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Why The Caucasus Muslims Are Fighting Russian Oppressive Government

13 February 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

Why are you not fighting against pagans nationalists who instigate hatred among Muslims? Isn't fighting them more important than killing policemen?  

- In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Gracious!  

Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessing upon His Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions!  

Nationalism and the incitement to enmity between the Muslim peoples is of course wrong. Calling to revive long-forgotten pagan rituals in the guise of national traditions is also wrong. And these evils must be fought.  

But be aware that paganism has types and categories. And first of all, we must fight the most dangerous and dominant forms of paganism.  

In our society, the main and dominant is a form of paganism of serving Russia, its constitution and other laws, practicing these pagan rites and rituals, such as an oath of allegiance to Russia (in the army, police, political parties, etc.), an oath to the constitution, receiving internal passports, placing wreaths on the graves of "the heroes of Russia" who killed Muslims in Afghanistan and in the Caucasus etc. Also a widespread pagan tradition is a participation in elections of deputies of a "parliament".  

Paganism is not only the worship of stones and trees. An idol can be a living person whom people endow with divine features. God created people and only He has a right to set boundaries for people of good and evil, only He knows what is good and bad what is true and what is not. God not only created people. He also sent them guidances and laws to regulate all aspects of life. But the people gave themselves the right to decide what is lawful and what is criminal while the Law belongs only to Allah. They believe that the laws invented by philosophers and lawyers and then approved by deputies in a parliament are more useful to society than the laws of God. Anyone who really thinks so is not a Muslim, even if he performs prayers and fasts (keeps uraza).  

The pagans of Mecca who fought against the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and welcome, believed in the existence of God but they worshiped their idols, they thought that the law makers were their tribal leaders such as Abu Dzhahl and the like.  

Many modern Pagans also believe in the existence of God and that He is the Creator but they worship (deify, give divine qualities) various idols: presidents, parliaments, judges etc.  

So we think the priority is to fight against this form of paganism as the most dangerous to the society.  

Paganism was imposed on us by fire and sword. So the main reason for the spread of polytheism among our peoples is the occupation.  

The problem of occupation is not only in the Russian military presence in the Caucasus but also in the fact that infidels chased Muslims and settled on their lands. The main problem is a cultural and ideological expansion.  

The consequences of this expansion are disastrous:  

Alcohol is unhamperedly sold and people fall into drinking. Drugs are officially banned but in fact anyone can buy them with virtual impunity. Debauchery is not punishable by law and that is why it destroys the family. Witchcraft is also not prosecuted. That is why the number of mentally sick persons is increasing.  

The modern form of paganism preached permissiveness in almost everything, including the economy. The criminal system of the government legalized usury (extortion, bank interest), legitimized the turnover of funds, unsecured by gold and silver. Their laws permit speculation in the energy, grain and other basic products that are necessary for life. In addition, the system legalizes quite a number of other criminal schemes.  

Power in modern pagan nations actually belongs to holders of big money. They appoint presidents and other officials. They order the laws they need from parliaments. Elections are just a fiction.  

The role of priests manipulating the minds of the people is now played by the media and by state-controlled religious leaders. The system corrupts minds starting from schools.  

A call for monotheism is a direct threat to these criminal regimes. Unlike ordinary people, the holders of power understand that Islam is their main enemy.  

We saw that as an example in some local officials. Previously, we naively believed that they quarrel with Muslims because they simply didn't know the religion. But when we tried to establish a peaceful dialogue with them, they openly told us that will not allow us to call people for Islam, and they will fight it. These pagan leaders do not hide their hostility to monotheism. In the public, they call themselves supporters of traditional Islam and appeal only to fight "terrorism", "extremism" and "Wahhabism" but they do not hide their true beliefs in private talks.  

For example, the chairman of the local parliament, Zaurbi Nakhushev,told us that "the authorities do not allow young people to study the Koran. He also said: "We do not want our young people to go to a mosque and read the Koran. He also said: "We do not need Muslims here. Point". Nakhushev didn't conceal his hatred of Islam.  

