America Is No Longer Independent And Self Sustaining: Facts And Findings

1 March 2010

By Tom Rafter

China & Japan Can Pull The Rug Out From Us At Any Time

We have heard it all before: America is the world’s only superpower, the US military is unrivaled, and it’s GDP thriving. But what you don’t hear is that our economy is not supported by wealth accumulation or production, it is heavily propped up on borrowed money. The US is currently standing on a rug of insecurity that at any time can be pulled out from under us by foreign creditors who own the national debt and are financing our government.

By analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, it will be seen that the rising debt and the dependence on foreign creditors to purchase and keep purchasing our debt has put the US, the so-called ‘superpower,’ in a very un-healthy and vulnerable position.

Currently Japan holds 644.3 billion in US government debt, China 349.6 billion, the United Kingdom 239.1 billion, according to the most recent December 2006 statistics from the US Treasury.

If any of these countries quit loaning us money and take their money elsewhere, domestic inflation would skyrocket and our economy would be unsustainable, we would be in serious trouble.

The US then in international relations is a dominant military force backed by an economy that is not very healthy as its existence is propped up by debt. If foreign nations keep buying the federal governments debt, then the US economy will think it can continue to prosper. But if foreign countries take their money elsewhere, then inflation will skyrocket and the economy would be in serious trouble. Our standard of living would dramatically erode and we could no longer maintain and support our military.

The US ‘superpower’ is standing on an economic rug of wellbeing that foreign countries like China and Japan can tug out from under us whenever they desire. Contact your local Congressman and tell them the current deficit and dependence on foreign creditors is dangerous and unacceptable; that a real superpower’s economic health shouldn’t be dependent on a foreign countries good will and willingness to support us forever.



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