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The U.S.A And Israel: Nuclear Armed Terrorist States - Exposed, Yet Again

3 March 2010

By Damian Lataan

While the US and Israel have been busily accusing others of `terrorism' for years, the reality that very few seem able to see is that the only people with their boots on dirt that doesn't belong to them are the US and Israel. The people that the US and Israel call `terrorists' are actually only people that are defending their lands and culture against occupation and denigration.

When Israel was created in 1948, Zionists seized by using terrorist methods much more than was given to them by the UN. They used massacres and fear to drive the Palestinians out of their lands. Once Israel had become a state, it immediately accused Palestinians that resisted Israeli expansion of being `terrorists' . The label has stuck ever since.

But who are the real terrorists here?

From the day Israel was created, it has used classic terrorist methods in order to expand its own territory and to eliminate Palestinian and Arab opposition. In 1967 it goaded and provoked Syria, the Palestinians and surrounding Arab states into a war that they then accused their enemies of starting. As a result, the Israelis took over and occupied lands that did not belong to them including the Golan Heights, the
West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai. The Sinai was merely a bargaining chip for the Israelis and they soon handed it back to the Egyptians in exchange for a promise that they wouldn't give Israel a hard time in the future.

The Gaza Strip was colonized by the Israelis but the Palestinians were able to give them a hard enough time that they eventually gave up and left. The Israelis hope that one day they'll be able to drive the Palestinians completely out of the Gaza Strip by slowly depriving them of the ability to live. As well as the deprivations, the Israelis also find opportunities and excuses to bomb and destroy homes, schools, supply tunnels, government buildings, power plants, flourmills, as well as killing thousands of Palestinians by frequent aerial bombardments and land incursions into the Gaza all in the hope of terrorising them enough that they want to leave. Once the Palestinians have gone, the Israelis would then return.

The Israelis have also slowly and insidiously began to colonise the West Bank by building `settlements' within the West Bank and barriers that plunge deep into Palestinian lands. They have also confined Palestinians into a series of ever-shrinking ghettos within the West Bank whereby they find it difficult to move about from one part to another. Palestinians are thrown out from their homes to make way for Israeli settlers in
East Jerusalem and elsewhere. Olive groves and farmlands are destroyed and water resources are either contaminated and spoiled or diverted for use by Israeli settlers.

The Israelis have not given up their dream of a Greater Israel that includes south Lebanon up to the
Litani River. Three times the Israelis have attempted to occupy south Lebanon and each time sooner or later they have been driven back by Hezbollah.

Israel, despite denials, has long been a nuclear state and is said to have between 200 and 400 nuclear weapons. Its ally, the US, is, of course, also a nuclear state. Israel, using the influence of highly placed American Zionists, has been able to forge an alliance with the US which the Zionists in Israel are able to utilize. Massive military aid is afforded to Israel from the US. The US provides Israel with some of the world's most sophisticated weapons. The US provides veto power to most resolutions that are not in Israel's interest. The US delays UN resolutions in order to give Israel a favourable advantage.

The US and Israel have become so intrinsically entwined with each other that their foreign policy towards the Middle East is identical. George W. Bush and his neoconservative- Zionist dominated administration worked in concert with Israel to bring about an end to Israel's most immediate enemy, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who was providing support to the Palestinians in the Second Intifada which had been deliberately provoked by Ariel Sharon's visit to the
Temple Mount. As a result of the neoconservative- Zionists efforts, the US and their allies invaded Iraq which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, possibly over a million, and the displacement of millions more in a war that continues to this day and all but destroyed Iraq.

Now the US is wholeheartedly supporting Israel's push against
Iran in order to effect regime change. Their rhetoric claims, despite the total and utter lack of any supporting evidence whatsoever, that Iran has a `nuclear weapons program' and, furthermore, are intent on using such a nuclear weapon against Israel, despite the certainty of complete annihilation of Iran if it did so. The nuclear weapons rhetoric and propaganda is exactly the same as that which was used in the run up to the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

The reason Israel and the US are anxious about Iran is that they want to disable Iran's ability to support Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas in order that they can no longer resist Israel's intentions of creating a Greater Israel at the their expense. Since Israel has attempted to take over these places before without having eliminated Iran from the equation and failed, they now see that the dream of a Greater Israel can only be fulfilled if Iran is neutralised. The advantage of doing this by war is that it then provides the opportunity for Israel to simultaneously attack both Hezbollah and Hamas full on, claiming that it is preventing retaliation, while the US deals with Iran after an initial first strike by Israel. The need for a first strike against Iran by Israel is simply for appearances sake since American and Western public opinion would not tolerate a first strike by the US or any of its allies.

Recently, as the rhetoric is ramped up toward war, there have been some suggestions that so-called `tactical nuclear weapons' may be used against Iran in the event of a pre-emptive strike. The talk of `tactical nuclear weapons' being used and the use of the word `tactical' are clearly designed to prepare the world for their possible use. Both the US and Israel are acutely aware that world public opinion would not at all tolerate the pre-emptive use of a strategic nuclear weapon of any sort against Iran, but, by using the word `tactical', they hope that their use may be more acceptable if the people were told that they are being used to eliminate Irans `nuclear weapons facilities'. The reality is, if they are used, they are likely also to be used against Iran's defences and governmental institutions as well. The whole operation would be designed to enforce Iranian capitulation and the installation of a government friendly to the West. Invasion and occupation would not at all be the intention.

Both the US and Israel are nuclear armed. It is only a matter of time before they use, or at least threaten to use these weapons against a non-nuclear armed state in order to achieve Israeli expansionist objectives into the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and south Lebanon, and consolidate US hegemonic objectives in the Middle East and Central Asia generally, thus securing energy resources for the West. The spin-off of successfully using `tactical nuclear weapons' might well be that the Taliban in
Afghanistan may think twice about further defending themselves against the US and NATO occupation.

Everyone one is aware of the terrifying consequences of using a nuclear bomb. To use them against another nuclear armed nation has been mans fear ever since the USSR had a weapon to match the US's and that fear has been terrifying enough as all those that lived through the Cold War period can tell you. But to threaten to use or pre-emptively use a nuclear weapon against a non-nuclear armed nation using false pretences for expansionist and hegemonic purposes is nothing less than nuclear state terrorism.

The world should not be fooled by US and Israeli intentions. They are the real terrorists of the Twenty-first century.



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