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A Reflection On Aceh Jihad 2010: Conspiracy, Neo-Murji'ah, Wasath (The Middle Path) Mazhab

16 April 2010

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

The emergence of a jihad group which named themselves Tandzim Al Qaeda of “Serambi Mekah” (Front Porch of Makkah) in early March 2010, surely baffled many parties. Especially that it was followed up by a series of hunts, shootings and arrests on this Tandzim Al Qaeda which had their shares in executing resistance and inflicting heavy losses. All parties made analyses together according to each of their perspective. There are those who agreed, not a few who are reviling. What follows is an analysis which was featured in a blog, 'elhakimi', presented in parts. May it be useful!

The Aceh Jihad that took place in early March 2010 was very surprising. When earlier before that, the society was preoccupied with the pandemonium of the Century (corruption case-ed), and all of a sudden reports about jihad in Aceh appeared, the Century was forgotten right away. Surprising because Aceh, which all these while was known as the base for the GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or Independent Aceh Movement), which was very local (GAM) in image, suddenly turned into the base of Al-Qaeda which is global in image.

What is more surprising, they – who are always called terrorists - carried out resistance in the form of gunfights in the open wilderness. The result was so surprising, a number of the Densus 88 members, which was projected as a gangster forces like the Blackwater – the sleeves rolled up to display a macho impression- were killed by them.

All of a sudden, the news about Aceh Al-Qaeda turned booming. The hot news of the Aceh gunfights had not settled, it was immediately followed up by the killing of (Ab)Dulmatin alias Amar Usman whose head was priced at 10 million Dollars by America. The Mass media were in noisy uproar blowing up the event.

SBY, who had been struggling with grief by the insistent pressure concerning the Century case, suddenly had his face turned joyous and radiant. He had found a good ammunition to cover the Century case. On another angle, he who was on a visit to Australia and received the "honor" to be the speaker in the parliament of Australia – it was said that only 5 heads of state had been given the chance for it - was having the special opportunity to bootlick Australia. He, by saying "alhamdulillah", reported to his master the success in capturing the ringleader of the terrorists (read: a Mujahid figure) who all these while had been targeted by the entire kafir world.

A lot of analyses circulated amongst the society. Unfortunately, in general they are divided into two camps which are both equally wrong in addressing this issue. Viewing the issue through wrong spectacles.

The First Camp: The Followers Of the Theory Of Conspiracy

The followers of this mazhab see the Aceh jihad as the conspiracy of SBY and the police of RI (Republic of Indonesia) to merely divert the public attention from the Century case which had its climax in early March 2010. Or, the conspiracy of maturating a situation to muzzle the radical camp so that a maximum security is created for Obama's visit to Indonesia scheduled for late March. (Alhamdulillah, delayed till June, it was said).

A conspiracy theory in its essence is a mechanism to “blame” the enemies by closing the eyes to the reality that the movement of a resistance in the midst of the Islamic ummah is real and cannot be refuted. The conspiracy theory always has the connotation that the enemies of the Islamic ummah are very superior, they could plan anything and achieve it just like in movie storylines, meanwhile, the Islamic ummah are just a flock of “deaf sheeps” who are stupid and oppressed. A conspiracy theory is based on views that the film director of all these events is the Jew, Israel, USA, Europe, CIA, BIN, the police and etc. This theory wipes out the taqdeer of Allah, the abilities of the Mujahideen and the Islamic ummah. Whatever events that harms the Islamic ummah, the answer is always the same: there is a Jewish conspiracy behind it. As if the Jews are "The Rulers Of The Whole Worlds" whose entire plan could be accomplished resembling movie scenarios at the hand of the film directors.

For example, when dissecting the attacks on the WTC which had destroyed the symbol of the American economy, these followers of the conspiracy theory are chained by the beliefs that it was all invented by America. Usamah bin Ladin was just a pawn used by America to mess up the Islamic ummah. The proof? In the past, when Afghanistan was fighting the Soviet Union, the Mujahideen got supports from America. It included Usamah bin Ladin.

