Report: "Israelis" Directed Boston Police To Arrest Vets For Peace Member Protesting Zionist Pro-war "Holocaust Commemoration"

18 April 2010

By David Rolde

Three of us protested against the "Holocaust Commemoration" last week at Faneuil Hall and the "Holocaust Memorial" outside Faneuil Hall. This "commemoration" is an anual event in Boston that is openly organized and sponsored by the "Israeli" government in conjunction with large well-funded Zionist pro-war Jewish groups (principally JCRC/CJP). This "commemoration" is a disingenuous event that does not really oppose injustice or genocide. The purpose of the "commemoration" is to support the Zionist state, the racist "USA" and imperialist wars.

This year the police did not allow us to stand between Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market as they did last year. We were forced to stand out on Congress Street. We had Palestine flags and pro-Palestine signs. We yelled. We talked with people. We handed out a lot of flyers. The flyer that we handed out is reproduced below in as close to the formatting as I can manage in a facebook note.

After the event in Faneuil Hall, the Zionist warmongers came out of Faneuil Hall to walk the short distance to their "memorial". They were led by a whole bunch of people carrying a giant American flag. The flag was at least 30 feet, maybe bigger. There were US soldiers in uniform present. We yelled at the Zionist warmongers. "Stop the holocaust in Palestine". I yelled that Zionist Jews were murderers perpetrating a holocaust against Palestinians on stolen land in Palestine. I had to also point out that Americans are murderers. Dave Cutler yelled about the "Israelis' " crimes in Gaza last year where they burned Palestinian children alive with white phosphorous and other heinous experimental weapons.

The Zionist warmongers stood outside at their monument and conducted an obscene blasphemous disingenuous "kaddish" or "prayer for the dead" ceremony in which they misused the Jewish religion to try to legitimize genocide against Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians, other Arabs and Muslims and other people of the world.

I followed the Zionist warmonger towards the "monument". But the police told me that I could not approach the "monument" or yell near there, that I was disturbing a public event. They forced me to cross the street to the median. When I crossed the street, the third protester Bob Bowes, a West Point graduate and member of Veterans for Peace, was already there on the median. The police immediately arrested Bob with no warning. "Israeli Consulate" security were present and were directing Boston police activity. Bob was charged with 'disturbing a public assembly' and 'disorderly conduct' for protesting on a public street as we are entitled to do even according to the "constitution" of this racist "USA" colony.

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