The same attitude to our religion has another well-known bureaucrat, Khauti Sohrokova who openly declared: "Why do we need Islam? Our ancestors were pagans. Russia is a Christian country, and nobody here will allow the growth of Islam. The prosecutor Ketov even tried to justify repressions against Muslims: "What can we do? The whole world is at war with Islam. So we are forced to fight it."  

They follow the orders of their new leader, Putin, who openly said to the world that he would destroy Muslims "with their God."  

Policemen are the same adepts of a pagan cult as their masters. They swear allegiance to the constitution and fight against monotheists.  

We know that some of them are sympathizers of Muslims. But we judge by external signs. And according to these signs, policemen, prosecutors, military personnel and judges are adepts of polytheism.  

If each member of a criminal community is to be justified by the fact that in his heart he respects the laws of God, then nobody will ever bear the deserved punishment. Of course, we try first of all to kill the most zealous enemies of Islam but it does not mean that the others can feel safe.  

We repeatedly warned local residents serving in the police and other similar agencies that, if they do not want to loose life, they are to limit their activity to protecting public order. We informed them that our main enemy is the Kremlin's mafia and asked them not to interfere and not to hinder our fight. Many of them at first agreed with us and even said that in case of large-scale hostilities they would turn their weapons against Russia. But as the time passed by, most of them took a firm anti-Islamic stance under the influence of the Russian propaganda.  

Let me give two examples that illustrate the essence of these people.  

Once, during an interrogation, one of the policemen in the rank of a major began shouting: "Stalin, you need Stalin!". I told him that Stalin was a tyrant who deported entire peoples. He replied: "So, they deserved it." I asked him: "And what do you think our guilt is?" He said: "You work together with the jamaat" Yarmuk ".  

I said: "And did the jamaat do against you personally? They told you that when they return from Georgia they won't touch anybody from the locals. They would spent a winter here and then they would leave for Chechnya."  

He replied angrily: "You ask me what they did? In Ossetia they killed a platoon of the GRU special troops!". I asked: "Why do you care? You say that you a Circassian and Muslim, and the riot police for whom you are so worried about are giaours, the spiritual heirs of the enemies that almost completely destroyed your people in the 18-19 centuries".  

He replied that "the Russians did the right thing and that Kabardians themselves were to blame. It was their fault that they attacked the Russian. If Circassian behaved well, the Russians would have never touched them".  

So we are fighting against such traitors. These people understand only the language of force. That why Allah Almighty ordered us to fight them with our lives and property.  

Another example. Our brother Amir Moussa Mukozhev (may Allah have mercy to him) was summoned for a regular "talk" to the Interior Ministry. He was interrogated by a Kabardian, the head of the department for fighting religious extremism. He began the talk by saying:  

"I know that if you come to power, the first thing you do would be to shoot all poor prostitutes and drug addicts!" Musa replied: "Sharia does not envisage execution of drug users. And in order to accuse a person of adultery four credible witnesses are needed who personally witnessed the act of adultery. So only such a men and such a woman can be executed who committed adultery, without shame, in front of people."  

The policeman said: "Here, you see, you admitted it yourself! You want to kill these poor women! "Musa said to him:" These women are somebody's daughter, somebody's sister. We do not want such a shame either for us or for the other. Then, as an officer do you allow your wife to cheat you? "  

The police officer calmly replied: "We are in a free country. By the law, spouses may have liaisons on a side."  

I could go on giving such examples but I think you came yourself in touch with such people. And most surprisingly, they are insolent enough to call themselves traditional Muslims!  

These pagans can not be buried at Muslim cemeteries in accordance with the Islamic ritual, if they didn't repent before dying. There was such a case in the Altud village. A man died, and old men who gathered to wash his body saw that his chest had a tattoo with the word "atheist". They refused to wash.  