The chain-links of logic were arranged, and the conclusion that came out was so ridiculous. They did not realize that this theory could drag other conclusion; that Prophet Musa AS was actually an agent of Fir'aun. The proof? Because, he had been brought up by Fir'aun in his palace.

The followers of the conspiracy mazhab do not believe that the Mujahideen are capable of launching such a spectacular attacks as the 11 September. They are imprisoned by the experiences of the Islamic ummah which have been occupied for so long, it is not possible that from amongst the Islamic ummah, there are some who are able to resist the kafir.

The followers of the conspiracy mazhab bicker that the American technology is so sophisticated that it is impossible for a civil aircraft to slip away from the espionage radar of the Americans, in its own country. They are forgetting the Powerfulness of Allah, Who could make the fire that burns, unable to burn Ibrahim AS. They are forgetting the taqdeer on the WTC destruction had precisely allowed the Jews to sniff the plan of the attacks earlier, and they allowed it to happen so as to inflame the war against the Islamic ummah which they liked to happen. This is the way of the taqdeer which Allah wills for the destruction of the WTC.

The followers of the conspiracy mazhab wrongly concluded. They think that the acts of the Jews that allowed the attacks to run smoothly was a proof of the conspiracy between the USA and Usamah bin Ladin. Subhanallah... just because of this misleading theory, they accused the Mujahids, whose jihad performance are acknowledged by the world, as agents of America. Blaming the jihad figures as betrayers because of the conspiracy theory.

The followers of this mazhab are numerous in number. The PKS, HTI and almost all the elements in the Islamic ummah, which are opposition in ideology but modernists, use this mazhab. Look for example at the websites of Eramuslim and Hizabuttahrir. Their analyses are always founded on conspiracy theory. How sad!

Second: The Followers Of Neo-Murji'ah

The followers of this mazhab believe 100 percents in the information that come from the government, in this case the police. That, the executors are from amongst the Islamic ummah who are deliberately fighting a “valid” government. The followers of the Neo-Murji'ah react by being hostile towards the executors and believe that the incidents are certainly real, not the inventions or the products of a certain conspiracy, such as from the government.

The followers of this mazhab are generally from amongst the Salafi Murji'ah. They reject the conspiracy theory, but on another angle, they blaspheme the Mujahideen with sharp words. Normally, by calling them Khawarij. Feel free to see this phenomenon at, for an instant, the websites of the SM (Salafi Murji'ah) and Radio Rodja Cileungsi. One of the important figures of this mazhab is Zainal Abidin (the founder of Radio Rodja).

The error of this mazhab lies on their blind hatred towards the Mujahideen. They totally do not want to acknowledge the status of the "terrorists" as Mujahideen. To them, the Mujahideen are more hated compared to their hatred for George Bush, Ariel Sharon, Geert Wilders and other destroyer of Islam personalities.

Yours truly wonders, perhaps they have never truly learn the concept of Wala' wal Bara'. Even if they had studied it, it was surely in a wrong perception. They love the Sunnah very much, unfortunately they are unable to choose which are friends and which are foes. They identify the term Terrorist as Khawarij. The result, according to them, the Terrorists will become the dogs of Jahannam!

Wasath (The Middle Path) Mazhab

Contrary to the blasphemies of the SM, the followers of the wasath mazhab, with full of love, refer those who are given the title 'Terrorist' as Mujahideen. Terrorists who are Muslim of course, and are defending Islam and the Islam ummah. Unlike the Terrorists of the Basque Forces in Spain who are Christian.

As well as, not wanting to view the Aceh jihad with the conspiracy theories. All are true, executed by a small number of men from amongst the Islamic ummah who are yearning for jihad and shaheed. They are motivated by the rewards which are so tantalizing for the activities of jihad and the bounty of dying shaheed. As for its occurrence, which was soon after the Century scandals began to expose more offenders, they could not take it that the Aceh jihad was the product of the police fabrications. It was purely the taqdeer of Allah, which perhaps is a form of istidraj for SBY so that he feels he is loved by Allah, as he is saved from the Century scandal. Whereas, the way he was doing his bootlicking on Australia by giving reports to that of his “master”, showed that SBY is not a personality who fits to obtain help from Allah in the context of love and mercy. But, a "help" in the context of istidraj.

