompense for trusting and believing their promises, was that he was given a life sentence in prison…

Of course, this brother did not previously consider these evildoers as disbelievers and that is perhaps because he was not clear about the reality of the evildoers, and the prayer of that interrogator meant a lot to him. But this is a huge mistake that has cost him ten years to date, may Allah free him from captivity.

I also know a young man who found a bomb in a forest, so he took it to his house. Then, in a moment of lethal foolishness he decided to be a righteous citizen (as they say!!) and went to the police – whom he did naturally did not consider to be disbelievers – and told them that he stumbled across a bomb in a forest so he took it home, and he wanted them to come to his house to remove the bomb. The police asked him to wait for them in his house, and said they would be there in an hour to collect it – they actually got there quicker than that!! But they came with a large number of policemen, special forces, intelligence forces, and armoured vehicles. They surrounded the house, stormed it, search it and then arrested him and took him away, along with his bomb.

They recorded a case of illegal possession of bombs and explosives, but did not mention in the particulars of the case that he was the one who told them about the bomb and asked them to come to his house to remove it; rather they wrote that the intelligence agents and police - with their experience, sophistication and observations – discovered that he was in possession of a bomb, and they then protected society from an imminent danger, based on which he was given a seven year sentence.

I also know another brother who used to live in the Arabian Peninsula, where the government scholars would always prevent people from learning the rulings of takfir, scare people away from it and warn against it. They would consider the takfir of governments and their supporters a type of extremism in the religion, a path of the

Takfiris, and the creed of the Khawari, so this brother never put himself out to learn about Allah’s ruling concerning the rulers and their soldiers. So what would he think of them if he saw them praying?? Or if he saw – oh, what horror! – a prostration mark on their foreheads?!

The enthusiasm drove our friend to think about performing Jihad in the Way of Allah by fighting the Jews in Palestine, and he was able to smuggle his automatic weapon and miraculously sneak through a river without any of the Jordanian soldiers on the Jewish borders noticing or feeling his presence. He obviously did not know that they were guards and spies against the Jews at that time of night, otherwise he would not have depended on them or trusted them with his endeavour. After crossing the river, he felt very thirsty but he remembered that he had not brought water with him, so he went back and with his innocence and naivety went to ask one of these soldiers for some water. His heart felt more at ease when, upon reaching the post, he found the soldier praying. After the solider had completed his prayer and saw our friend with gun in hand, he asked what he was doing. Due to the innocence of our friend, it was not long before he told the solider of his intent and asked him for water. So the soldier gave him water then asked him to show his gun – and here I will stop for a moment to compare and remember Abu Basir (may Allah be pleased with him) and the cleverness of the Believer, and how he cunningly asked his captors to show him their swords, after which he killed one of them and ensured his safety – but as for our friend, then with his innocence and naivety he is the one who gave his gun to the soldier and trusted him!! This caused him much harm, for the soldier immediately began to fire the gun claiming that he was testing it, but he was really alerting his leaders, who heard the signal and hurried to his location. They then arrested the brother, took him to the security courts of the state, and he was given a seven year prison sentence.

O my brothers, I swear by Allah that these cases are true, and are present in the prisons of my land. They are not figments of my imagination, but rather there are many such instances. The tragedies that resulted from them were largely caused by having good thoughts about the enemies of the religion, and not making clear the path of the criminals, and not knowing their evil reality and deception of this Jihad, their plots against its people, and their alliance to the enemies of the religion.

To them, the end justifies the means, and there is no blame for following any path whether it is honourable or dishonourable, to thwart the Jihad of the Mujahidin and protect the thrones of the oppressors. Their basis is one of lying, and their path is one of treachery and deceit...

They do not respect the ties of kinship or covenant with regards the believer...[1]

They wish that you should reject faith as they reject faith, to be on the same footing…[2]

They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah’s curse be on them, how they are deluded…[3]

Whoever is not aware of these matters, does not know them and does not clearly know the path of the evildoers, then the Jihad has no need for his naivety and foolishness…

Just as it has no need for more failure and defeat.

[1] See al-Tawbah, verse 10

[2] See al-Nisa’, verse 89

[3] See al-Munafiqun, verse 4

From the forthcoming Tibyan Publication, From the Fruits of Jihad.

Translator: At-Tibyan Publications



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