Relatives of the deceased tried to justify him: "He worked in the KGB and was forced to make such a tattoo, they enlisted him to serve in the secret police, but in all other ways he was a Muslim." But the old men refused to bury him saying that giaours have no place in a Muslim cemetery.  

- Do you have any connection with the attacks against the leaders of Circassian public organizations? How can you explain the fact that young people who consider themselves supporters of pure Islam help police and hamper opposition rallies. I am a Muslim myself and we call neither for paganism, nor for a war with Balkarians or Karachai, and we do not want a confrontation between different peoples. We defend the interests of ordinary people and stand for a just solution of the land question. We demand the resignation of Kanokov. I think that you, as the spiritual leader of Muslims, have to assess what is happening, especially on issues related to land.  

- In the name of Allah the Merciful and Gracious!  

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions!  

Nobody of us had anything to do with the beatings of the leaders of public organizations and to the dispersal of the meetings.  

I can't exclude that the colonial administration could have used these young people belonging to groups of praying Muslims.  

We repeatedly expressed our attitude to Kanokov and to other officials of the colonial administration.  

We never supported Kanokov and do not support him today. We don't fight to replace the "president of the CBD," because he does not solve anything here alone.  

As far as I remember, it were the very Circassian organizations you speak that actively supported Kanokov. The leaders of these organizations condemn us that we kill Circassians who serve in the police. It is clear today from the statements of these leaders that they consider themselves loyal subjects of Russia and they respect its constitution.  

After the events of October 2005, one of those leaders traveled to Circassian villages in Turkey and intentionally misguided people by campaigning against the Mujahideen.  

In some villages, he said that "the mutiny in Nalchik was raised by a bunch of bandits and drug addicts who were hired by Kokov to undermine the credibility of the new Circassian president Kanokov. He also added that "this bunch of bandits defeated and destroyed heroic Circassian policemen.  

In other villages, he presented another picture. There he said that it was really a Muslim insurgency that was allegedly provoked by the Minister of Internal Affairs Shogenov in order to harm Kanokov. That was the way he presented the situation to Turkish Circassians.  

He also suggested to our countrymen living outside the Caucasus that the Circassians in the whole world "should support the new president who will help to the problems of Circassians.  

You say that the Circassian public organizations do not act against Balkars and Karachays or do not want to cause conflicts among the peoples. You also say that you support the interests of ordinary men and advocate a just solution of the land question.  

But the same is told by the representatives of these organizations.  

The same is told by the supporters of Kanokov.  

Everyone says he wants better life for his people and neighbors. The only problem is that everyone has its own interpretation of justice. Everyone understands that we need a dialogue, but two things hinder this dialogue.  

On one hand, emotions and a superiority complex blank out the reason. On the other hand, occupation and Russian laws were imposed on our people. Young people are interested in the emotional side of the issue, and those who are older are stuck in the maze of Russian legislation.  

If we speak about Russian laws, then I am to say first that the laws in Russia are stupid, The Russians admit it themselves. Especially confusing and stupid are their laws relating to land.  

Secondly, even these laws do not work and are not implemented because Russia has no independent courts. They make decisions either under the orders "from above" or if nothing came "from above" - for a bribe.  

In this land issue the decision was taken nobody knows how and nobody knows by whom Who stays behind this decision is unclear. The decision was registered as coming from a conciliary commission, although everybody knows that this commission was just a cover. That is the way Moscow usually chooses when it expects unpleasant consequences. If you do not succeed to suppress a popular uprising with force, then Moscow sends a proxy to find and punish a "scapegoat".  

Our position in this matter is as follows:  

  1. If national organizations rise against Russia (it does not matter whether against local puppet or against Moscow), we won't mix.
  2. If these organizations call for a war against other Muslim nations, we will have to intervene to prevent a conflict.
  3. My call for Muslims not is to become obedient instruments in the hands of those who are trying to use you to fight the political rivals. All efforts should be directed against the main devil, and that is Russia.
  4. As far as the land problem is concerned, a just solution is possible only by the Sharia, but it is impossible to solve this difficult issue the occupation. That is why we should fight against the invaders of our land.