On another angle, the wasath mazhab also do not blindly defend the Aceh jihad as an absolute truth without any flaw. This Mazhab still give critical analyses on the amaliah (work) of Aceh jihad, with evaluating comments so that they will become lessons for the following generations. Not because of the factors of hate or envy at all. But the spirit of mutual consultation with love. Rabbana la taj'al fi qulubina ghillan lilladzina amanu !

This reflection is written in the paradigm of the wasath mazhab. Thus, it might be hurtful for those who are supporting the Aceh jihad blindly as if there was no flaw. My apology!

Reviving The Aceh Jihad

The Aceh jihad attempted to maintain the land of Aceh, which is full of blessings, so that it remains having the aroma of jihad, continuing what had been done for a long time by Allah Yarham (the late) Daud Beureuh (Read: Ber'eh) with his DI/TII movement, in the time of the holy war (fi sabilillah) launched by the people of Aceh against the kafir Dutch.

The jihad land of Aceh had its chance of being straddled by the aroma of tribalism; the sentiment of the Acehnese fighting the Javanese under the name 'GAM' (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or Independent Aceh Movement). With the death of the ruh of the GAM opposition- as the ruh of tribalism is genuinely weak – the opportunity to cleanse the aqeedah of the people of Aceh from the tribal sentiment is open. To return them to the aqeedah of Islamiyah, by which the jihad must be in the paradigm of fi sabilillah, not fi sabili GAM.

Unfortunately, it appears that the executors are still unable to realize this mission, because the people have been so pro-government after having been through the traumas from the impacts of the GAM's activities in the past. They had been so traumatic towards anything that reeks of weapons. They had been tired of violence.

This trauma can only be healed with da'wah, which would straighten the aqeedah of the people of Aceh from the aqeedah of Nationalism or Tribalism and return it to the aqeedah of Islamiyah. To conduct da'wah and preach to them to love jihad, die shaheed and hate the systems which are non-Islam.

The choice of Aceh to be made as a jihad front, or any other territories in Indonesia for that matter, should be studied in depth. Jihad requires a "trigger" which could attract the Islamic ummah to unite in a massive number. If the igniter is not strong enough, the society won't be motivated to support jihad. The fact is that the executors did not think well about this igniter. They only make the fardh (obligation) of jihad and the honor of dying shaheed as the igniters. Whereas, the Islamic ummah had already been so chained by materialism and the pleasure of living (in peace).

The doubts of the society will still be unanswered, if in case they are already signaled to support the Aceh jihad: so jihad against who if the location is in Aceh? This question is apparently to be more fluently answered by the police; "see, these people are evil, there is no manifest enemy but they are inciting people to war. The only want to make troubles. If the people Aceh join them, it would only add to the sufferings." This DA'WAH of the POLICE is proven more effective and more simple, that it could be easily understood by the people.

The success of Abu Mus'ab Az-Zarqawi in reviving jihad in Iraq, was due to the very strong igniter i.e. the presence of the foreign invaders who are kafir and very barbaric. Those three words (in bold) became the igniters which are very strong, that it even managed to attract the forces of Saddam into the ranks of jihad.

The triggers used by the executors are the vocabularies of jihad, fardhu 'ain, Al-Qaeda and die shaheed. Whereas, these words are still very absurd amongst the society who inhabit the surrounding areas of that "jihad proclaimed" land of Aceh . How could jihad in the mountains exist, if the society in the foothills do not support, give logistic assistance and etc. In the count of days, they would surely be furled easily.

The Aceh Mujahids seemed to be in the belief that jihad is an objective, not the means. In fact, what's even more extreme is making the death of shaheed as the objective that results in the absence of the contemplation on the analysis of victory or defeat, being capable or incapable. The essence is simply jihad. Just like the solat, the essence is that it has to be performed anywhere and in any condition, even in sickness. Whereas, if the Mujahid only plans to die (shaheed), he is already planning for defeat.

To be continued.....




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