- Why did you not intervene in a conflict related to land? This issue could have been settled according to Islamic laws.  

- The name of Allah the All Merciful and Gracious!  

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions!  

Theoretically, we could try to solve the land issue even under the occupation. You could gather a conciliary commission consisting not of deputies and officials but of the really respected the people. It were possible to invite to the commission the people who know the Sharia, to draw up a list of controversial questions and, if necessary, to send these questions to authoritative Muslim scholars.  

But it is only in theory. In the practice, it is unlikely that it could be implemented. The problem is that Russia is sensitive to everything connected with the Sharia. Imagine this scene: Russian courts could not decide, and decision was made under the Sharia. This undermines the foundations of the constitutional order in Russia.  

To make it clear of what I am talking about, I'll tell you about my experience in this matter.

Until 2004, we regularly handled cases in the Sharia. Very different kinds of people addressed to us. There were even police officers and lawyers. I can't say that they loved Islam and Sharia but they simply had no other place to apply to because other courts simply did not exist in Kabarda and Balkaria. The institutions that existed could not be called courts because everything was bought and sold there.  

A rumor quickly was spread among the people that a normal court appeared. The colonial administration and Russia's security services saw this as a threat to their power. We were arrested and taken to Pyatigorsk.  

When I was detained in prison, I was summoned for questioning to a man who introduced himself as a lieutenant colonel in KGB Lubyanka headquarters in Moscow. He told me:  

"I hope you realize that such concepts as" democracy "and" human rights were "invented to deceive fools. You probably know that we can fabricate any accusation against you, and you will remain in jail for the rest of your life. I asked him why and he replied:  

"You are potentially dangerous for the Russian State because you preach Islam in Kabardino-Balkaria, and this could lead to the separation of the Caucasus from Russia."  

I asked: "And why do you think Islam is dangerous for Russia?" He replied: "Because of your propaganda on the streets of Nalchik, there are many young men wearing beards, many women wearing head scarves, mosques were in every district. Because of this the Russian population fled. The second reason is that in your lectures and sermons you say that Muslims should live according to Sharia. Thus, you are putting under question the Russia's constitution. And the number of those who want to live according to Sharia increases all the time. This can lead to the separation of Kabardino-Balkaria from Russia . So, either you promise in writing that you will not tell people about the Sharia or you will be in prison.  

I asked him: "And what am I to do during my lectures listeners ask the question: should the Muslims strive to live by the law of God, whether you want build an Islamic state? What should I say? "  

He said:" you should say: we are the citizens of Russia and our law is the Constitution of Russia. I said that I will not give any promises and that I prefer to be in prison rather than distort the Quran in favor of the FSB, to which he replied: "Then we will be forced to destroy you." I was almost sure that I receive a minimum of 25 years of imprisonment on falsified charges, but suddenly and our Emir Moussa Mukozhev were released.  

The reason for this was that by the grace of God an unrest occurred in Kabarda and Balkaria. For Russia at that time there was a difficult situation in Chechnya, and the infidels have decided not to aggravate the situation in Kabarda and Balkaria. But as soon as the enemies of Islam had some military successes in Chechnya, they began to kill and kidnap persons in Ingushetia, and then in Kabarda, Balkaria and the West Caucasus. In Nalchik and other towns and villages mosques were closed. Several attempts to kidnap or kill (murder in an "accident") imams and preachers.  

Another reason why the solution of the land issue according to Sharia is difficult under the occupation is the fact that Sharia law provides a flexible mechanism for regulating the land use. And in terms of occupation, when there is no legitimate Islamic government, there is nobody to regulate land matters- Decisions of the occupation authorities are not considered legitimate under the Sharia.  

Under the Sharia, pastures and grasslands can not be given as private property or as a collective property to a definite clan, tribe or ethnic group. Pasture, water and fuel are common heritage of Muslims living in the area, regardless of their ethnic or racial identity. The procedure for using such lands is specified by a government that rules according to the Law of Allah. It must be taken into account the traditions prevailing among the people, pastoralists in the area. All outstanding issues are resolved by the court.  

Theoretically, the Sharia Court of the Caucasus Emirate may take up this matter but practically, we can not enforce a court decision in a "Darul Kufr at Tari", i.e. on the territory occupied by infidels. In such circumstances, the primary task is the struggle for the liberation of territory and the restoration of the Islamic law.  

- Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! Al Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alemin!

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Emir Saifullah! I appeal to you, my Emir, because I can't tolerate what is happening in our Kabarda.

Recently, I noticed many times that Muslims have become distracted from the external enemy who occupied our land more than 200 years ago. The evidence is the recent rally in which there was a confrontation essentially between two fraternal peoples, united by one faith, who grew up and are living side by side for centuries. For how long will this go on? Most of our religious society treat you, Saifullah, with great respect and trust. Young people read your sermons and learn the true Islam from you, our Islam without any pro-Jewish western tricks.

Unfortunately, our muftis and other Muslims have become as rabbis and bow before the Kremlin. Who now heads national Kabardinian organizations? The people who work in these structures only for their own advertising and enrichment. We are losing many of our brothers in vain.

We have actively raised the issue of the construction of the Elbrus hotel complexes and all kinds of resort infrastructure. In a year Kanokov will buy up the whole country and turn its population into his hired workers. The people understand this, and now is time to support ordinary people, and they will support us.

There is no authorities left in the country who could organize resistance. (...)

Without ties with common people they may soon begin to forget their leaders. After all, if we look at the scripture, only the return of the Prophet to Mecca made him a true leader of the whole Muslim Ummah and placed thousands of men under the banner of Islam (...)

Advise us how to profit best from the moment before we lose it. There will be another rally in the near future. (...) We should make sure that the people follow one way, and nobody knows which. Everyone is waiting for an authoritative word. Answer us.

- The name of Allah the All-Merciful and Gracious!  

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions!  

Dear brothers  

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!  

Allah will reward you for your active stance and the desire to make great the word of God.  

I want to make you happy telling you that the situation with the Mujahedeen in our provinces and their power increases with each passing day. Over the past six months, by the grace of Allah, our modest arsenal has increased several times. Many brothers attended training. By the grace of God, our commanders' staff is fully restored and our new Emirs successfully fulfill their duties. Praise be to Allah, we are not alone. Our brothers in other provinces of the Emirate Caucasus inflict great damages to infidels.  

It is a war, and there are inevitable losses, but this does not prevent us from confidently pursuing our object in accordance with the plan. Barakat of martyrs and their blood are fueling the Jihad.  

Today, the entire Caucasus is boiling. Russia demonstrates its inability to control the conquered territories. It is a system's crisis. In Russia, there is no state ideology. An ideological vacuum was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The state attempted to fill in the ideas of Western democracy and Russian nationalism. The peoples living under the rule of Moscow did not accept democracy. And the spread of nationalism leads to the collapse of the state. Dagestan is on the verge of chaos and anarchy. In Chechnya and Ingushetia, Russian power is maintained only with great difficulty and only by terror. Tensions are rising in Kabarda and Balkaria.  

We are pleased that the people of Kabarda and Balkaria not want to be the slaves of this government. But we have to explain to the people that there is no sense to replace a puppet "president" for another one. It is necessary to consider the problem in a different plane and explain that the situation won't change whoever is appointed by Moscow to this post.  

Until now, the pagan authorities, managed to deceive people through their priests. But today, people seems to have awakened from sleep, and are willing to accept the truth. So the main thing at this stage is to encourage them for monotheism. But this should be done properly, in strict accordance with the methodology of the Prophets and the Messengers. In less than a week, inshaAllah, we are going to publish a translation of the book by Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, "Religion of Abraham and the call of the Prophets and Messengers". I think that this book will radically change the situation of Muslims in the entire post-Soviet space. After reading it, you'll learn what the Islamic Call should be.  

In your letter, you said: "Without ties with common people, people may soon start to forget about their leaders (...). Only the return of the Prophet to Mecca made him a true leader of the whole Muslim Ummah and placed thousands of men under the banner of Islam."  

Also, you said: "We must make sure that the people went one way ..."  

We try to keep in touch with the people and closely monitor the situation. We try to provide education and we want that people go one way. We know that a correct call would certainly lead to a split in the society that does not live according to Islam. We must remember that before the prophet United Nations, he first introduced a split between the people. Thus, Pagans said about him: "He called us fools, he discredited our fathers, he disgraced our religion, he introduced a split in our community and cursed our gods."  

So we have now to explain to the people the viciousness of the pagan system. We should make fun of all their laws, the constitution, courts and parliaments and to show our contempt for them.  

Before we enter into this struggle, each of us must have a clear idea of what he is fighting for. A Muslim should know this is not simply a struggle for land or for some other resources. He must understand that it is a struggle between monotheism and paganism. But today people are in deep ignorance. They do not know the basic foundations of their religion. Invaders deceive them with false notions such as patriotism, tolerance, democracy. They are brainwashed every day through television and newspapers. And those who are not susceptible to brainwashing and do not believe in all this nonsense, they are just intimidated. They try to make people believe that the very idea of fighting against Russia is equal to a suicide.  

Our task is to expose these propaganda myths, to ridicule paganism in all its ugly forms, and to make people intolerant to evil.  

We must explain to people that love for a homeland (the place where a person was born and raised), or the love for a mother tongue and for the people who speak it are natural feelings. But these feelings should not be elevated to a position of a religion or a state ideology.  

We should also explain to our peoples that we are a part of the Islamic Ummah and that there should be no borders between Muslims. Muslims should not recognize these borders drawn by the invaders. Land can not be Kabardian or Balkar. If a certain piece of land belongs to a specific person named Hassan, we say: this is the land of Hassan. In case of pastures, we say that the right to graze livestock on these pastures belongs to this or that specific individuals who are residents of some villages. By distributing land, we take into account the number of inhabitants in a village and not their nationality. We have villages where Kabardians and Balkars live together. And it doesn't any no longer matter who lived on this land three hundred years ago.  

Also, we have to explain to the people that social inequality is a consequence of the barbaric rule of the capitalist laws. Islam does not prohibit the holders of capital to hire other people. We do not consider this exploitation. The problem of capitalism in the other plane. Capitalism is based on usury. And lenders (bankers) are the enemies of Allah, as stated in the Koran.  

I recently read that inhabitants of our villages complained that the capitalists have bought all the land, and now, if a young person wants to build a house for his family, he should buy land in his own village for a lot of money.  

Explain to the people that in Islam wealthy owners are to donate a part of their land for the construction of houses for the needy. Even if these rich people pay zakat (tax), they are still obliged to share what God has given them.  

Scientists say that if one of the neighbors has a bucket while the other does not and he needs a bucket to collect water from a well, the first neighbor is obliged to give it to him to collect water. If he fails to do so, the neighbor has the right to take the bucket without his permission.  

As far as the meetings are concerned, you should know that they are dominated by emotions. And we need not an outburst of emotions but a serious, balanced approach. And the willingness to work hard in the way of Allah. The maximum what can be done at a rally is to call for Tawheed. But this is not enough.  

As for the force, the force is not in the rallies but primarily in the weapons.  

Great and Almighty Allah said:

"Prepare against them as you can (military) force and of horses tethered, with the help of which you will instill terror the enemies of Allah and your enemies." (Al-Anfal, 8:60).  

"Power is shooting," as our Prophet said, peace be upon him and welcome. So prepare this force. And may God help us all! Amen  

Wassalamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatu.  

Your brother Saifullah.


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